20+ best action movies on Prime Video

Action movies are the perfect combination of drama, fear, and suspense. They make the perfect escapist entertainment and a somewhat cathartic way to release pent-up emotions. 

The most watched films on DVD, VOD, and streaming services are frequently action movies. People enjoy tuning in, tuning out, and escaping while watching attractive people perform impossible feats. 

Action movies are also a fun way to get a glimpse into the possibility of what could happen in real life and how different personalities will cope with extreme circumstances. 

Here is a list of 20+ best action movies on Prime Video, that can be watched when you need a break from the daily grind. Just make sure to have your popcorn ready!


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Allied is a World War II espionage film and romance directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Steven Knight. The film stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as two assassins who fall in love during a mission.

In this intricate period drama from the author of Eastern Promises and Locke, the couple portrays a Canadian intelligence officer and a French Resistance fighter who are paired on a mission in Casablanca in 1942. It is an intelligent and seductive movie for grownups.

The second half of the film shows what happens when they are thrust back into action and discover that they must work together to defeat their common enemy. A soppy, well-acted romantic story that provides a satisfying conclusion.

The Commuter

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The Commuter is a 2018 American action thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Scott Z. Burns. The film stars Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, and Patrick Wilson. 

The plot follows a man who is targeted for murder on his daily commute, with his daughter the only one who believes he can be saved.

It is an average thriller that tries its best to stand out from the crowd with mindless violence and ridiculous plot twists.

This is an engrossing film that is better than most action movies of recent years. It is sometimes hard to watch but worth the wait for an exciting ride. It makes you think about the choices you have in life and the sacrifices that must be made.

The Expendables

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The businessman Sylvester Stallone is incredibly astute. Sly recognized that action fans in 2010 were searching for classic seedlings, and he delivered in three films, all of which are currently available on Prime Video.

The Expendables are a team of elite mercenaries tasked with a mission to overthrow a dictator and save the world.

They are a team of elite mercenaries tasked with a mission to overthrow a dictator and save the world.

This action movie has a lot of comedy and dialogue, but the action is what makes this movie shine.

Big explosions, gun fights, and hard punches highlight each scene. It is an old-fashioned adventure movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is a 2012-released American science fiction adventure film, based on the novel of Suzanne Collins of the same name. The film was directed by Gary Ross and produced by Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik.

It tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, a teenager who volunteered for her sister in a televised competition called The Hunger Games, in which only one boy and one girl must fight until death.

This movie brings together epic storytelling with intense action and a star-making performance from Jennifer Lawrence. 

It is an excellent adaptation of the novel that manages to stay close to the source material without being dull or boring.

The action is a bit of a letdown, but the story and performances are more than enough to make up for that. It still holds up because of how well the story is told and how strong the characters are and is worth a watch.

Man on Fire

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Man on Fire is a 2004 American crime drama film directed by Tony Scott, starring Denzel Washington.

The film is based on the book of the same name written by journalist David Raynes. It is an excellent action thriller with an interesting story and well-written characters that make you think about what motivates people to do things that seem incomprehensible to others. 

A retired CIA operative must track down a former associate as he seeks revenge for the murder of his son.

It is based on a true story and has some of the best action scenes that are taut, flowing, and very well-made. The gunfights are realistic and give you the feeling of being there.

It is an intense and engaging film that has you cheering for the main character and wanting the worst for his enemies.

It is an exciting ride that keeps you interested from start to finish. It is a spectacular film from Tony Scott who had been on a roll before his tragic suicide.

Once Upon a Time in the West

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Sergio Leone was a master of Western film and created more than a few classics including Once Upon A Time in The West.

This is an unmistakable western about greed, revenge, and danger with an unforgettable score by Ennio Morricone.

It has everything a good movie needs, including strong characters, great dialogue, compelling situations, and an amazing performance from Charles Bronson.

They capture a moment in time and transport you to a different world. This movie is one of the best examples of Westerns and definitely belongs in your Action movie list on Prime Video.

The plot follows a conflict between a ruthless criminal, the man who killed his family, and the woman who loves him.

It is very well made and does an amazing job at recreating life in the U.S during that time period. The use of music, cinematography, and costumes is top-notch and contributes to creating one of the most unique Westerns ever made.

Patriot Games

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This is a masterful thriller by director Phillip Noyce. It is based on a true story and stars Harrison Ford as Bob Dietrich, who teams up with a former marine to stop two British mercenaries from selling nuclear weapons to terrorists.

The plot highlights how the government creates problems for itself but also shows how an everyday person can rise up to play the hero. 

The U.S government hired a retired naval fighter pilot and an ex-Marine to stop two British mercenaries from selling nuclear weapons to terrorists.

It is a thrilling story that mixes action, romance, and comedy in just the right proportions to make it one of the best action movies today on Prime Video. 

The end of the film is priceless because it is so unexpected and will keep you guessing till the very end.  It is a well-written film with excellent acting which makes it worth watching more than once.


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Skyfall is the second film in the James Bond series directed by Sam Mendes. It follows 007, Agent 007 as he tries to track down and stop an evil cyberterrorist before he can attack Skyfall, MI6 headquarters.

It is a very gritty and realistic take on Bond which gives us a more personal look at the British agent, and we learn that he is just as scared as you. 

The movie has a great story, great action scenes, and a very entertaining cast. The plot involves an evil cyberterrorist who plans to takedown MI6 Operations through a virus that affects their computers.

It is an intense thriller that has some of the most realistic fighting we have ever seen but still maintains a sense of humor and fun.

This film brings together an amazing cast that includes Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Javier Bardem.

It has outstanding action, beautiful cinematography and is one of the best Bond films in the series. It is a well-made film that blends action and drama to create an astonishing story.

Source Code

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Source Code is about a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and learns he has only 8 minutes before his train explodes.

It is a great science fiction film that revolves around the question of what happens when someone finds himself living someone else’s life. 

It deals with some profound questions about life, death, and what happens when we cross that thin line between reality and fantasy.

The acting and story are well done, and the acting is good too. The action scenes in this movie are realistic but still enjoyable.

It has a lot going for it as far as characters and plot are concerned, but the movie could have been better made.

This film has a lot of weaknesses and could have been much better than it was because it was rushed to come out after most of the actors had finished shooting. 

Source Code is based on action and mystery. It has some of the best cinematography and visuals. The story touches on some very heavy topics like death, bravery, terror, and destiny.


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Stagecoach is a classic western starring John Wayne. It is one of the best westerns ever created and has one of the most memorable gunfights ever put on film.

It is a very well-made film that combines action, humor, drama, and romance all in an unforgettable package. 

It features a unique story at its heart as it follows the exploits of two strong men as they travel across the Old West to deliver a message to their families in town without being caught by bandits or natives.

This film has great action scenes, wonderful dialog and is an excellent example of how Hollywood used to make movies.

The plot involves two men traveling across the American West in the 1860s to deliver a message to their families. It is a very well-crafted story that will keep you on the edge of your seat right till the end.

This is a film that takes place in the near future and has a very realistic look at everything. It is an excellent science fiction film that shows us how technology and medicine have progressed. 

The Transporter

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The Transporter is an action film about Frank Martin, who has to deliver an assignment in under two hours in order to save his son from the Russian mob.

The film has incredible action scenes, in which he fights off multiple enemies and chases them while they drive around. This movie is one of the best examples of the Fast & Furious series

The plot involves Frank Martin, who is a professional driver who delivers packages across Europe and America. He gets hired by the Russian mob to transport money to their hideout, but he refuses because he believes it will put his son in danger.

It is a nice action film that has good acting, a great plot, and is well-made. The story involves Frank Martin who goes around the world taking his own brand of justice to criminals who want to hire him for his services.

The plot also involves his family as he tries to be both a hero and save them from harm at the same time. 

Wrath of Man

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Wrath of Man is one of the best action films that has a realistic feel to it. The acting and story are well-developed and very believable.

It has great action scenes, which involve several high-speed chases in different cars but still maintain a sense of realism to them.

It involves an assassin as he tries to stop the murderous rampage by a man who is trying to use biological weapons on other people including animals and humans.

He is also trying to cause major problems for people in the process so he can create his own army for the future war in which he will rule over them all.

The plot follows a man who tries to stop these deadly weapons from reaching those that could be used against him and others.

This film is an excellent example of what science fiction can be and is one of the best action films out there.

The plot involves a man who uses his skills as an assassin to protect those around him from being killed because of the weapons he has.

It is a very well-done movie with a great cast that includes Guy Ritchie, Joseph Fiennes, Jason Flemyng, and Paula Patton who are amazing in this flick.

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