20 Best Netflix Originals Shows You Can Watch Right Now 

Netflix originals are not necessarily shows created by Netflix on their own. It can be simply something exclusively shown on the streaming platform, worldwide, or in some countries. 

Usually, the categories are three. The first is the shows that have been produced and commissioned by Netflix, like Orange Is The New Black, Bo Jack Horseman, etc. Or it can be produced by a different network and make its debut on tv, but the distribution rights are given to Netflix. The distribution rights can be global, international, or tied to specific countries. 

The third can be something picked by Netflix after the cancellation on a different network. If you are looking for some interesting Netflix Originals to watch, here is the list from which you can start. 

Orange Is the New Black 

One of the most famous names you might have heard, Netflix Original Orange is the New Black, is something you should watch. 

The story focuses on a privileged New Yorker who ended up in a women’s prison due to her past crimes. Sentenced for a year, she met an old friend behind the bar. The show is interesting and something that you must try if you have nothing in mind. 

The comedy and drama series also received accolades for being the most-watched Netflix original series. 

Russian Doll 

Russian Doll is an Emmy-nominated original Netflix series that takes a new twist on the popular loop premise of the Groundhog Day movie. 

The story focuses on Natasha Lyonne, starring a woman reliving her 36th birthday again and again, with a mysterious death in the end. 

While the show is dark, it’s still funny, and Lyonne is perfect in her character, who is trying her best to grasp the situation. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

To those who are into watching the quirky show, this one’s for you. The story focuses on Kimmy Schmidt, who was part of a cult.

She lived in a bunker for almost 15 years. After getting rescued, she moves to New York to start a new life. She finds a job and navigates life as the average person, but it is more complex than she shouts. 

The unique concept of the series with weird characters makes this an exciting watch. 

Master Of None 

Created by Azizi Ansari, he also played in Parks and Recreation, which was one of the popular shows.

Well, he plays the main lead in this Netflix original. Playing the role of a 30 years old actor living in New York, the series revolves around his romantic and professional life, making it fun to watch. 

If you are into comedy, this one should be on your list. Also, it’s an easy watch. You can enjoy it any day,


Well, one of the popular names in best Netflix originals, Narcos, is based on a true story. This crime drama revolves around the story of Pablo Escobar, known as a drug kingpin, and DEA agents after attaching him. 

The series ended with three seasons, but there are new series that started after that, which take place in different drug cartels.

Netflix is an interesting watch if you are into watching something crime-related and know how Pablo Escober becomes who he is. 

Stranger Things 

One of the most popular original shows from Netflix, Stranger Things, is a must-watch if you haven’t done it yet. 

Brothers Matt and Ross Duffer created the show. The series shows great nostalgic entertainment for viewers who grew up in the early to mid-1980s. Also, it has a similar vibe to movies like E.T. and Poltergeist.

BoJack Horseman 

To those who want to enjoy something animated, This show is about talking horses, and if you think it’s not enjoyable, you would be surprised how funny it can get. 

Also, Will Arnett’s voice for the Bojack is on the spot. It’s a perfect watch to enjoy something you want, light yet enjoyable. There are six seasons available that you can get. 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 

This show is excellent for people who enjoy teen drama. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on a character from Archie Comics and set in the same universe as the Riverdale show. 

The story focuses on Kiernan Shipka playing the role of Sabrina, a teenage witch.

Instead of following what destiny chose for her, she wants to stay with mortal friends and enjoy her teenage years as an average person. But her plans get interrupted when the devil wants to claim her. 


A comedy-drama that focuses on women wrestling. Even though you are not into wrestling, this drama serves as pure entertainment.

You can simply watch it for fun and the comedy if wrestling is not catching your attention. 

Based on the fictional world of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Flow tells the story of a real pro league player who had her show in the 1980s. The show also focuses on women’s issues in the workplace. 

Altered Carbon 

Well, are you in the mood for high-concept and sci-fi? The Altered Carbon original show from Netflix is for you to watch.

The show is based on a novel written by Richard K Morgan. The concept is based on a future where people have technology that can transfer consciousness to the new bodies grown for the work. 

With the flavor of Sci-Fi, it also has murder mystery with action. It’s a perfect watch if you are looking for a short series, as there are only two seasons with 18 episodes in total. 


Netflix’s original Maid was a hit and stayed in the U.S. most watched shows for three months. The show is based on memories by Stephanie Land.

Well, the series focuses on Margaret Qualley playing the role of a single mother who takes on the job of cleaning houses in rich houses to support her child and life. 

Maid focuses on how people do everything to survive. Even though it started as a mini-series, it became so popular that it became more seasons. 

Black Mirror 

Well, the show was arguably for Channel 4, which is Uk based. However, now, Netflix has the rights to the first two seasons, and more and more episodes of the anthology are ground-breaking. 

Black Mirror focuses on how technological advances are affecting the future of people. Also, the danger of social media and its effects on real life. With its anthology episodes, different social and political issues are shown that are interesting for the audience to watch.

Black Summer 

For those who enjoy watching The Walking Dead, Black Summer is an ideal pick. Especially if you are into really brutal shows that focus on the undead, this is for you.

Jamie King plays the role of a mother who gets separated from her daughter when a zombie attack happens.

With a small band of people who are surviving in the situation, making major decisions to stay alive. 

The Queen’s Gambit 

Noone shows it coming, but The mini-series about a female chess prodigy hit popularity and critical praise on another level.

With seven episodes, Anya Taylor plays the role of an orphan girl in the 1960s. She finds her passion and love in chess and also that she is brilliant in the game. 

However, the show does not include a focus on the game but on the people involved in it.

Also, the main character is flawed as she takes alcohol and drugs to stay alive. Highlighting the discrimination again women and the whole struggle. 

Squid Game 

Squid Game surprised everyone, as South Korean survival kdrama turned the whole world upside down. The global hit in 2021 brought about the phenomenon.

The show focuses on a man who is in need of money, and to get out of the situation, he accepts an invitation to a mysterious game.

However, the game turned into a life-and-death situation where hundreds of other people were also involved. 

With its huge popularity, the series is coming with a second season soon on Netflix. 


To those who are looking for anime, Castlevania is a video game adaptation. The series is based on the Konami action franchise and tells the story of Trevor Belmont.

The story focuses on him and his classic fight with the vampire Dracula from taking over Wallachia. 

Even though the art style is quite like Japanese anime, it was created by Powerhouse Animation Studios in Austin, Texas. It has some great actions with clever writing and a voice cast. 

The Witcher 

The Netflix original series received huge attention from those audiences who liked Games Of Thrones. The series serves exactly what they expected and even more with its adult and violent storyline. 

Playing the main lead, Henry Cavil shines as the ‘Witcher.’ The show focuses on Geralt, who fights against the monster and nasty creatures. But soon, he finds himself linked to a young princess and a young sorceress. 

The show became popular due to its strong story and characters. Also, for Henry Cavill’s fans, this series is a must-watch. 

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