15+ Must Try Korean Remakes Of Western TV Shows 

Korean dramas are on a hike; their popularity is crossing all across the globe. 

Different countries are even coming up with their own version of Korean shows, adapting their popular ones in their language. 

But do you know there are some famous Korean remakes of western tv shows as well? Even though these are adaptations, they still have their own unique appeal.

Also, you can try these kdramas as they maintain the familiarity of your tv shows and characters. 

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area 

Remake of: Money Heist 

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area 

Money Heist is one of the most famous Spanish-language television series. The series’ popularity crossed the borders, which made South Korea come up with its own version. 

With a similar premise and character, Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area still offers something different. From their unique storyline and character building, this one focuses on North Korea and South Korea being unified and on their path of creating a new currency. 

Due to this, rich people are getting rich, whereas poor people are living much worse lives. Yoo Ji Tae, who played the role of Professional, came up with the plan for the biggest heist that has ever been seen in the country with their team. 

The World Of The Married 

Remake Of: Doctor Foster 

The World of The Married 

The British TV show Doctor Foster also has its Korean remake. The World Of The Married isn’t just the highest-rated one in the history of Korean cable television. But, the nationwide rating is 28.37%, overtaking the popularity of kdramas like Crash Landing On You And Sky Castle. 

The series focuses on Ji Sun Woo, who is a famous psychiatric doctor. Her husband is an aspiring director; from the outside, they look like a perfect family. Everything changes when her husband’s affair gets discovered with more other secrets. 

Criminal Minds

Remake of: Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

If you loved the American version of Criminal Mind, wait until you see the Korean version. 

Even though it has a similar storyline, there are different ways of portraying it. 

The drama focuses on profilers in the National Criminal Investigation Team. They get the case of a serial murder case that shook the whole nation. Along the way, they also discover some deep-rooted relationships. 

Woori The Virgin 

Remake Of: Jane The Virgin 

Woori the Virgin 

The famous American tv show Jane The Virgin has its Korean adaptation as well. There are different similarities, but the plot lines contrast with the much shorter version, as there are only 16 episodes. 

Woori The Virgin is also more in the flavor of kdrama, the American show; it’s fun and silly. 

Woori, who is dependent on her doting boyfriend in terms of financially and emotionally, gets news that she is pregnant. The only problem is that she is still a virgin. 

One Ordinary Day 

Remake of: Criminal Justice 

One Ordinary Day 

One Ordinary Day is a remake version of the British TV series Criminal Justice. Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won, this series is memorable with suspense and legal touch. 

The story is about student Hyun Soo who drives his father’s taxi to meet his friends. But Hong Gu Hwa takes the taxi as she thinks the taxi is empty. 

From there, the life of Hyun Soo takes on a different note when he becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. With no evidence that can help him to get out of the mess, Shun Joong Han decides to represent him. 


Remake of: Suits 


Based on the popular legal drama of the American show Suits, the Korean version is more centred on politics and law. 

In place of Harvey and Michael, here you get Choi Kang Seok and Go Yeon Woo with the same chemistry and bromance. 

18 Again 

Remake of: 17 Again 

18 Again 

Not the show, but the movie 17 Again is an American-based movie with the Korean adaptation as a series. 

Unlike 17 Again, this one focuses on emotions, heartwarming moments, and nostalgia. The beautiful relationship of a father and their kids, with the right balance of comedy. 

18 Again is a perfect example of why Korean drama is famous and why you should watch it. 


Remake of : Entourage 


Entourage is an American comedy series, and if you liked that one, you might also like the Korean remake. 

However, this one is old; the story is about a group of five best friends who navigate their way to make their space in the entertainment industry. 

Each character has a different background and dreams with different personalities. The story forms when they all start to develop a heartwarming comic friendship. 

Romance is a Bonus Book 

Remake of: Younger 

Romance Is a Bonus Book 

Romance is a Bonus Book is a Korean adaptation of the American-based series Younger

The remake version is more lighthearted and about the fate of the relationship of two people from youth to adulthood. 

Cha Eun Ho is a chief editor and works in a book publishing company. Kang Dan I is a single mother who is restarting her life after the complete fallout of her marriage and career. 

Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan I are childhood friends but have an age gap. Cha Eun has been head over heels for her since his childhood. Dan I is still not aware of his and her own feelings. 

Designated Survivor: 60 Days 

Remake of: Designated Survivor 

Designated Survivor: 60 Days 

Designated Survivor: 60 Days is an adapted version of the American version of a similar name. The drama depicts the country’s state through environmental politicians’ lens. Park Mu Jin is the south Korean minister of the environment who is the only survivor of the bombing in the president’s building that killed everyone. 

When everyone is dead, Park Mu Kin has to present as acting president. Apart from managing the nation, he also finds out about the bombing. 

Life On Mars 

Remake of: Life On Mars 

Life on Mars 

British show Life On Mars also has the Korean adaptation released in 2018. 

The drama is filled with thriller and mystery that makes the perfect watch if you are into these genres. 

The story is about Han Tae Joo; he is a leader of the team who investigates crime and is also the best one. 

He receives a serial murder case, and through the investigation, he goes back to 1988 year. He had no idea how the time travel happened and for what. 

In order to survive, he started working as a detective in a small rural area. 

Less Than Evil 

Remake of: Luther 

Less than Evil 

Remake version Less Than Evil of British psychological thriller series Luther. 

The story has everything you liked in the British version, including psychological games, crime, action, and a fantastic cast. 

With a similar story, Woo Tae Suk and Eun Sung Jae work together to solve the cases of serial killers, particularly ones that include the infamous serial killer Jang Hyung Min. 

Little Women ( Upcoming)

Remake Of: Little Women 

Little Women

Well, this one is based on a novel instead of a movie with the same name. However, this one has its changes and characters, unlike the novel that makes this one of the kdrama you should look forward to. 

The story has its own version starring Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Go Eun, and Park Ji Hyun as three sisters with close bonds. They find themselves getting involved with one of the wealthiest families in South Korea. Even though they grew up in poverty, they use their close bond to fight back. 

Cleaning Up (Upcoming)

Remake Of: Cleaning Up 

Cleaning Up

The British drama has a gripping story that includes stock wars and insider trading. 

This one is also getting its adaptation in the Korean version. However, it’s all set to release, starring Jeon Somin, Yum JungAh, Na In Woo, Kim Jae Hwa, and Lee Moo Saeng as leads. 

The story is about the cleaners who get to know about some sensitive information regarding insider trading. They come up with ideas that change their lives forever. 


Remake of: Uncle 


BBC sitcom Uncle was remade into a Korean version with the same name in 2021. 

The kdrama stars Oh Jung Se and Jeon Hye Jin. Viewers loved the show, leading to the viewership’s highest rating of 9.3% nationwide. 

The story focuses on the musician Joon Hyuk whose life hit rock bottom after getting scammed by his trusted people. Due to this, he ends his relationship with everyone, including his older sister. 

But one day, he receives a call from her asking them to take care of her son. 

The Good Wife 

Remake of: The Good Wife 

The Good Wife 

CBS’s The Good Wife was a political, legal drama starring Julianna Marguiles as Alicia Florrick. 

The kdrama version features Jeon Do Yeon, who returned to the small screen after her successful career on big screens. The show is similar, however the basic change of Chicago to Seoul. The story is about a stay-at-home mom who decides to return as an attorney for her husband after he gets caught up in a corruption scandal. 


Remake of: Mistresses 


The British Tv series aired in 2013 and ended in 2018. However, the kdrama version is much shorter and more appealing if you have less time on hand. 

The series stars Han Galn and Shin Hyun Bin.  Well, the story focuses on the lives of four girlfriends on their path to discovering their true selves, but when something happens, they face it together. 

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