20 Best Movies Where Protagonist Dies in the end

In movies with happy or satisfying conclusions, not all problems are resolved, or all characters get their wish for closure. 

Some people can get motivated to seek revenge after losing a loved one, as the main character in Braveheart. The throat of Murron, the love of William Wallace, was cut by English soldiers. 

William, a Scotsman out for vengeance, started a war with England. 

Everyone anticipates it now, but Wallace’s death is so gruesome that it can’t help but make people queasy. No dinner tonight for us.

While Miller is out guarding a bridge essential to the rescue plan, a German soldier fires and kills him.

Extremely. When Hanks plays the hero, most movies wouldn’t have the courage to kill him off, but Spielberg doesn’t back down from the risk. The sorrow of war

Braveheart (1995)

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Director- Mel Gibson

Genre – Action, drama, and romance

Where to watch –  Disney+

William Wallace, a Scottish warrior, led his followers in a rebellion against King Edward I of England to liberate his nation.

One of the greatest films in Hollywood history is “Braveheart.” The story of William Wallace, a Scotsman, and his struggle to free the Scottish people from King Edward I of England’s oppression is told in the film. 

Scotland and Ireland’s filming venues have breathtakingly stunning scenery. Fantastic cinematography is used. 

The cinematic backdrops, outfits, and weaponry are all expertly crafted. All human emotions are represented, including pain, bravery, and love. The acting is outstanding. Like William Wallace, Mel Gibson performs a fantastic job.

The Room (2003)

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Director – Tommy Wiseau

Genre – Drama

Where to watch –  YouTube

Successful bank executive Johnny and his fiancee Lisa reside in a quiet San Francisco townhouse. 

She seduces Mark, Johnny’s best buddy, one day without remorse. Nothing will ever be the same after that.

Good cinematography, good acting, good writing, and good direction are the elements of a movie that make it suitable. 

This film shines in every one of those areas.The cinematography is amazing in every way. 

The way the camera shakes and blurs at specific points in the film gives you a Real Feeling of the trauma and stress that Johnny is going through. 

This is because the movie gives me the same confused, agitated, and terrifying feelings that Johnny is experiencing.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

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Director – Steven Spielberg

Genre- Epic war

Where to watch –  Vudu, Redbox., ROW8 

Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, and Vin Diesel star in Steven Spielberg’s superb military film Saving Private Ryan, released in 1998.

It tells the tale of a platoon of soldiers from the US Army Ranger Battalion tasked with the search and rescue effort in Normandy, France, following the D-Day landings. A man is on a mission. 

James Francis Ryan, a 101st Airborne paratrooper from Iowa, parachuted and lost in battle somewhere in Normandy, France. The movie, From Bloody Beaches to the Battered French Towns, is impressive.

The acting and surroundings, especially in the first 20 minutes, do an excellent job of capturing war’s brutality and emotional toll.

Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan are among the best movies by Steven Spielberg, the maestro of the World War II genre. 

Even if the plot occasionally veers into cliche, WWII realism is strengthened by moving performances by a solid supporting cast.

Hereditary (2018)

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Director- Doug Liman 

Genre – Psychological horror

Where to watch – Philo, Prime Video, or Apple TV

Tragic and unsettling events plague a bereaved family. The movie “Hereditary” subtly examines the repercussions of a family curse over generations through the physical invocation of a demonic creature and dramatic emotional manipulation among family members.

Repeated viewings can reveal subtleties and elements brushed over in the original attempt to figure out what the hell the movie is meant to be about.

Hereditary, the impressive directorial debut of Ari Aster, is a film so horrifying that you simultaneously never want to see it again and can’t take your eyes off it while you’re watching it. 

It pays homage to horror icons like The Exorcist and The Shining while focusing on a complex family drama with intergenerational trauma and mental illness themes.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

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Director- M. Night Shyamalan

Genre – A psychological thriller 

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar.

It’s a treat to see for a cinema enthusiast like yourselves because of the clever use of mirrors and shadows, lighting, and unconventional camera angles. 

Anyone can tell that Shyamalan is both a writer and a filmmaker since he knows what to do with the material and knows accurately what camera angle works best for each moment. This movie is a must-see; We love thriller/horror movies, and this is by far the finest. 

A worried child psychologist accepts the aid of a scared, reclusive boy from Philadelphia who speaks with spirits.

300 (2006)

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Director- : Zack Snyder 

Genre- Historical Fiction

Where to watch – Amazon prime video

480 BC saw the Battle of Thermopylae, where a coalition of Greek city-states engaged the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. King Leonidas of Sparta led a force of 300 warriors in the battle. Even Leonidas stands out as one of the most outstanding and admirable figures.

Excellent acting, especially from Lena Headey and Gerard Butler.

There are several exciting action moments, such as when 300 warriors engage in combat with other soldiers to reach the Persian God-King Xerxes.

A masterpiece with outstanding cinematography, a fantastic and unforgettable tale, excellent performance from a strong cast, catchy music, and top-notch sound effects.

United 93 (2006)

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Director-  Paul Greengrass 

Genre – Historical Fiction

Where to watch – Vudu, Prime Video, Redbox

An account of what happened in real-time on United Flight 93, one of the hijacked aircraft that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on September 11, 2001, after the passengers thwarted the terrorist plot. 

Paul Greengrass portrays the bravery of the passengers who fought back on United 93, the fourth hijacked aircraft of the September 11 attacks, using real-time drama and understated performers. 

The little-known actors give chillingly genuine performances. It is unfortunate, to be sure, but it has been rightfully remembered. 

It serves as a sad reminder that violence is only one choice. Even though the issues are old, there is a calm way to settle them. A wonderfully moving film. It’s exhilarating, but it also shows perseverance. 

Funny Games (1997)

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Director- Michael Haneke 

Genre- Austrian psychological horror 

Where to watch – HBO Max

This excellent psychological thriller is intense and scary, leaving you wondering about the character’s motivations. The acting is excellent, and the story is fantastic and entertaining. Funny games that send a shiver down your spine and leave your mouth gaping open.

A horror movie called Funny Games makes fun of other violent movies and their devotees. In contrast to well-known slasher films, the focus is on the suffering that actual violence causes. Most violence is not shown fully, focusing on the characters’ responses.

Girl Lost (2016)

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Director- Robin Bain 

Genre- Drama 

Where to watch – RealChill, Filmzie, Prime Video

A teenage girl must find a method to make money in Los Angeles to support herself and her mother, a sexy escort who is nearing the end of her career. The casting of other roles is less convincing. 

It is impossible to find a drug-addicted mother who is in a position where she must groom her daughter for clients and who resembles the stunning, toned, and tanned actress who performed the part. The narrative serves as a warning. 

Extremely realistic and graphic, this film is. The movie is dramatic, dark, sorrowful, true, and serious.

American Made (2017)

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Director-  Doug Liman

Genre- Action Comedy 

Where to watch – Spectrum TV, Prime Video, Vudu

The Tale of Barry Seal, an American pilot who joined the CIA in the 1980s as a cocaine courier in a covert operation that would later become known as the Iran-Contra Affair. Instead of being a thriller, the movie is presented as a satirical narrative, which leaves room for plenty of belly laughs. 

There are appearances by Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr. The movie comes alive with a tonne of 70s-era music, vehicles, scenery, and thrilling flight moments. 

But Cruise is the show’s star, giving one of his most enduring performances. 

Must see for fans of this subgenre of movies and, of course, Tom Cruise fans!

Simply put, American Made is a fantastic, enjoyable, and enjoyable action movie. It is humorous, which is not something you anticipate from biopics. 

Along with its excellent action sequences, cinematography, and humorous scenes, the film also has a tight narrative, razor-sharp editing, and much more that should be experienced rather than simply described.

Celda 211 (2009)

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Director – Daniel Monzón

Genre – Prison

Where to watch – MX Player

The narrative of two men on opposing sides of a prison riot: the convict is leading the uprising, and the young guard gets caught up in it and pretends to be a prisoner to survive the situation.

Eight Goya Awards-the Spanish Oscars-were given to the movie this year. They’re due for them.

It works well as a thriller but also depicts a man undergoing the painful process of altering his morals. A draconian criminal justice system is also criticized. It provokes thought but doesn’t preach or have a takeaway at the end.

Merantau (2009)

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Director – Gareth Evans 

Genre- Martial Arts

Where to watch –  Prime Video

To survive the slave trade, a young man from the country employs his silent martial arts talents. Fantastic fight scenes and choreography.

The story and language are fine, but the music is excellent. The art of cinematography also has its moments. In other words, excellent battle scenes and poor narrative.

The movie becomes much more exciting once the combat begins since Pencak Silat is a very violent and impressive discipline. Iko Uwais makes the most of Ruhian’s incredible action choreography.

Scarface (1983)

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Director- Brian De Palma

Genre- Mafia

Where to watch –  Peacock TV, ROW8, Prime Video

Scarface is a fantastic film with superb acting, filming, and outstanding writing. Al Pacino is playing the infamous Scarface, an incredible casting piece.

Although the movie is a masterpiece in and of itself, except for David Fincher’s Fight Club, it does have specific problems. 

The main problem with the film might be its 2 hours and 49 minutes length, which could cause some extra sequences that don’t add to the story or have little to do with it.

The movie is entertaining, and it has a happy conclusion.

 This Al Pacino masterpiece will undoubtedly appeal to everyone who likes movies about crime and drug drama. An essential movie.

Blood Diamond (2006)

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Director- Edward Zwick 

Genre –  political war action thriller 

Where to watch – Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu

Blood Diamond is a fascinating and dynamic look at the gritty realities of the diamond trade in Sierra Leone. 

The government’s complacency, the rebels’ recklessness, and the greed of international organizations involved in the lucrative diamond trade have set the nation ablaze. 

As Diamond Smuggler Danny Archer learns about the massive diamond, the plot thickens further. 

Following his release from prison, Danny entices Solomon into a bargain in which Solomon would participate equally in the diamond’s proceeds in exchange for Danny helping him locate his family. 

Solomon joins Danny in this difficult and daring search for his family and Diamond, albeit grudgingly. 

Leo’s portrayal of a smuggler captured the frivolity admirably, if not in an extraordinary way. Djimon did a fantastic job acting.

Featured Image Source: IMDb

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