15+ Top Best Recommendations After Watching Netflix Hit ‘The Business Proposal.’

Netflix’s The Business Proposal not just became popular, but the romcom office krama made people believe that cliche tropes can be hit as well. 

A light-hearted script, breathtaking cast, and comedy made this kdrama everyone’s favorite.

To those who loved The Business Proposal, don’t feel disheartened that the drama ended; there are more to consider in this list. This recommendation will give you a similar vibe and help you in coping with the withdrawal of this kdrama. 

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? 

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young starrer kdrama have quite similarities, such as child room trauma, office romance, self-obsessed CEO, and great chemistry between leads. 

Park Seo Joon plays the vice chairman, who has a narcissistic personality. Park Min Young plays the character of a perfect secretary who is tired of doing the job and dealing with her boss. 

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Dali And The Cocky Prince

One of the exciting males leads in kdrama that do have a narcissistic personality. However, he is pure and adorable. Dali and The Cocky Prince is a must-watch. 

Also, this drama can be fun to watch for those who are into art galleries. The story is about Heirless, who is struggling after her father’s death, and to protect her art gallery business, she takes help from a self-made chaebol. 

Similar to The Business Proposal, the start of their relationship is quite rocky. However, soon they fall head over heels for each other. 

Dali and The Cocky Prince
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Her Private Life

Another kdrama with office romance, childhood trauma and secret life. Deok Mi is perfect in what she does, but she lives a private life where she is a huge fangirl.

A new art director where she works, Ryan, falls in love with her. However, he is also hiding the trauma that made him stop doing his painting even though he is an unknown painter. 

Her Private Life
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Coffee Prince

Classic kdrama that should be on your watch list. This drama is similar in terms of mistaken identity and romance at the workplace. 

The story is about Choi Han Kyul, the grandson of Chairwon Bang, who is running a successful coffee business. She is obsessed with his grandson and wants to find someone who can love him. 

Choi Han Kyul is still stuck with his first love and ruining his life. To keep his life on track, she asks him to turn an almost failed coffee shop into a success to be the rightful owner of their business. 

He accepts the challenge to save himself from blind dates. He asks help, Eun Chan, to be his gay lover, not knowing that she is a girl who is hiding her identity in order to work. 

Coffee Prince
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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Probably one of the cutest romance stories you can get, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is perfect for trying after watching The Business Proposal.

This romantic comedy has the CEO of gaming company Ahn Min Hyuk who is rich, handsome and quirky. To protect his life from gangsters, he hires a bodyguard, Do Bong Soon. Despite having a cute and petite look, she is gifted with strength and power.

The show has on-point comedy and adorable office romance. With a heartwarming plotline, this kdrama has one of the best chemistry between leads. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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Noble My love 

Kang Hoon is a conceited CEO with handsome looks but an overbearing personality. He gets kidnapped but somehow escapes. However, he ends up bleeding after an attack. Yoon Seo is a veterinarian who finds him in front of her animal hospital and decides to help him out.

To pay her back, Kang Hoon does everything but to do so, he starts to get more and more possessive toward her. 

The romcom has a dashing hero and adorable heroine. With only 15 minute runtime per episode, it’s ideal for watching if you are not in the mood to watch long episodes. 

Noble My Love 
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The Secret Life Of My Secretary 

Do Min Ik is a perfectionist and Chief of Team 1 at the company T&T Mobile media. He always depends on his secretary Jung Gal Hee who is hot-tempered.

However, unnoticed and underappreciated, she gets kicked out of her job one day as her contract ends with the company. Do Min gets into an accident, leaving him suffering from face blindness. Except for his secretary, he couldn’t see anyone’s face, which made her return to her job. 

The Secret Life of My Secretary 
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Something About 1 Percent

Lee Jae In is wealthy, smart and has everything anyone could want. But his arrogant personality makes him unbearable. 

To humble him, his grandfather put a condition to inherit the family properties and business. And this, he has to get married to Kim Da Hyun.

Kim Da Hyun has a polar opposite personality; she is a school teacher with the sweetest personality.

Similar to The Business Proposal, both female leads are sweet yet sassy and strong. And that’s what made male leads fall for them. 

Something About 1 Percent
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Marriage Not Dating 

Gong Ki Tae is a successful, wealthy plastic surgeon who is not into getting married. 

Due to his family begging him to get married, he brings Joo Jang Mi to meet them as his girlfriend. Marriage Not Dating is an interesting watch, from fake contracted relationships to actually falling in love with each other. 

Marriage Not Dating 
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Touch Your Heart

To all those Goblin fans who wanted to watch more of  Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, Touch Your Heart is the perfect rom-com.

Oh, Yoon Seo is a beautiful and famous actress. However, her acting skills are not upto the mark.

After getting into a scandal with drugs, her career gets affected. In order to revive herself back, she decides to come back with a fantastic drama series written by a famous screenwriter. 

In order to do so, she has to work as a secretary in a law firm to make her character genuine. To gain experience, she starts working in a company for a while, where she meets Kwon Jung Rok, an arrogant and cold-hearted personality. 

Touch Your Heart
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Rich Man, Poor Woman

Hyung Toru is a wealthy man, but he is suffering from prosopagnosia. He is always in doubt of others as he suspects people approach him only for his money. 

He met Sawaki Chihiro, who started to work for him under an unexpected occurrence. Sawaki is kind and sweet, which makes Toru’s heart flutter.

There is a Korean adaptation of this Japanese drama with the same name that you can also try. 

Rich Man, Poor Woman
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Perfect And Casua

If you are in the mood for a Chinese drama but want to watch something sweet. Perfect and Casual are on your list. 

Zhang Si Nian is known as a male god; he is a professor with a cold and icy personality. 

He met Yun Shu, who is calm and sunny, and also his student. After a few meetings and under some conditions, they decide to engage in a contractual marriage. 

As time goes by,  they fall in love with each other and improve what they lack. 

Perfect and Casual 
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My Girlfriend Is An Alien 

Another Chinese drama that you can consider, Chai Xiao Qi, is about an alien who landed on earth after an incident. She met Fang Leng, an overbearing boss suffering from heterogenous amnesia. 

The romantic but hilarious story makes the drama perfect if you want something sweet yet crazy. 

My Girlfriend Is an Alien 
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Jugglers is an office rom-com similar in some terms to The Business Proposal. Both have a sweet storyline with supporting yet overbearing bosses. 

Jwa Yoon Yi is an obedient secretary who supports her boss Nam Chi Won. 

Nam Chi Won is completely not interested in others and has no consideration. 

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Secret Garden 

One of the classic kdrama in history when it comes to overbearing CEOs, Secret Garden is about body swapping between arrogant eccentric CEOs and poor but humble stuntwomen. 

Kim Joo Won is obsessed with keeping his perfect image. Gil Ra Im is poor. However, she has beauty and a body that makes top actresses envious.

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Suspicious Partner

Noh Ji Wook is an intelligent and brainiac persecutor; he met Eun Bong Hee, who had just started as a rookie in the Justice Department. 

She finds herself in a situation where she gets falsely accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend. Ji Wook risked his career to protect her but ended up getting demoted. 

With the perfect balance of suspense, this rom-com makes an ideal watch when you are looking for something similar to The Business Proposal but a bit different at the same time. 

Suspicious Partner
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Crazy Love 

No Go Jin is a popular instructor in mathematics and CEO of GOTOP education. Having the perfect looks, successful and ideal man. With that, he is narcissistic, and one day he gets warned to get murdered. 

Lee Shin A works as his secretary; she is diligent and responsible. Due to her introverted and quiet personality, she has no personality presence.

Her doctor says that she is going to die soon. Getting tired of all these things, she decides to get revenge on her boss, who made her life hell.

Crazy Love 
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