20 Best Asian Movies To Watch

Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

We couldn’t agree more with Director Bong Joon Ho. We have so many amazing movies to watch if we just agree to pass the barrier of subtitles.

Also, we recommend you to watch movies in their language instead of dubbing. Not just you get a better understanding, but you can relate with characters and stories more. And in bonus, you will also learn a new language!

So, Quarantine already exceeds, and we guess many of you already binge-watch famous movies and series. And now you must be feeling like nothing to watch anymore, right? Wrong!  Why not use this time to explore more in Asian movies?

For your help, we am adding some of our favourites in this given list.  These Asian films we chose randomly, covering different genres. You can try whatever you feel like watching.

Be with You (South Korea)

 Image Source: Resonate

Before passing away, Soo Ah promises her husband that she will be back after one year on a rainy day. As she promised,  Soo Ah came back but without any memories of her family and husband.

Genre- Romance, Melodrama,  Fantasy

Why watch –  Honestly, I avoid watching Melodramas. But this one is beautifully written. The cast did well, especially Kim Ji Hwan, who played the role of Soo Ah’s son.  The movie is heartwarming with a refreshing storyline with light humor.

Where to Watch – Netflix

Forgotten (South Korea)

 Image source: Heavenofhorror

Yoo Seok gets kidnapped but came back after 19 days with no memories of what happened.  Jin Seok, Yoo Seok’s younger brother who always admired and consider his brother as the perfect start to behave strangely suddenly.

Genre – Thriller, Mystery

Why watch –  One of my most favorite that I recommend if you love thrillers. This movie has a whole new concept, and you will feel like you figured it out, But BOOM! The director has prepared another surprise for you.

Where to watch – Netflix

Hear me (Taiwan)

 Image source: Pinterest

Two deaf sister shares a strong and beautiful bond.  The older sister prepares for Deaflympics, and her sisters decide to support her. A young food delivery boy starts to take an interest in younger sister. But when she realizes how her love life is effecting the older sister. She decides to break up with the guy.

Genre- Romance, Sports, Life

Why Watch–  Great story which will take you to the world of people who are hearing impaired. As I thought it would be emotional and dramatic, surprisingly, the movie turned out really balanced.  The story is cute, simple, and optimistic.

Where to watch – Netflix

My Teacher, My Love (Japan)

 Image source: Asianwiki.com

Samara Ayuha, a high school student, meet Hiromitsu Yoshitaka, who helps her out in a restaurant. The next day, She saw him again, but this time he is a substitute teacher, replacing her ill teacher. Ayuha, who is determined to tell him about her feelings, Hiromistu tries his best to avoid her.

Genre – School, Romance, Comedy

Why watch–  The FL here is more than just overdramatic. She breaks the whole idea that you usually see in dramas and movies. She is too loud and way too expressive. Also, don’t worry about ‘Taboo’ romance. You will understand it in the end.

Where to watch – Dramacool

The Thieves (South Korea)

 Image source: Soompi.com

The group of people with their unique talents decide to rob a diamond, which costs $20 million.  But they all have their own personal plans and motives.

Genre- Action, Comedy, Crime

Why watch-  I am a big fan of  Jun Ji Hyun. So that’s how I started to watch this movie. But in the end, I was surprised by the twist and turns. Unlike any heist movies, This one will shock you when you are least expecting

Where to watch–  Netflix

The Host  (South Korea)

 Image source: EmpireOnline.com

A lizard shape monster, developed because of toxic chemical dumping appears in Seoul’s Han River. The mutant monster attacks the people and kill hundreds out of them. But before going back, the monster takes the snack bar owner’s daughter with him.

Genre – Horror, comedy

Why watch – Because Bong Joon Ho directs this. Duh!

Where to watch – Amazon Prime, Netflix

Monster Hunt (China)

 Image source: Awn.com

Tian Yin gets impregnated accidentally, and he has a demon king in his stomach.  Xiao Lan decides to protect him from everyone who is trying to get the baby monster. But she has hidden motives as she wants to sell the demon king for good money.

Genre- Comedy, Fantasy, Historical

Why watch– Don’t use logic too much and enjoy the cute, funny and newborn monster’s journey

Where to watch– Netflix, Youtube

Memories of Murder  (South Korea)

 Image source: Sgiff.com

A big-city cop decides to help a cop from a small town.  They discover a body of dead women who were raped and gagged with her underwear.  The cops choose to use the brutal way to get anything from the suspects to find the serial killer.

Genre-  Thriller,  Drama, Mystery

Why watch – If you want more ‘Bong Joon ho’ movies because Parasite was not enough. This is for you, my friend.

Where to watch- Netflix

Spellbound (South Korea)

 Image source: Geeknama.com

A street magician meets a girl who can see ghosts. He asked her to join his team. But soon, he gets to know why she always hides and lives alone.

Genre- Horror, Comedy, Romance

Why watch– Breaking the cliches, the story is cute and funny. However, the pace is a bit slow, but it’s a refreshing story to watch

Where to watch – Viki,  Viu

The Dude In Me ( South Korea)

 Image source: Thecatthatwatchestv

Things go south when a criminal organization’s member and a teenage high school boy accidentally swipe their soul.

Genre-  Action, Fantasy, Comedy

Why watch – One of the funniest soul swapping with fast space and action-packed story!

Where to watch – Viki,  Netflix

The Handmaiden (South Korea)

 Image source: RadiantCircus.com

A Korean con takes help from pickpocket women to seduce rich Japanese women. Everything goes as per the plan, but things turn when hidden emotions start to discover

Genre-  Thriller,  Drama, Mature

Why watch-  There is nudity. Apart from that, the story is gripping and dark.  Showing the different shade of romance with an artful and thrilling way.

where to watch- Prime Video

Warewolf Boy (South Korea)

 Image source: Loveindonesia.com

A young girl finds a strange boy who acts like a wolf.  Out of pity, she decides to help him. She starts to train him to act like a human. Whereas the boy starts to feel emotions for her.

Genre – Romance, Mystery, Drama

Why watch – If you want to see more couples like Tarzan and Jane, You can try watching this.

Where to watch – Viki, Viu

In Human Kiss (Thailand)

 Image source: TheWrap.com

Sai is an innocent teenage girl who inherits the curse of Krause.  Because of the curse, her head detached from her body at night and started the hunt where she eats the human’ flesh.

Genre – Horror, Romance, Thriller

Why watch – To be very honest,  I thought this movie is horror, and it is, but the romance tag is a complete game-changer. Watch the film if you think hunting ghosts are always evil.

Where to watch – Netflix

The Beauty Inside (South Korea)

 Image source: Koreandramaland.com

A girl falls in love with a man who keeps changing his body, nationality, age, and even gender every single day magically.

Genre- Romance, drama

Why watch –  Well, the first Korean film I watched and absolutely loved it.  Try it if you like to watch romcom with a fantasy touch!

Where to watch– Netflix

Like Father, Like Son (Japan)

 Image source: Asianwiki.com

A father receives a call from a hospital after six years, saying that his son was switched at birth.  The one he is raising is not his biological son, and he has to choose between two sons.

Genre- Life, Drama

Why watch-  This one is a beautifully written and acted movie. This story is about what you will do if you are in the same situation, how right it would be or how wrong you are ready to go?

Where to watch– Amazon Prime

The Teacher’s Diary (Thailand)

 Image source: Festival.org

A washed-up wrestler, Song takes the job of the teacher on a houseboat. Disconnected from the world and technology, He starts to feel lonely. One day he finds out a diary, written by the previous teacher who shares the same emotions.

Genre- Romance, Drama, Life

Why watch–  If you want to watch a romantic story without any cliche. Don’t wait, just watch this one!

Where to watch – Netflix

The Crime That Binds (Japan)

 Image source: Hollywoodreporter.com

A detective starts working on a mysterious murder case of a strangled female in an apartment.  Even after going through all possible clues, the investment leads nowhere. But soon they find another clue which left the detective stunned.

Genre – Mystery, Drama

Why watch – After watching this,  I am not satisfied with the ‘detective drama movie.’ It’s more than that,  the film is deep, and the investigation will keep you on your toes.

Miss Granny (South Korea)

 Image source:Montrealgazette.com

Seventy-four years old widow Na Moon Hee feels that she is becoming a burden. One day, she visits a studio for her self portrait. After stepping outside, she finds herself in a body when she was 20 years old. Decide to use this opportunity. She starts her journey to explore life.

Genre – Comedy, Family, Music

why watch – This is a package of everything.  If you want to explore a journey with every bit of emotions, then be ready, this movie is just for you.

Where to watch–  Amazon Prime, Netflix

Tumbbad (India)

 Image source: Fantasticfest.com

Haster, A god turned monster who never get worshipped and had wealth but with a curse.  A family who is trying to get that wealth for themself but end up with horrific incidents.

Genre – Fantasy, Horror

Why watch –  Showing the selfishness and ugly side of humans.  This movie delivers the perfect blend of horror and Fantasy. It’s insane to believe how beautifully the whole film was shot. It’s just amazing! One of the unique Asian films to watch right now.

Where to watch – Prime Video

Mood for the Day (South Korea)

 Image source: Tumblr.com

A woman with conservative thought and a playboy sit next to each other on a train journey to Busan. Starting a discussion on who will change whose mind at the end.

Genre- Romance, Comedy

Why watch –  This story is is ‘Hollywoodish’ romantic comedy. It was a bit weird to watch something like this because South Korea usually have deeper takes on the romance genre. it was quite fresh and enjoyable

Where to watch–  Netflix

Closest Love To Heaven (Japan)

 Image source: Catchplay.com

A highschool girl who hides behind the bangs bullied in the past and gone through hard times. She keeps a safe distance with everyone, but she meets a handsome boy from her class.  Well, nobody knows that he is also hiding himself behind his smiling face.

Genre- Romance, Friendship, youth

Why watch– My one of the most favorite Asian films! I know the story is typical, but I loved it.  If you love watching movies with a bit of ‘A walk to remember’ touch. Then this one is for you!

Where to watch- Netflix

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