20 Best shows to watch if you liked Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Not a fast-paced episodic cliffhanger show but a sitcom with detective dynamics; it is a show strangely having a huge fan base under its belt. 

Ray Holt’s entry shows how the slacking workspace shifts are enthralling to watch. It does make one laugh at times. 

We won’t be surprised if you’re for some good shows similar to this masterpiece. 

To help you a bit, here are some shows listed sharing the same feel as the famous cop show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Good Place 

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Creator- Michael Schur 

Genre- Dystopian Fiction 

Where to Watch The Good Place- Netflix 

Ranked 71 among the 287 Greatest Sitcoms of Tv history, The Good Place is a show that gives its viewers a good part of laughter. 

The Good Place, for instance, gives some deep philosophical dialogues and bittersweet anthologies in the most unexpected situations. 

The themes recurring throughout the series are friendships, life, death, rush, chaos, emotions, and whatnot. 

The humor featured is substantial. Watching it for many has been a tear-jerking experience. 

Created by Michael Schur, it is a series brimming with wit, additive story graphs, and ironical philosophical aspects. 

Kristen Bell’s character was lovable in the series. 

Herein the series Kristen Bells plays a morally corrupt woman named Eleanor who inexplicably awakens in some version of heaven which she finds the authority in charge to be mistakenly done. 


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Creator- Dar Harmon

Genre- Sitcom

Where to Watch Community- Netflix

The plotline goes like a suspended lawyer amidst some rooky student and the consequences the clash brings. 

This show has a progressive accountability of heavy subjects like homophobia, racism, sexism, religious feuds, etc. 

Also, it features poetic poignancy to some extent. 

The plot is intriguing, and there are plenty of laughable tracks here and there.   

The show has some trailblazing ideas which still resonate with modern shows. However, the variance with every season is quite visible. 

The dynamics of characters like Troy and Abed are applaudable. 

This dramedy takes place at the Greendale Community College and follows the student’s life. 

Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie deserve special mention for their performances in the show. 

It is regarded as one of the most endearing comedies ever made. 

Parks and Recreation

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Creator- Greg Daniels & Michael Schur 

Genre- Sitcom 

Where to Watch Parks and Recreation- Prime Video 

Did you ask for some bureaucrat stuff to watch? 

If yes, Parks and Recreation are at the rescue. Many viewers find it to be decently close to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It is an American mockumentary Tv series that aired first in 2015. 

This show is stretched into seven seasons in total. The story is of Leslie, a passionate government worker. 

The show runs within an office setup, which is why it is compared with The Office now and then. 

This show takes a lighthearted take on the whims and follies of local government. It is a feel-good show we can finally conclude. 

The Office

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Creator- Greg Daniels, 

Genre- Sitcom

Where to Watch The Office- Netflix, Prime Video 

How can we forget this legendary piece when Tv sitcoms are being discussed?

The premise is of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Scranton branch and its employees. A documentary film crew is tasked to record their daily lives. 

It is a classic sitcom with 200 episodes. The American office is filled with great punches and has many great cameos.  

This workplace comedy is smartly twisted with humor. Unlike clicked sitcoms, the absence of laughter tracks is a good thing. 

Each character in the office is granted a tremendous layered backstory. 

Most of the characters have eccentric quirks. The series has an overall fantastic momentum and comedic timing. 

This is the funniest, most intelligent, and most juvenile fanaticism in American tv history. 

Silicon Valley

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Creator- John Altschuler, Mike Judge, Dave Krinsky

Genre- Comedy 

Where to Watch Silicon Valley- Disney+ 

Okay, clear from its title itself that it is something around IT solutions. 

The technobabble, absurd plots and twists in each show, and the characters are hyperboles of the natural world but still a pretty spot on the insanity of tech today. 

Debuted on HBO, it is a witty and scathing watch. 

The series follows Richard Hendrick and his group of intelligent friends as they develop a new company in Pied Paper. 

It aired between 2014 to 2019. Thomas Middleditch plays the character of Hendrick. 

Master of None

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Creator- Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang 

Genre- Romantic comedy 

Where to Watch Master of None- Netflix 

Master of none is a masterfully crafted tale of a struggling actor in NY. 

This American dramedy was released in 2015. With creator and actor Aziz Ansari in the lead as Dev, it is a ten episodes story loosely based on Ansari’s real-time experience as an actor in the urban jungle of NY. 

The show brings largely unaddressed issues of sex, gender, and race into a mainstream comedy. 

This Netflix original depicts how meaningful life is in a refreshing light. 

It is a laid-back show in unity with some political agendas of the real-life realm. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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Creator- Tina Fey & Robert Carlock 

Genre- Sitcom 

Where to Watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- NETFLIX 

It is a story of a woman rescued from a doomsday cult refurbishing her life from starch in the hotchpotch of NY. 

After being freed from 15 years of captivity by Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, she restores her life in NY. 

It is a four-seasoned American sitcom. 

This show received a total of twenty Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Ellie Kemper played the much-loved character of Emmy. 

It is one of the most uplifting and entertaining shows premiered in 2015. The quirky humor and indirect social commentary are just a few things that have made us embrace the show. 

One Day at a Time

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Creator- Gloria Calderon, Kellet, and Mike Royce 

Genre- Dramedy Sitcom

Where to Watch One Day at a Time- Netflix 

One Day at a Time is a hilarious watch centering on a Cuban-American Family. 

This 2017 released sitcom was aired for four seasons. 

It is a show that relates to the actual life situations that people face each day. 

It encourages individuality and being proud of who you are and allows people to respect each other person’s beliefs and culture. 

It also encourages acceptance, love, and diversity and aims to end stigmas and stereotypes of life. 

One day at a time is a complete portrayal of a family on and off the screen. 

Subjects like women’s issues, LGBTQ+ literacy, and additions and anxiety are addressed very neatly in the show. 

The hilarious scenes, places, and realism make you rewind it repeatedly. 

Real-life adversities like PTSD, racism, drugs, gender identity and teenage difficulty couldn’t have got a better representation than this. 

Arrested Development

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Creator- Michael Hurwitz 

Genre- Sitcom

Where to Watch Arrested Development- Hulu

It is a 2003 outlandish comedy series that Ron Howard’s narration makes unforgettable. 

The plot centers around Michael, the middle son of the eccentric wealthy Bluth family whose former patriarch has been sent to prison for a white-collar crime. 

It is one of the premium watches of its genre. 

Arrested Development involves Michael trying to become the role model for his son George Michael while amidst the relentless family chaos. 

The side-splitting dialogues delivered are at their best. 

The show’s zany plot compliments the self-absorbed cast of characters in Michael Hurwitz’s masterpiece sitcom. 

Watching this dysfunctional family stick to each other no matter what, with an intertwined comedic effect, is worth the time. 


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Creator- David Crane & Marta Kauffman 

Genre- Sitcom 

Where to Watch Friends- Netflix 

If sitcoms are mentioned, Friends ought to get an honorable mention. 

When a show has clever titles, you already get an intuition that the interiors are excellent too. 

Friends is a classic cult sitcom where despite being flawed, the characters make a place in our hearts. 

The central premise focuses on the bond and lives of six extroverted, outgoing personalities. 

It is an exceptional sitcom aired in the 90s. It is proof that shows with good writing not only survive but also carve a place in viewers ‘ hearts. 

If you have not already watched it, you might have seen any of the show’s pun references and memes over the internet. 

This soul-satisfying watch has some great friendship arcs and relations to relish that one would go awe at. 


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Creator- Justin Spitzer 

Genre- Sitcom 

Where to Watch Superstore- NETFLIX 

It is a 2015 released American sitcom. 

It raises some of the universal issues witty, humorous, and non-confrontational. 

The show both directly and indirectly addresses other issues like gender inequality, racism, immigration, etc. 

This NBC show gained a unique position in viewers’ memories, being a hilarious antidote for bad times. 

It transcends the usual shortcomings of the workplace-sitcom genre by weaving into its plot some excellent drama with high stakes and unexpected twists. 

Superstore takes a dissection view of corporate retail management and a class of invisible officials that puppets the miserable life of floor workers. 

The central slow-paced romance adds to the worth of this show. Superstore has six good seasons in total. 

Modern Family

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Creator- Steven Levitan & Christopher Lloyd 

Genre- Sitcoms

Where to Watch Modern Family- Disney+ 

It’s a beautiful tale of generational gaps visible within a family and how it challenges bonds in a family. 

Modern Family was released in 2009 and had a total of 11 seasons. 

It has a creatively humorous storyline. It is a documentary-style show that follows the life of an upside-down family. 

Despite the seriousness of the central theme, the show is outright hilarious. 

This quasi-documentary show has a great cast assembled with a postmodern comic style. It stars Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy, Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy, and Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy. 

Ted Lasso

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Creator- Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly 

Genre- Sports drama 

Where to Watch Ted Lasso- Apple Tv. 

The premise includes the titular character, who is, by the way, a football coach, to take the challenge of training a struggling football team in London to help flock towards success and the despairs, wins, setbacks, and everything intertwined in-between. 

This show belongs to the comedy-drama genre of TV series. 

The character of Ted Lasso was incredible. 

The show has spoken publicly to “Be curious and not judgemental.” 

Ted Lasso is the ultimate feel-good entertainment with insights into the human struggle and all other complexities we navigate daily. 

This American sports drama received a critical response and won the 2021 Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series. 


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Creator- Gabe Liedman 

Genre- Sci-Fi comedy 

Where to Watch Q-Force- Netflix 

Now, how about something in an animated series? Q-Force is an American animated series with loads and loads of humor in it. 

Created by Gabe Liedman, the first season of Force aired in 2022 and got canceled.

This ten-episode series deals with spy, LGBTQ+, and Sci-Fi themes. 

The show is entirely queer-centric, with the title being an abbreviated form of Queer-Forces. 

This isn’t a typical detective show, or it is a detective show but with a comedic catch. It feels like a cheeky and bluntly obvious look at the queer culture. 

Q-Force is written by a queer community and is unexpectedly hilarious and sarcastic. 

This adult satire show takes in several references. The show’s animation style is palpable and the characters featured are lovable too. 

Wellington Paranormal

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Creator- Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, Paul Yates 

Genre- Comedy 

Where to Watch Wellington Paranormal- The CW, HBO max, Roku device 

Wellington Paranormal tales is a comedic take on two police officers and their heads in charge as they blunder about paranormal activity. 

The actors are convicted for their part of the story, and the supporting actors are like the cherry on top. 

This enjoyable series would give anybody a real belly laugh. 

Wellington Paranormal belongs to the horror-comedy genre and is a 2018 released mockumentary. 

The 70s Shows

Image Source: UI

Creator- Mark Brazill, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner

Genre- Comedy-romance 

Where to Watch The 70s Shows- Peacock

It is a highly underrated American sitcom, though once watched, it will make you forget the classics. 

The show’s beauty is that they choose to show actors right from adolescence and in the suburbs.

It features some excellent 70’s references. 

The 70s Shows aired between 1998-2006. 

The show follows the lives of 17-year-olds in the 70s hilariously. 

The show remained varied even after seven seasons of credit, which goes to its writers.  

That 70’s show delivered very consistent humor and is, without a doubt in one’s mind, that it is one of the funniest shows ever created. 

That 70’s show tells us the life of six teenagers living in Wisconsin through the hippie period. 


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Creator- Shawn Simmons 

Genre- Action-comedy 

Where to Watch Wayne- Amazon Prime

It is a 30-minute runtime action-comedy genre show. 

The story is about a robust teenager seeking his dad’s Trans-Am stolen from him before he died. 

Harry, our wacky lead, is on a road trip with Del, his friend from Boston and Florida, to restore his dad’s belongings. 

Wayne stars top-class performers like Mark McKenna, Ciara Bravo, and Joshua J. Williams. It premiered on YouTube Premium and aired in 2019. 

The show was canceled after the first season. 

The chemistry between Wayne and Del is incredibly amazing. 

This low-brow show is nihilistic and has some real punch-in-the-gut moments.

Overall this show is an ultraviolent depiction of adulthood with an edgy backstory.

Two and a Half Men

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Creator- Chuck Lorre & Lee Aronsohn 

Genre- Sitcom 

Where to Watch Two and a Half Men- Prime

It is a twelve-season sitcom. 

The storyline goes like Charlie Harper, a jingle writer who owns an unrealistically big house where his annoying brother and nephew come to take shelter and disrupt his peaceful life. 

This American sitcom was aired on CBS between 2003 to 2014. 

It features performers like Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Marin Hinkie, and Melanie Lynskey. 

Cougar Town

Image Source: IMDb

Creator- Bill Lawrence & Kevin Biegel 

Genre- Sitcom

Where to Watch Cougar Town- Hulu

This show on our list is quite an underrated show; it follows up with some fancy representation of the cougar town in various aspects. 

Jules is our lead in the show, which deals with the constant issues of motherhood. 

There is a scarcity of Tv series like this because of the comedic scope it allows without taking into use profanity gimmicks. 

This feel-good lighthearted series has six seasons in total. 

The highlight of the sitcom is Courtney Cox’s much-applauded performance. Cougar town was released in 2009 and aired in 2015. 

Malcolm in the Middle

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Creator- Linwood Boomer 

Genre- Sitcom 

Where to Watch Malcolm in the Middle- NETFLIX, and Hulu

The show is a pretty & impressive story of a boy of gifted intellect caught in the middle of a dimwit family. 

It is an American sitcom that features a dysfunctional family with a kid-like father, a scream machine overactive mother, their oldest son Francis, and another younger son, Dewey, who is arrogant. In the middle, we have our protagonist Malcolm(Frankie Muniz), who tries to sustain between all of them.

It has the heart and humor usually relatable to many. 

The portrayal of the semi-functional middle-class Family in the show is hilarious. 

The quick-witted dialogues peppered with a median family dynamic are the highlight. The distinctive cast and the writing of the show are a total win-win

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