20+ Zombie Movies On Netflix That Turn Your Dreams Into Nightmares 

In our current mythology, Zombies are a few of the scariest creatures. They are constant killers that can’t be brought with them or become from their course, and they are complicated to kill, considering that those are dead at that time.

At the same time, killing them might mean killing those you care about. After that, when alive, people are eaten. That is the scariest way to go; this idea of turning around as a zombie is just a night terror.

This is the reason for our fondness for the zombie flick. However, it is a facetious comedy, an action snap, or a serious type of drama to make statements about current society. The people can get their preferred flavor from the following twenty zombie films on Netflix that are recently available.

Mon, Mon, Mon, Monsters 

Top cast: Kent Tsai as Duan Ren-hao, Eugenie Liu as Older Monster, Yukai Deng as Lin Shu-Wei ; Lin Pei-hsin as Yonger Monster ; James Lai as Liao Guo-feng ; Carolyn Chen ; 

IMDb ranking: 6.3/10  

This is a Taiwanese comedy horror. In this story, a boy is searching for approval about a batch of bullies torturing a cannibalistic ghoul at his school. 

Though, in their game, their tables are turned at the time of their learning about the creature who had trouble in the past and a sister.


Top cast: Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus; Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee; Emma Stone as Wichita; Abigail Breslin as Little Rock; Bill Murray as Bill Murray; Amber Heard as 406  

IMDb ranking: 7.6/10

It is a great comedy horror on a road trip; in current years, all the zombie movies are the best it is one of them which hit the screen.

 Woody Harrelson, College dork, an urban roughneck with their team, Jesse Eisenberg, and two sandy sisters. Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone are there to live a zombie apocalypse.


Top cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Wade Vogal; Joely Richardson as Caroline Vogel; Douglas M. Griffin as Ray; Abigail Breslin as Maggie Vogel; Laura Cayouette as Linda

IMDb ranking:5.6/10

At the zombie infestation, Abigail Breslin plays a teenager, and her parents, whose characters are played by Joely Richardson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, declined to confirm that the teenager lost. When they saw her transformation, they protected her. 

 It is also a great film because of its unusually thoughtful sound and strong performances.

Train To Busan 

Top cast: Gong Yoo as Seok-woo; Ma Dong-seok as Sang-hwa; Jung Yu-mi as Seong-kyeong; Su-an Kim as Soo-an; Choi Woo-sik as Yong-guk;

IMDb ranking:7.6/10 

It was also a blockbuster movie in the year 2016 on the local display. It was the story of a father and daughter on their train journey when an outbreak of zombies swept into their country, and they were trying to reach a city where they could remain safe. 

Gong Yoo played the father character.

Landronas De Almas 

Top cast: Sofia Sisniega as Maria Cordero; Ricardo Dalmacci as Don Agustin Cordero; Natasha Dupeyron as Roberta Cordero; Luis Gatica as Macario; 

IMDb ranking:5/10 

It was a Mexican film that mentioned zombies as bandits of souls. It is a Mexican horror that is just bloody fun.

At the time of the Mexican independence war, a batch of people faced unthinkable horrors during the attempt to loot from the apparently helpless Cordero sisters.

The Resort 

Top cast: Dougray Scott as Archer; Martin McCann as Lewis Evans; Jessica De Gouw as Melanie Gibbs; Elen Rhys as Sadie; Claire Goose as Valerie Wilton

IMDb ranking:5.3/10  

If you think about Jurassic Park with zombies, this story was about that. After a worldwide zombie war, all the left zombies were searching for a luxury island resort.

And where travelers can hunt as well as a safari of zombies. But at the time of failure of the security system, the slayers become the chase.

Exterminators Do Alem 

Top cast: Danilo Gentili as Jack; Leo Lins as Fred; Murilo Couto as Tulio; Barbara Bruno as Professora Helena; Dani Calabresa as Caroline; Matheus Ueta as Daniel

IMDb ranking:5.5/10 

This story is also famous as Bloody Mary vs. Ghost Killers. It is a Brazillian zombie entertaining flick of a batch of ghost hunters. This batch of ghosts is looking to generate a viral video.

In the school bathrooms, they’re investigating paranormal activity. It’s not as serious as you think. But it is quite different from the usual American films.

Resident Evil: Afterlife 

Top cast: Milla Jovovich as Alice; Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield; Ali Larter as Claire Redfield; Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker; Kim Coates as Bennett

IMDb ranking:5.8/10

Jovovich is finding her way to assume shelter in Los Angeles with her faithful motive and destiny disclosed to her.

She wanted to discover that a deadly trap was set for her only. It was a 3D shot in the first series; its scenes were all about acute action.

The Demented 

Top cast: Kayla Ewell as Taylor; Ashlee Brian as Brice; Richard Kohnke as David; Sarah Butler as Sharley; Brittney Alger as Naomi

IMDb ranking:3.8/10 

In this story, six college students were planning for an unworried weekend but found themselves in between a zombie area.

If they can manage to get away from the small town that is surrounded by zombies, at that moment, what should they find? An unexpected means for some of the young actors.

Resident Evil: Extinction  

Top cast: Milla Jovovich as Alice; Ashanti as Nurse Betty; Ali Larter as Claire Redfield; Lain Glen as Dr. Isaacs; Oded Fehr as Carlos Oliveira

IMDb ranking:6.2/10 

If you skip yourself five years in the future from the present, the virus generates the Umbrella Corporation has built itself into society.

And with her remembrance back, Jovovich, a super soldier, roams the road of Las Vegas, including a batch of survivors. 

Dead Rising: Endgame 

Top cast: Jesse Metcalfe as Chase Carter; Jessica Harmon as Jill Eikland; Marie Avgeropoulos as Sandra Lowe; Keegan Connor Tracy as Jordan Blair; Ian Tracey as George Hancock

It is a film with all the action and death scenes. People should not expect much from this plot. 

Jesse Metcalf plays the character of a reporter who discovers a terrible government conspiracy, and she decides to brave the zombie-overrun detention area to acquire the truth.

Shaun Of The Dead

Top cast: Simon Pegg as Shaun; Dylan Moran as David; Nick Frost as Ed; Lucy Davis as Dianne; Kate Ashfield as Liz

IMDb ranking:7.9/10  

If people are searching for a good zombie movie, they can not get mistaken for this movie named Shaun of the Dead. 

This movie is based on the story of a man called Shaun, whose girlfriend ditched him in an attempt to acquire his life together. When the cataclysm strikes, Shaun should do whatever is taken for life.

Dawn Of The Dead

 Top cast: Sarah Polley as Ana; Lindy Booth as Nicole; Kim Poirier as Monica; Jake Weber as Michael; Ty Burrell as Steve; Ving Rhames as Kenneth

IMDb ranking:7.3/10

This story is also a very good zombie film on Netflix. This movie is presented in a mall where a batch of people is trying to live the apocalypse.

This movie is also an action film. People who want to watch this movie surely will keep their seats on edge.

The Night Eats The World

Top cast: Anders Danielsen Lie – Sam; Sigrid Bouaziz – Fanny; Golshifteh Farahani – Sarah; Denis Lavant – Alfred; David Kammenos – Mathieu

IMDb ranking:6/10

Fans of zombie movies will surely want to search for this movie named The Night Eats the World. This movie is picturized as a man who finds the city occupied by zombies after waking up.

In the city of Paris, the film is set up. If people are searching for a really scary film, it will positively satisfy them. 


Top cast: Re Lee as Joon; Lee Jung-hyun as Min-jung; Gang Dong-Won as Jeong-seok; Koo Kyo-hwan as Captain Seo; Bella Rahim as Major Jane

IMDb ranking:5.5/10

It is a Korean thriller that is one of the top zombie movies. This story is about a virus that will come in the future and change the biggest population into zombies.

If people are searching for a good movie, then Peninsula is the best to watch. That will give its fans proper entertainment.

Twenty Eight Days Later 

Top cast: Cillian Murphy as Jim; Christopher Eccleston as Major Henry West; Naomie Harris as Selena; Bindu De Stoppani as Activist; Alex Palmer as Activist

IMDb ranking:7.5/10

Your spine will be chilled after watching this zombie movie. It is the story of people affected by a virus that changes them into zombies. 

This movie is full of suspense and will fill people scary. It is also a very good and thrilling story for all viewers.


Top cast: Yoo Ah-in as Oh Joon-woo; Oh Hye-won as a Police officer; Lee Hyun-Wook as Lee Sang-Chul; Jeon Bae-soo as Mask man; Park Shin-Hye as Kim Yoo-bin

IMDb ranking::6.3/10

This movie might not be as good as Train to Busan, but it still proves that the movie is made in the Korean language and can kill in all categories.

It is also an action film that can satisfy the fans of Korean cinema. People should watch this movie to get a thrill.

Bird Box

Top cast: Sandra Bullock as Malori; Jacki Weaver as Cheryl; Trevante Rhodes as Tom; Sarah Paulson as Jessica; John Malkovich as Douglas

IMDb ranking:6.6/10

This is a film that is a scary movie for all. It is a notion film, but it is still worth watching. Just go and watch the movie.

People should not have done any stupid shit after watching this movie. All the films are just for entertainment. Please do not cloak yourself.

The Tall Grass

Top cast: Layla De Oliveira as Becky; Patrick Wilson as Ross Humboldt; Avery Whitted as Cal DeMuth; Will Buie Jr. as Tobin Humboldt; Rachel Wilson as Natalie Humboldt

IMDb ranking:5.4/10

It is a short film. This film is also a zombie film. It contains a series of anthology sci-fi Death + Robots, Love that crosses various genres.

It includes historical drama, mystery, and folktales. But there is a zombie struggle at its heart. But that is not so the best part of this film.

Dead Set

Top cast: Jaime Winstone as Kelly Povell; Andy Nyman as Patrick Goad; Charlie Brooker as a zombie; Riz Ahmed as Riq Rahman; Beth Cordingly as Veronica

IMDb ranking:7.6/10

Technically it is a miniseries. Its duration is about just two hours. The story of this movie is about the zombie invasion of British production. 

This movie is also funny, as you can say, not funny. It is the most excellent English way. This film has a very light zombie flavor. People who watch this film will enjoy it.

KL Zombie

Top cast: Zizan Razak as Nipis; Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin as Kamarul; Siti Saleha as Nora; Fauziah Ahmad Daud as Talent Show Judge; Izara Aishah as Sofea

IMDb ranking:4.5/10

This story is not as good as the above list. You can describe it as ridiculous or an unwatchable film. In another way, you may find a lot of fun in this movie.

Some people will like this film, but some will be disappointed. This movie is one of that types of movies. 

If you want to spend your off time, it is the best way to watch any zombie movie you like on a Netflix channel, as there are many options.

 According to your choice, you could find that you will love to watch. If you are searching for an exciting or new thriller or action movie, you can go with the list mentioned before. You will spend your time as your wish.  

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