15 Thriller Movies On Netflix That You Should Watch Right Now 

Thriller is one of the genres that can suck you in with its gripping suspense and battle against the odds.

A Lot of times, it crosses the genre like science fiction and horror, alternating between gleeful implausibility and gritty realism. 

No matter what you are looking for, Netflix might already have it. The streaming platform offers a wide range of the best thriller movies that everyone should try, especially if it’s their favorite genre. 

And here is the list of some best thriller movies you can find on Netflix. 

Bad Genius 

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The movie is a perfect combination of heist and academic twist. The story focuses on Lynn, a bright high school student from a low-income family background.

She gives test answers for free, so it can help her friends who are struggling. But soon, she winds up in a whole new world. 

This Thailand movie is an ideal watch if you are in the mood to watch a thriller. The stakes are high, and the plan to take cheating to another level is an exciting watch. 


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The film is a brilliant high-octane action thriller directed and written by Jermy Rush. 

The movie centers around the character who works for a criminal gang as a getaway driver.

After a bank heist, he gets betrayed by his contact and ends up putting his ex-wife and daughter in danger.  

Not only does he have to find a way to protect his family but also himself from the gang who are chasing him to get their hands on money hidden in the car. 


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The psychiatrist’s job is no doubt challenging. Not they have to dig deeper to access the subject’s mind and bring out their thoughts hidden,

The film focuses on Dr. Jane Mathis, a psychiatrist. She had PTSD when one of her patients tried to suicide by attacking her at home.

On another side, Jane meets Alex, who needs her help. He witnessed an accident and lost his daughter. 

This movie is a must-watch for those who enjoy the build-up and need proper closure. 

Secret Obsession 

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The Netflix original Secret Obsession deals with a situation where a woman finds that she lost her memories after meeting with an accident.

The woman, Jennifer, has no memories about anything, including who their friends are, where she works, and even doesn’t remember her husband.

Russell, Jennifer’s husband, seems to be a sweet and devoted husband ready to take care of his wife and bring her memories back. 

But as the story progresses, Russell might not be who he claims to be and have something related to Jennifer’s memory loss. 

The powerful performance makes the movie a pretty entertaining and enjoyable thriller. 

Hold The Dark 

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The movie was directed by Jermy Saulnier and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Netflix picked the movie for distribution after that.

The film focuses on Russell Core, a renowned scholar of wolves. He has been hired by a mother who is grieving the death of her son by a wolf. 

But is she telling the truth, or is something much more sinister in the village? Russell slowly realized that there was more than wolves killing the children and that other secrets were hidden. 

The movie is slow-paced and also depends on heavy symbolism. With that, the film has a bleak and snowy atmosphere, giving a solid vibe to the movie. 

Gerald’s Game 

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Stephen King’s adaptation and Netflix original, the movie mixes spookiness and thriller.

The story focuses on a couple, Gerald and Jessie, who want to spice up their marriage. And they choose a lake house for their weekend adventure.

Everything is taken care of, from keeping the fridge well stocked to keeping the area all alone, so no one disturbs them. 

Garland plans to play a kinky sex game with the use of handcuffs. But soon, Jessie finds herself tied to a town in a bed, where her husband is dead, and now she has to depend on her mind to stay alive and get out of this game. 

Berlin’s Syndrome 

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Berlin’s Syndrome should be on your list if you want to watch a thriller about a kidnapped female. 

The adaptation of a novel written by Melanie Joosten, the movie focuses on a tourist who gets imprisoned by her handsome teacher after they make a one-night stand. 

The story goes much deeper, showing the victim suffering in different stages and what goes inside their head. 

Bird Box 

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Sandra Bullock’s starrer movie Bird Box is one of the most popular thrillers in recent times. The story focuses on Malorie, who is forced to survive and protect her kids from supernatural forces.

These unknown creatures hold the power to make a person go insane and commit suicide. The only way to avoid them is not to look at them.

The movie broke the record Netflix and remained one of the giant’s biggest hits with streaming records in history. 

I Am All Girls 

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Starring Hlubi Mboya, Erica Wessels, and Deon Lotx, the movie is a South African thriller with a perfect blend of mystery. 

The story centers upon a relentless detective investigating the roots of a sex trafficking ring.

While she has the needed experience, the assignment is complicated to deal with alone, so she ends up teaming up with a serial killer. 

With the risk of being another victim of the serial killer, she has to expose the powerful sex trafficking and protect herself from her partner. 

The 8th Night 

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The South Korean movie, written and directed by Kim Tae Hyoung, is a mystery thriller with supernatural elements. 

Well, a long time ago, there was a demon who got killed by Buddha. His red and black eyes also get removed and sent to different places worldwide.

But, an archeologist manages to find them. Even though he did not receive any encouragement for his discovery and was mocked, he vowed to make that powerful demon come alive again. 

The Girl On The Train 

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The Bollywood movie is based on a famous novel of the same name, written by Paula Hawkins.

It’s a psychological thriller focusing on the story of Mira Kapoor, a talented young woman. She recently had a divorce and is struggling to keep her life together. 

One day, when she was coming back, she saw a perfect couple on the train. While she feels comforted and fantasizes about the ideal relationship, they had.

Her thoughts get challenged when she knows that there is something wrong with the whole story and how it involves her. 

Even though the movie has its loose screenplay here and there, the overall story is fascinating to watch.


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Even though it has predictable horror, Hush is still one of the rising suspense that gives an adrenaline rush to thriller watchers. 

The story has the balance of creating tension and frustration on another level, as it will make you scream through the screen to warn the protagonist even though she can’t hear. 

Hush focuses on the story of a writer who is deaf and all alone in her house. Not knowing there is a creepy psychopath, he is masking his face and waiting for a perfect time to kill. 


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For Ben Affleck fans, Argo should be your must-watch as it has a mix of nail-biting climax, comedy, suspense, and thriller. 

Iranian militants take control and put everyone hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran. They take 56 Americans hostage, where six somehow manage to get away.

They take refuge in Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor’s home. After two months of putting their live show online, they decide to come up with a plan where they act under the cover of Hollywood producers scouting locations for their film with his crew. 

Coming Home In The Dark 

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Coming Home In The Dark is an ideal watch for those who enjoy dark horror mixed with thriller. 

The premise focuses on two armed robbers who crash a family picnic. However, they realize that Alan is someone they know even though he is portraying an ordinary father and husband. 

And soon, the truth starts to surface when Alan has to face the cruel deed he did in the past to save his family from the robbers. 

The Gift 

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Simon and Roby seem to have a picture-perfect life until they move to Simon’s hometown. They bump into Gordo, a weirdo, in class during high school days.

Roby, however, sees herself in him and doesn’t mind his excessively friendless or awkward nature. 

Simon seems to be unnerved and has no explanation for it. But soon, Gordo starts to lash out, and Robyn starts to uncover the hidden disturbing truth and what happened between him and her husband years ago. 

The movie makes you feel discomfort in every way, giving a feeling that something is definitely not right even though everything looks perfectly fine.

The movie is perfect if you are interested in watching thrillers on Netflix. 

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