20 Best Movies For Teenage Girls 

If you have planned to make your night exciting and entertaining, you can watch these Teenage Girls movies, as they will make you feel like a teen-sy drama queen.

Movies focused on teenage girls are mostly about friendship, teen angst, relationships, and all the drama that goes around.  

Teenage girl movies are kinds of movies usually filled with sex scenes, crude jokes, sexual references, comic violence, and many more.

Here are some of the best movies for teenage girls you will like to watch with your friends.

She’s the Man

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Director Name: Andy Fickman

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a teenage girl named Viola Hastings, who is an expert in playing soccer. Viola’s dream was to play for the North Carolina Tar Heels.

She had a twin brother named Sebastian, who involved himself in Illyria boarding school. Sebastian convinces her sister that she should join the boy’s team so that she can prove her coach and ex-boyfriend Justin. 

Ladies can also play soccer very well. Paul, a makeup artist, transformed Viola into Sebastian so she could attend Illyria.

When she starts moving in, she meets her classmate Duke Orsimo, a great soccer player and team member of Illyria. In the beginning, Viola didn’t impress his coach Dinklage as she could not play well. 

All her team members, including Duke, started hating Sebastian as his behavior was very awkward. Later, Sebastian became famous, and she got a beautiful lab partner named Olivia Lennox, which frustrated Duke as she had strong feelings for her. 

At Carnival, she made her volunteer, where Viola works at the kissing booth. Later on, she kisses Duke as she likes him.

Olivia has a secret crush on Sebastian and asks Duke to go on a date where Sebastian feels jealous. As Olivia has strong feelings, she confesses her love and kisses him. 

Mean Girls

Image Source: Insider

Director Name: Mark Waters

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a sixteen-year-old girl named Cady Her and her family going to the United States after twelve years in Africa.

Later on, Cady becomes friends with Janis Lan and Damian Leigh, who warn them to avoid using Plastics. Later on, Cady comes close to Aaron Samuels as he is a senior in her class. 

His ex-boyfriend Regina came to know about Burn Book as it was full of cruel students and teachers. Later, Regina tries to talk with Aaron but kisses him so they can start a new relationship. Cady feels very betrayed, and he decides to spoil Regina’s image. 

Later, Regina informs Cady that she and Jain once had a good relationship. But Janis confessed herself as a lesbian and cursed her. After some days, Cady organizes a party at her home, where he gets drunk. 

But Cady blames Janis for being in love with her, and Janis says that she was using her. This movie is based on a teenage girl as you can watch with your loved one. 

White Chicks

Image Source: CS

Director Name: Keene Ivory Wayans

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Marcus Anthony II and Kevin Copeland, who were FBI agents and were assigned to catch a drug peddler as he was selling his drug disguised as ice cream. But their plan didn’t succeed as an honest ice cream sales executive showed the drugs

Later, Kevin lost control of the car and met with an accident where her sister suffered several injuries. As Kevin was afraid he might lose his job, he started frightening the girls to stay at the hotel. 

Here Kevin became Brittany, and Marcus became Tiffany and joined themselves in her sister’s group, Lisa Anderson, Tori Willson, and Karen Googlestein. You can see many twists in this movie. 

One day at an annual charity party, Latrell gets a chance to have a dimmer date with Marcus, where Kevin has to pretend to be innocent as he hears that she likes rich men. Later, the original Brittany and Tiffany tell the truth about Kevin and Marcus so that audiences understand them. 

John Tucker Must Die

Image Source: J-14

Director Name: Betty Thomas 

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a teenage girl named Kate Spencer. She used to live with her mother, Lori, in Portland. Kate used to work as a waitress.

While doing her job, she notices a famous boy, John Tucker, who has come to date three girls: Carrie, Heather, and Beth. 

Kate also learned that John dates girls from different schools, so they don’t know anything about each other. John also convinces these girls to keep their relationship secret by saying that his father makes a strict watch on him during basketball matches. 

However, all three girls came to know about John’s truth and ended their relationship. Later, these girls decide to take revenge on John with the help of Kate.

After some days, Kate became friends with John’s brother Scott. All these girls have tried to take revenge on John but always fail. 

Later, Beth starts realizing that Kate has feelings for John. However, Carrie secretly records the conversation with John, begging in front of his friends in the locker room. After seeing the situation of John, Kate cancels the plan to take revenge. 

Wild Child

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name: Nick More 

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a teenager named Malibu, who is very rich and tries to execute a dangerous prank on his widowed father’s girlfriend’s belongings.

As soon as her father Gerry comes home, he sees the scene and decides to send her to boarding school in England. 

The school’s principal Mts welcomed Malibu. Kingsley and head girl, Harriet Bentley. On the other hand, Harriet has betrayed Poppy due to his rude behavior.

Poppy had a bad habit of spending nights with four girls as, Kate, Josie, Kiki, and Jennifer. As she had a bad attitude, she got herself in trouble when she started insulting Matron. 

Later on, all were punished. When Kate knows the truth about Poppy’s mother’s death, she is just eleven years old and tries to console her.

On the other hand, Ruby was having sex with Poppy’s boyfriend, Roddy. This movie has many twists and turns and shows the difficulties faced by a girl in real life. 

The next day, Poppy finds her hidden talent and makes her team win. She also learns that she is falling in love with Freddie, and they kiss each other. They both shared a special bond before returning to school.

The Hot Chick

Image Source: SFGATE

Director Name: Tom Brady

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Abyssinian Castle, where a princess uses a pair of unique earnings to save herself from an arranged marriage with a poor girl.

When both women wore earnings, their bodies disappeared, but their minds remained in the same place. 

Here Jessica Spencer was a gorgeous woman but highly greedy, like Hot Chick. She had many friends, such as April, Keecia, and Lulu.

Among them, April was the closest friend of Jessica. One day Jessica finds earnings in an African store, but there she comes to know these earnings are not for sale. 

Later on, she decided to steal the earnings. After some days, a tiny thief named Clive Maxtone tries to rob a nearby gas station; at the same time, Jessica and her friends are present and mistake him for an employee of the gas station. Jessica, by mistake, drops her earnings, and Clive picks up the earnings. 

As Jessica and Clive wore these earnings the following day, they transferred each other’s bodies. This moment was very challenging for Jessica as she had to participate in a school prom competition. 

A Cinderella Story

Image Source: MUBI

Director Name: Mark Rosman

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Samantha Montgomery, raised by her father, Hal. Hal was the owner of a hotel in San Fernando Valley.

Unfortunately, Hal dies in 1964 without making the will as Sam had a selfish stepmother, Fiona; she was ready to take everything. 

After eighteen years, Sam was tortured by Fiona and her twin daughters Brianna and Gabriella as they were facing a drought. Sam has a childhood friend Carter, a hardworking actor bullied by a popular clique at this school. Later on, Sam decides to meet Nomad at the school. 

At the same time, Austin decided to break up with Shelby. However, Sam refuses to dance at the party, but Rhonda gives her a mask and wedding dress in which she looks like Cinderella.

On the other hand, Austin is dressed as Prince and says to Sam that he is Nomad, but due to the mask, he isn’t recognized. They both danced to a romantic song. 

Freaky Friday

Image Source: DM

Director Name: Mark Waters 

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with an attractive teenage girl named Anna Coleman, who used to live with her widowed mother, Tees, and her younger brother Harry.

Tess was going to marry her fiance, Ryan. Tess was not ready for the marriage as she had not moved from her biological father’s death. She used to love her father a lot. 

Anna’s English teacher, Elton Bates, behaves rudely as he always gives her an F in her assignment even if she has done very well.

Also, her best friend became a nemesis and tried to bully her in school. She was not happy with her life as there was no one to understand her pain. In between, Anna has a secret crush on her staff member Jake. 

The next day, Anna and Tees wake up and realize they have been transformed into each other’s bodies.

Later, Anna(Tees) goes to school and starts experiencing her daughter’s situation. She also experienced bullying from her classmates, and her teacher Mr. Bates was not treating her well. 

Legally Blonde

Image Source: UCDS

Director Name: Robert Luketic

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a fashion merchandising and sincere girl Elle Woods. One day Ellie was taken to a costly hotel by her boyfriend, Warner Huntington.

Ellie was expecting he would propose to her, but he broke up with her. Warner wants a girl who can become a successful politician, but Ellie is not serious about her life. 

Elle still thinks that one day she will bring Warner back into her life by showing her capabilities so that she can also achieve the same things.

After studying at Harvard Law School, Elle scored 179 points with a 4.0 GPA. Elle also changed her personality to make new friends in Law school. 

Later, she meets Warner, but till then, he is engaged to his old girlfriend, Vivian Kensington. Vivian always thinks that Elle is a fool. Elle also confesses to Warner that she was willing to apply for a professional internship but is wasting her time as she is not sincere.

Elle came to know that Warner was not going back to her life. She takes it as a motivation to start working hard to prove herself best. 

The Princess Diaries

Image Source: Shondaland

Director Name: Garry Marshall

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Mia Thermopolis, a Grove High School student. Mia lived with her widowed mother, Helen, at an old house in San Francisco.

Mia was not famous in school, so she was afraid to speak in front of the public, but she had a secret crush on Josh Bryant. Later on, she was teased by his famous girlfriend, Lana Thomas. 

Mia’s best friend was Lilly Moscovitz, and Michael, Lilly’s brother, knew her feelings. Later, Mia learns from her grandmother Clarisse that she is the heir to the European kingdom of Genovia. Clarisse determines Mia is a princess, and one day, she will rule the kingdom. 

Mia doesn’t accept the proposal as she wants permission from her mother, Helen.

Later, Mia does a fabulous makeover by Joe, who has become a father. Due to her transformation, she was treated differently in school, but her relationship started draining with her friend Lilly. 

The House Bunny

Image Source: SF

Director Name: Fred Wolf

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Shelley Darlington, a playboy who likes to live in Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner.

After her 27th birthday, she finds a note from Hugh Hefner asking her to leave the house. Later, she learned that this letter was written by her jealous rival Playmate, Cassandra. 

Shelly saw a group of beautiful girls; it reminded them of herself. She started following them and saw them living luxurious life.

They were Phi Lota Mu sorority, and she could not join them because she was not a student. She also tried to become a house mother but got rejected. 

Shelley decided to make her way to enter the Zeta Alpha Zeta house as she wanted to love luxurious life like them. The members of Zeta’s house are socialists, awkward and greedy, and Shelly’s nature for soft, which makes them reject her. 

As time passes, Shelly meets with an altruistic boy named Oliver, who used to work at a retirement house. 

Never Been Kissed

Image Source: SPR

Director Name: Raja Gosnell

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a twenty-five-year-old girl named Josie Geller, an editor for Chicago Sun-Times.

Josie was not having a serious relationship as everyone used to cheat on her. One fine day her editor, Mr. Rigfort, says she will report as an undercover at school to help parents unaware of their child’s living. 

Josie’s first day was very challenging at the school. Josie tells the Greek person that it was a bad experience in high school.

She also fights with famous girls, Kirsten, Gibby, and Kristin. Guy Perkins was one of the most attractive students at the school. 

Later, Josie was not feeling well, but she met with a kind-hearted girl named Aldys, and they both became friends.

Aldy invites Josie to join the intelligent group. After some time, Josie started liking her English teacher Sam Coulson and became a brilliant student. 

Love wrecked

Image Source: PV

Director Name: Randal Kleiser

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Jennifer Taylor, who falls in love with Jason Masters. Jason was a famous rock star, but she could not meet him because her nemesis, Alexis, threatened her.

Jennifer never lost hope as she took a second chance and started working at Master’s favorite Caribbean resort. 

Jennifer got this job from her childhood friend Ryan. One day, Jennifer learned that Jason was washed overboard; without thinking, she jumped into the water to save him.

Later, Jennifer finds they have reached a short-distance island from the resort. Jennifer makes Jason believe she is with him so he can fall in love with her. 

Later on, Ryan tries to help Jennifer by providing supplies. When Alexis learned about Jennifer’s plan, she started behaving like marooned. As Ryan is helping Jennifer, he also wants Jason to fall in love with her. 

When Ryan knows the storm will hit the island where Jennifer is, he decides to save her. As soon as the storm builds, Jennifer cannot come out of the car, and Ryan returns to save her as the car is just about to fall. 

Ice Princess

Image Source: DM

Director Name: Tim Fywell

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Casey Carlyle, an intelligent and sincere science student studying at Harvard University.

If she wants a scholarship at Harvard University, she must present a personal summer project related to physics. Later, she decided to watch a skating competition with her close friend Ann. 

Suddenly, Casey realized that her childhood hobby could be the best project. Then she decided to work on her skating with the help of physics, and she used to watch others to get some ideas. After some time, Casey becomes capable of becoming a junior skater. 

She also helped their junior skaters, Gennifer Harwood, and Nikki Fletcher, learn better skating using her computer’s algorithms. Due to skating, Casey could not focus on her part-time job as she juggled her projects and dream. 

Casey’s mother, Joan Carlyle, stopped her daughter from skating because her academic performance was weak. Due to this, tension takes place between Joan and her coach Tina Harwood. Tina managed everything efficiently, wanting Casey to become a successful skater. 

She’s All That

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Director Name: Robert Iscove

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a young man named Zack Siler at his campus at California high school.

When Zack returns from vacation, he finds that his girlfriend Taylor is cheating on him with TV star Brock. After Zack and Taylor break up, Zack later convinces himself that he can find another girl. 

But Zack’s best friend Dean is not happy with his decision and slaps Zack to date any girl from school within one month.

However, Zack accepts Dean’s proposal and finds Laney Boggs; she is an awkward and disobedient art student. As Zack was not feeling comfortable with her, he had no choice. 

Later on, Zack tries to be friends with Laney, but she doesn’t give any response. If Zack asked her to help with the related art, only she would answer.

Laney is impressed by Zack but doesn’t accept the proposal as he uses her. Zack also showed Laney his house so she could trust him. 

Laney fell in love with Zack as the days passed, and they both shared a beautiful relationship. One can watch She’s All That movie with their loved ones to make their night more horny and exciting as it’s based on teenage girls. 

It’s a Boy Girl’s Thing

Image Source: Netflix

Director Name: Nick Hurran

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Woody Deane and Nell Bedworth, who were neighbors and best friends as they have completed high school together but are different.

However, Woody was a famous football player, while Nell was a girl who loved to study literature. 

As they were different from each other, they had constant disputes. One fine day their school went on a picnic at a museum, and they were forced to work together on a particular project. They were both unprepared to work together but had no other option. 

Later, Nicky started dating Nell, and rumors started spreading all over the school. But when Nell came to know about this, she was distraught.

However, seeing Nell’s situation, Woody decides to talk with Nicky as Nell cannot fight with Nicky, so she decides to stay silent. 

Bring It On

Image Source: Insider

Director Name: Peyton Reed

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a Cheerleader named Torrance Shipman, a senior at Rancho high school.

Torrance’s boyfriend Aaron was studying at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Later, Torrance gets selected for the captain, as a successful predecessor replaces him. 

As a captain, Torrance was responsible for taking care of their team members, but Carver got injured and could not play. Later, Torrance tells Toros about the team’s outline so they can use it to win. 

Bring It On can be the best teenage movie as one can watch it with their life partner or office colleagues to make their mind fresh.

This movie shows the route line from a rival squad and gives time to complete the annual championship. 

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