20 Highly Recommended Korean Dramas To Watch

Hallyu Wave is a new trend that is gaining popularity these days. Not just people are getting interested in Korean culture but all thanks to K-drama and K- pop, the trend is on fire right now.

Well,  when the Hallyu wave is becoming a big thing, how can you expect that Netflix is going to stand behind?

Now they are bringing the best k-dramas to watch for people who want to be a part of this ‘ Hallyu wave’.

The Game: Towards Zero

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Tae Pyeong has the ability to see someone’s death just by looking into their eyes.  One day he meets Detective  Joon Young, but surprisingly, he can’t foresee her death.

They both start to work together in order to solve the serial murder cases.

Genre: Mystery, Crime

Why to watch: Even with some flaws in plot execution, the cinematography, casting, and mystery was the highlight. Also, if you are a big sucker for the best ending, then this drama got it for you.

Doctor John

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Cha Yo Han is a genius but arrogant anesthesiologist, also known as ‘ 10 seconds’. 

Kang Shi Young is a legendary doctor in the same field who inherited her mother cool-headed and rational thinking. 

They both start working on finding the mysterious or chronic pain behind the patients who came to the hospital

Genre: Romance, Drama, Medical, Mystery

Why to watch: Well, the drama is an adaptation from the novel ‘On Hand of God’ written by Yo Kusakabe. Also, there is a Japanese version too. The drama gives detective vibes where the doctor tries to find the reasons by the pain, and that’s how the chase began.


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Chal Dal Gun is a stuntman who is raising his nephew on his own. In a mysterious plane crash, more than 211 civilians, including his nephew, dies.

Determined to find what caused the plane crash, Chal Dal Gun decides to investigate the case on his own, which leads him to the world of corruption.

Genre: Action, Crime, Melodrama, Thriller

Why to watch: Vagabond was one of the most anticipated action dramas of the year. The drama is fit for those who love watching action and investigation together. The plot is interesting, casting is amazing, and the cinematography is awesome. And of course, there are LOTS of actions.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

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Seo Jin is a coldhearted third-generation chaebol; due to his childhood trauma, he is suffering from a split personality, aka Robin.

His second personality is the exact opposite of him; he is kinder, gentle, and fun-loving. Soon he met Ha a who is a circus master owned by Seo Jin, and they both start to fall in love.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Why to watch:  The romance is totally different. I had to be very open-minded when I was watching this drama. The whole concept was based on showing two people in one body and how a girl falls in love with one of them. Even though she feels something for the second personality still, she stays very loyal to the first one.

 Naked Fireman

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 Han Jin Ah is a rich heiress and art student. For making money

Genre: Romance, Drama,  Suspense

Why Watch: Even though the drama was short, still the story was interesting, and they did fabulous in building the suspense—also it’s compact, compelling, and fast-paced drama. So if you are ‘ testing the water’ in Korean drama, then you can try this.

 365: Repeat the Year

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Group of 10 people randomly chosen to go one year back in time and ‘ Reset’ their lives.

However, after the reset, mysterious event starts to occur around them. To get the answers, the team decides to take situation in their own hands.

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Time Travel

Why to watch If you are a big fan of Nam Ji Hyun, you will find this movie great. But Thats not the only reason,  this series is blended perfectly. You get the time travelling element , suspense , thriller and a tiny bit of romance.

One Spring Night

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IMDb: 8.1

Genre: Romance, Drama

Lee Jung In is a librarian who is a strong head woman and independent person. She has been in a relationship with Kwon Ki Seok for a very long time and they are talking about getting married.

However getting tired with having a relationship without any spark, Lee Jung met Yoo Ji Ho and they instantly connected. 

Yoo ji whereas has terrible past in a relationship where his ex-girlfriend cheated and left him with a child.

Why To Watch: This Hallyu Wave kdrama is best to watch for those who want to watch love story which is based on real life.  The story shows the real struggle of two couple who has been in relationships. Also, it’s a good option if you are not looking for something ‘extra’.

Romance is A Bonus Book

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IMDb: 8.5

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan I both knows each other since they were a kid as Dan-I saved Cha Eun.  The day passed and Cha Eun fall in love with Kang Dan, however, she had a boyfriend whom she loved and also get married one day. 

Time changes and Dan I who is now become a single mother without any financial backup or home to stay, start working in a company where Chan Eun is working as a successful author and senior editor.

Why To Watch: The story shows various aspects of life. Dan i represents a woman who never let anything bother her. She keeps doing her best, every day to prove herself even she knows that she is far from the goal right now.

Whereas Cha Eun represents a guy who is not just a good supporter without any expectations but also someone who understands that falling in love doesn’t mean to neglect yourself.

The story is warm, happy and positive to watch. Also, choose this ‘ Hallyu Wave’ series if you want to watch something sweet and light drama with a realistic touch.


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IMDb: 7.6

Genre: Crime, Comedy, Fantasy, Romantic

The story about Go Seo  Yeon, a tough and beautiful prosecutor and Cha Min who is a humble heir of the cosmetic company but have inferior complex.

Due to one accident, both died and come back with the help of magical marble called Abyss.

The marble, however, revived their life but somehow they ended in different bodies. For investigating what happened and how they died,  they both come together to catch the truth.

Why To Watch:  Well if you are in a mood to watch something light and simple, Abyss is one of the options. However, it has its own loopholes and flaws which make the story weak at some point.  But again, if you just want to enjoy cute yet sassy leads, go for it.

My First First Love

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IMDb: 7.5

Genre: Coming  Of Age, Romance

Five friends Tae Oh,  Song Yi,  Do Hyun,  Ga Rin, and Hoon used to be friends.  The time passes and they got separated, however, due to their own reasons they all have to come together and they started living in one house. The story proceeds and they  all explore different sides of friendship, love, and life together

Why To Watch: Simple, sweet and realistic drama that will make you remember your first love and first friends. It’s a good break if you want to take a break from hectic dramas and series.

Sky Castle

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IMDb: 8.7

Genre:  Satire,  Drama,  Black Comedy

The story focus on high-status and wealthy families who live in the town sky castle.  Here, the family’s only focus is to make their children the best and for that they want them to get admission in most prestigious universities.

However, one day, a suicide case happen which shock everyone and question the style of life people are trying to force on their kids.

Why Watch: its a one of the best ‘ Hallyu wave’ series which focuses on the education system in South Korea, highlighting the way of living and how much pressure high societies families put on kids. The series draws attention on various aspects and raise lots of question on way of parenting.

The Beauty Inside

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IMDb: 6.9

Genre: Melodrama, Fantasy, Romance

Based on the movie version with the same name, however with a different story which focuses on Han Se Gya who is a top actress but has a weird occurrence where she changes her body for a week with a different identity.

She met Seo Do Jae who is a perfect man with one flaw he has prosopagnosia which doesn’t let him remember anyone’s face.

Why Watch: More than just hopeless romantic drama, the shows portray lots of aspects that maybe people take for granted.  Also, the drama has a perfect blend of romance, friendship, love, life, and comedy

Prison Playbook

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IMDB: 8.4

Genre: Dark Comedy

A story about people who are living in prison, some are wrongly accused or trapped just like Kim  Je Hyuk who is a baseball player.

He witnessed something that landed him in the prison where he met  Lee Joon Ho who is a prison guard and other prisoners.

Not just Kim get to know about what is happening in the prison but also he explores different sides of stories of prisoners who are living their life.

Why To Watch: The story is a complete ride that will take you to a journey of prisoners who have their own dark sides, moments and haunting past, but you will get everything wrapped up in dark comedy and dose of laughter.  The series has strong bromance and its own sugar & spice.

Hello My Twenties

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IMDb: 8.3

Genre: Youth, Drama, Romance

Five different women in their age of 20s, start living in a house called  Belle  Epoque. Not just these five women have different personalities, but they all have their own life crises. 

Along with these five, They also sense the sixth person believes that she is a ghost in the house who has a different presence for each lady. 

The story progress and all five come together facing different hurdles of life, love, career and other issues.

Why To Watch: Want to watch girl-based drama? Go for it, Hello my twenties is best which is showcasing the difficulties that girl faces. Also, you can get more information about how things work in South Korea for people in their 20s.


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IMDb: 7.1

Genre: Thriller,  Comedy, Supernatural

Kang Pil is lazy,  foul-mouthed but an excellent detective who has a soft heart. During the case investigation, he met Hong seo who has a psychic mediumship that doesn’t let her live a normal life.

She hides the ability from others which leads a lonely life for her.  Kang Pil and Hong Seo teamed up for solving the cases where hong seo explores her power with the help of a detective and help him in finding the real culprits.

Why To Watch: The story has lots of elements with strong chemistry between characters. For those who love to watch something thrilling with the horror and slight touch of romance will find the series interesting.

Welcome To Waikiki

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IMDb: 8.3

Genre:  Comedy

Three friends  Dong Goo who wanted to become a filmmaker but he is struggling, Joon ki who is an actor but he is acting in any role just to make a living and  Doo Shik who is a  freelance writer but do nothing live together in a guest house called’ Waikiki’. 

They dont know anything about running a guest house but they still do anything for that. However, Seo Jin, the sister of Dong Goo is the only member who actually earns and helps the house.

One day, they find a baby in their house which later joins by Yoon Ah, the mother who is a dumb but honest person.  However, things turn in a weird direction when Sooh ah who is an ex-girlfriend of dong goo enters the house and start living.

Why To Watch: This is for you if prefer a strong dose of comedy with the height of crazy characters. Welcome to Waikiki is the perfect sitcom for that. Bonus, you get adorable and cute baby moments throughout the series!

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