20 Best Romantic Movies To Watch On Prime Video

After a fight or an argument with your partner, now is the time to calm down. We all need a little love in the relationship, and the best way to add and feel love in your life is to watch a romantic movie with your partner.

When we decide to watch a movie, we focus on many factors: chemistry, love story, cast, time storyline, and all these factors are best ranked on prime video films. 

Movies that are available on prime video are not just straight romantic and movies have many interesting and cheesy twists.

Movies are of many types, romance plus comedies like Two-night stand, science fiction romance films like The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, coming-of-age romantic comedies like Finding You, and many more movies are also available. 

If you wish to watch a romantic movie now, then here we are with the best-listed romantic movies streaming right now only on prime video.

Two-Night Stand 

Year: 2014

Directed By: Max Nichols 

It Written By:  Mark Hammer

Run Time: 86 minutes

Starring: Miles Teller, Jessica Szohr, Leven Rambin, Lio Tipton, Scott Mescudi 


Two-Night Stand is a romantic comedy movie. The movie starts with Megan, she is unemployed and single, and she joined a dating site. One day she decided to have a one-night stand with one of the men from the website. The next day, they are less than cordial; they both are trapped in a small apartment where they are forced to get to know each other. 

The Lost City 

Year: 2022

Directed By: Adam Nee, Aaron Nee

Run Time: 112 minutes

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe, 


The Lost City is a romantic action movie. Reclusive author Lorethor Sage, a novelist, wrote adventure novels in which he included exotic places, while Alan is featured as a handsome cover model for the novel.

He was on tour promoting her new book with Alan, Loretta gets kidnapped by a billionaire, and she hopes she can lead him to an ancient city that lost treasure from her latest story.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Year: 2021

Directed By: Ian Samuels

Run Time: 99 minutes

Starring: Kyle Allen, Kathryn Newton


The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a science fiction romantic film. This film is about a time loop where a girl and boy are stuck in a never-ending day.

This movie shows a love story with many interesting twists. Now it’s interesting for you to figure out how they both escape from their never-ending day in a time wrap.

Marry Me

Year: 2022

Directed By: Kat Coiro

Run Time: 112 minutes

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, Owen Wilson, Chloe Coleman, John Bradley, Sarah Silverman


Marry Me is the latest hit romantic comedy-drama film. Bastian has been having an affair with the pop star Kat Valdez; he decided to marry Charlie Gilbert, a math teacher holding a “Marry Me” Sign at her concert. Now it’s interesting to watch how two people from different worlds bridge the gulf between them. 

And So It Goes

Year: 2014

Directed By: Rob Reiner

Written By: Mark Andrus

Run Time: 94 minutes

Starring: Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Sterling Jerins


And so it Goes is a hilarious combination of romance and comedy. Michael Douglas, as Oren, unexpectedly has taken custody of his 9-year-old granddaughter temporarily, and due to this reason, they end up being together.

They deal with many unexpected situations, and he also seeks out the help of his neighbor Leh.

Finding You

Year: 2021

Directed By: Brian Baugh

Written By:  Brian Baugh

Run Time: 119 minutes

Starring: Rose Reid, Jedidiah Goodacre, Katherine McNamara, Patrick Bergin, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Judith Hoag, 

Tom Everett Scott, Vanessa Redgrave 


Finding you is a coming-of-age romantic comedy with some cheesy and interesting faces. Finley Sinclair moves to a small coastal village in Ireland to begin semester studies after an ill-fated audition at a New York music school. There she meets Beckett, a famous young movie star. They start sharing an unexpected romance, and Finley must decide what she will risk for love.

The Big Sick

Year: 2017

Directed By: Michael Showalter

Written By:  Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani

Run Time: 120 minutes

Starring: Zoe Kazan, Kumail Nanjiani, Ray Romano, Holly Hunter, Anupam Kher 


This is a delightful romantic movie, and this is a story of two people falling in love together even though their cultures clashes, family expectations, and a mysterious life-threatening illness.

The story continues with a stand-up comic who Falls for a woman and hides the relationship from the parents, who accept a strictly traditional arranged marriage to Muslim women.

I Want You Back 

Year: 2022

Directed By: Jason Orley 

Written By: Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger

Run Time: 111 minutes

Starring: Jenny Slate, Clark Backo, Charlie Day, Scott Eastwood, Manny Jacinto, Gina Rodriguez 


I Want You Back is a must-watch romantic comedy film. Easy to break, but difficult to go forward. Noah breaks up with Emma after 18 months of a relationship, and on the other side, Anne breaks up with Peter after six years. Peter and Emma are two Strangers. They both were dumped on the same day. They enter into a mission when they get to know that their ex-partners have happily moved on to a new romance, but over time they develop feelings for each other.

Shallow Hal

Year: 2001

Directed By: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly

Written By: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, Sean Moynihan

Run Time: 113 minutes 

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, Jason Alexander, Joe Viterelli, Susan Ward 


Shallow Hal is a romantic film. Hal Larson dates only physically attractive women. He had a crush on his neighbor Jill, but he was rejected due to his shallow lifestyle.

One day he meets a life coach Tony Robbins, Who hypnotizes him to focus on inner beauty only. Thereafter Hal meets Rosemary, she is morbidly obese, but he focuses on her inner beauty. Now it’s Interesting to watch how Hal And Rosemary’s relationship works. 

Save the Last Dance

Year: 2001

Directed By: Thomas Carter

Run Time: 112 minutes

Starring: Terry Kinney, Julia Stiles, Fredro Starr 


Save the Last Dance is a teen dance film. A beautiful white girl moves to Chicago after the death of her mother. She lives on the side of the town, and she went to a new school where she is one of the few white students there. She and a girl named Chenille become best friends, and after some time, Sara falls in love with his brother, who is a black teen and has a semi-criminal past.

Runaway Bride

Year: 1999

Directed By: Garry Marshall

Written By: Sara Parriott, Josann McGibbon 

Run Time: 116 minutes

Starring: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Héctor Elizondo, Rita Wilson, Paul Dooley 


Runaway Bride is a screwball romantic film. The storyline of this movie moves around a girl, Maggie Carpenter, who has a habit of leaving several grooms without any reason when they decide to tie the knot.

But at a point, everything gets complicated when a big-city reporter falls in love with Maggie.


Year: 2020

Directed By: Autumn de Wilde

Run Time: 124 minutes

Starring: Anya Taylor- Joy, Josh O’Connor, Johnny Flynn, Mia Goth, Callum Turner, Miranda Hart, Bill Nighy 


Emma is a cheesy film as it’s a period romantic comedy film. Emma Woodhouse is a wealthy and beautiful woman who lives with his father in England. She taught herself as a matchmaker and meddled in romantic lives. Anya Taylor-Joy showed an amazing, heartbreaking performance in this movie.

 No Strings Attached

Year: 2011

Directed By: Ivan Reitman

Run Time: 108 minutes

Starring: Natalie Portman, Cary Elwes, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline 


Emma is a doctor, and Adam is a production assistant for a musical television show. Adam’s and Emma’s first meetup was at a summer camp as teenagers; they both ran into each other many times as young adults but never kept in touch.

They both agree to engage in a “no strings attached” relationship, a relationship without feelings and complications. 

The Shape Of Water 

Year: 2017

Directed By: Guillermo del Toro

Written By: Guillermo Del Toro and Vanessa Taylor

Run Time: 123 minutes

Starring: Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Doug Jones, Michael Stuhlbarg, Richard Jenkins.


The Shape of Water is a highly recommended romantic fantasy film. Elisa Esposito was found as an infant with wounds on her neck by the side of a river. During the cold war, Elisa works as a cleaner at a secret government laboratory in Baltimore, living a simple life, but Elisa’s life takes a turn when she and her co-worker Zelda discover a secret classified experiment.  


Year: 2017

Directed By: Andy Serkis

Written By: William Nicholson

Run Time: 117 minutes

Starring: Claire Foy, Tom Hollander, Andrew Garfield, Hugh Bonneville, Ed Speleers.


Robin Cavendish married to life partner Daina. At the age of twenty-eight, he fell ill from polio; he was admitted to a hospital and was only given three months to live. Initially, he lost all hope and refused to meet his wife and newborn son.

But soon, he realized to live a passionate life with his wife, raising their son and helping others till the last breath.

Revolutionary Road

Year: 2008

Directed By: Sam Mendes

Written By: Justin Haythe

Run Time: 119 minutes

Starring: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour, Kathy Bates 


The movie starts with frank wheeler, a longshoreman, and a gorgeous lady named April who wants to become an actress. Later, he and April got married. The wheelers move to 115 Revolutionary roads when April becomes pregnant. At one point, they were unhappy with married life then April suggested moving to Paris as a means to rejuvenate their life.

Lovers Rock

Year: 2020

Directed By: Steve McQueen

Run Time: 68 minutes

Starring: Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn, Michael Ward 


Lovers rock is a romance film. A young and very beautiful woman lives in a small fishing village, and two rival fishermen compete for that woman’s love. She loves one of them, but also she is obligated to the other due to this, and she cannot marry him. 

It Had To Be You 

Year: 1947

Directed By: Don Hartman, Rudolph Mate

Written By: Allen Boretz, Don Hartman

Run Time: 98 minutes

Starring: Ginger Rogers, Ron Randell, Cornel Wilde 


It Had To Be You is a romantic film with a complicated love story. The movie starts with a schoolteacher, Anna Penn, and an aspiring writer, Charlie Hudson.

They both are engaged to other people, and they meet in a New York hotel where they spend three days planning for their respective weddings together. At some point, they start to wonder if they are getting married to the right people. 

Sylvie’s Love 

Year: 2020

Directed By: Eugene Ashe

Written By: Eugene Ashe

Run Time: 114 minutes

Starring: Nnamdi Asomugha, Tessa Thompson, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Aja Naomi King, Eva Longoria 


Sylvia’s Love is a hit romantic drama film. A saxophonist who works in a summer job at Sylvie’s father’s record store in Harlem. At that time, he shared a romance with Sylvie; after many years, when they met again, they found out that their feelings were real and had not faded for each other even after so many years. This movie is a show of deep emotions and a love story.

Jackie & Ryan

Year: 2014

Directed By: Ami Canaan Mann

Written By: Ami Canaan Mann

Run Time: 90 minutes

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Ben Barnes, Sheryl Lee, Emily Alyn Lind, Clea DuVall, Rayan Bingham 


Jackie & Ryan is a romantic drama film. Jackie is a musician and a recently single mom. Jackie is battling to get custody of her daughter.

But the story changes when she meets Ryan, a modern-day, nomadic train hopper which is trying to be a successful bluegrass musician. They both share a romantic relationship that changes many things about their lives. 

Anything’s Possible

Year: 2022

Directed By: Billy Porter

Written By: Ximena Garcia, Lecuona

Run Time: 98 minutes

Starring: Eva Reign, Abubakr Ali, Renee Elise Goldsberry 


Anything’s Possible is a coming-of-age romantic comedy film that moves around teenagers’ love stories. Kelsa is a confident high school girl who is trans with a talent for art. She falls in love with his classmate Khal, and Khal gets a crush on her.

He anyhow collects all his courage enough to ask her out, and a romance ensues. This movie shows romance, Joy, tenderness, pain, and teenage love.

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