15+ Movies You Must Watch With Your Soulmates

Romantic film or cinema is a love story filmed in visual media for theatrical or television broadcasts. Those that focus on emotions, passions, and affectionate, romantic connections of the main characters.

Usually, their journey through dating, courtship, or marriage is shown. These films search for romantic love, a key plot focus.

If you’re considering a place to stream some romance, Netflix should be your first choice. Here are rounded up some of the best romantic movies on Netflix, from classics including Silver Linings Playbook to new Netflix originals like the Always Be My Maybe After trilogy to ghostly sentimental films.

Silver Linings Playbook

 Top cast: Bradley Cooper · Pat, Robert De Niro · Pat Sr.; Jacki Weaver · Dolores Solitano; Chris Tucker · Danny.Jennifer Lawrence · Tiffany

 Sometimes you must watch a romance between two famous Hollywood A-listers! Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. In 2012, director David O. Starred in Russell’s romantic dramedy, which accepted eight Academy Award nominations, including best picture.

 A man with bipolar disorder, played by Cooper, who got released from a psychiatric ward and is decided to connect with his ex-wife, Lawrence plays a young widow who comes to an agreement to help bring her back if he participates in a dance competition along with her.

Always Be My Maybe

 Top cast: Ali Wong · Sasa ; James Saito · Hary ;Vivian Bang · Jenny.Randall Park · Marcs ;Michelle Buteau · Veronia 

 This charming rom-com features Ali Wong as Sasha, who works as a celebrity chef and reconnects with her childhood flame Marcus (Randall Park) in their hometown of San Francisco as a teenager.

A lot in life has taken place in the 16 years since they’ve seen each other — she’s successful, but he is not so much — but the fire continues.

  This Netflix original movie is legendary for its love interest as it has a great cameo appearance by Keanu Reeves and Marcus’ diss rap of Keanu.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga

 Top cast : Rachel McAdams · Sigrit Ericksdóttir ; Mikael Persbrandt · Victor Karlosson ; Pierce .. Will Ferrell · Lars Erickssong .Dan Stevens · Alexander Lemtov

 Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga promises to be one of the year’s most touching and romantic movies, but the power of Rachel McAdams should never be underestimated.

 The Mean Girls and Game Night star proved once again that she’s one of her generation’s most undervalued comedic actors in this Netflix original comedy, starring Will Ferrell as a duo of Icelandic singers with dreams of winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

 Dan Stevens gives his career comedic performance, which is surprisingly touching.


 Top cast: Emma Roberts · Sloane; Frances Fisher · Elaine; Luke Bracey · Jackson; Kristin Chenoweth · Aunt Susan ; Andrew Bachelor · Neil

 This movie is a cute romantic comedy that adorably depicts the family and social pressures of being single.

 Through an exhilarating journey to find love, Holiday builds on an iconic and often worthy holiday movie image; at the heart of the movie are two single strangers that allow them to find unexpected attraction and real chemistry.

 Holidate is not only packed with comedy and witty clichés but also the power of the star cast, including the outstanding Kristin Chenoweth (shmigadoon!). Holidate is a romantic comedy that balances cheesy moments with greatness.

Look Both Ways

 Top cast: Lili Reinhart · Natalie; Justin Donte ·, Random Guy. e ;Jaden Tolliver · Partier; Aisha Dee · Cara ; Danny Ramirez · Gab

 Look Both Ways is a funny, charming film that explores the concept of a decision that has the power to change the course of your life forever.

 After Natalie (Lili Reinhart) unexpectedly sleeps with her friend Gabe (Danny Ramirez), she has a pregnancy panic on the night of her college graduation. The film follows two different ways: what her life will be like if the test result is positive and what it will be like if it is negative.

 This movie tells an equally exciting story with Natalie’s career apart from the romance, which is a fresh break.


 Top cast: Henry Golding · Mr. Elliot; Yolanda Kettle · Elizabeth Elliot; Dakota; Richard E. Grant · Sir Walter Elliot; Ben Bailey Smith · Charles Musgrove

 This movie, based on the Jane Austen novel, Persuasion, stars Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) as Anne Elliot, a heartbroken woman who finds a second chance at true love. The incomparable Richard E., A brilliant British, co-stars with Richard E.Grant (Loki) and Crazy Rich Asians heartthrob Henry Golding.

 Persuasion is a delight for the eyes, letting director Cary Cracknell unleash a justified story that keeps your eyes wet and warms the soul.

 The Persuasion is a classic romantic story set in a foregone era, filled with gorgeous costumes and breathtaking scenery.

A Perfect Pairing

 Top cast: Victoria Justice · Lola; Luca Asta Sardelis · Breeze; Samantha Cain · Hazel; Craig Horner · Calde ; Adam Demos · Max

 She is a hard-working executive at a wine company, and he runs a sheep farm in Australia. She has to prove her skills on the farm to impress the big client, whom she inspires with a rough and strange local.

  It’s the assumption of every Hallmark holiday movie, only deprived of sweaters and scarves.

Love & Gelato

 Top cast: Susanna Skaggs · Lina Emerson ; Owen McDonnell · Howard Riley ; Valentina Lodovini · Francesca ; Saul Nanni.Tobia De Angelis · Lorenzo Ferrazza

 Based on Jenna Evans Welch’s best-selling novel, Love and Gelato is an adorable romantic comedy that will appeal to fans of Emily in Paris or anyone just looking for a light watch. The movie follows Lina (Suzanna Skaggs) as she goes to Rome the summer before she leaves for college.

 The film utilizes one of the genre’s favorites – the love triangle! Constant support for a friend! – making it a sweet love story, as its name suggests, with breathtaking views of Italy.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

 Top cast: Lana Condor · Lara Jean ; Anna Cathcart · Kitty ; ;; Andrew Bachelor · Greg. ; Noah Centineo · Peter ; Janel Parrish · Margot

  A Netflix original is based on Jenny Hahn’s book of the identical name. It follows the story of a high school student Lara Jean (Condor), whose love letters she writes secretly to her crush and releases accidentally to the boys he likes, with a handsome boy, Peter, played by Noah Centineo.

 After confronts her old crush Peter, she fears this may affect her current crush Josh (Israel Broussard). So, Lara Jean and Peter fake a relationship to get with whom they want to be. Naturally, the pretense of being together develops real feelings between the two.

Someone Great

 Top cast: Gina Rodriguez · Jenny Young; LaKeith Stanfield · Nate Davis; Brittany Snow · Blair Helms; DeWanda Wise · Erin Kennedy; Michelle Buteau · Cynthia.

 Not everyone falls in love on Valentine’s Day, and for those watching for something a little touching to go with their darlings and chocolate kisses, then Netflix’s Someone’s Great is a perfect choice for them.

 It stars Gina Rodriguez as Jenny, an ambitious music writer. She struggles to deal with the end of a nine-year relationship as she arranges to shift across the country to begin the next stage of her career. Lakeith Stanfield plays her ex, Nate, who pursues Jenny as she tries to enjoy her last few days while she stays in New York with her best friends, Blair and Erin.

Set It Up

 Top cast: Glen Powell · Charle;; Taye Diggs · Rik; Joan Smalls · Suze ;  Zoey Deutch · Harpe ; Lucy Liu · Kirsten

If you’re looking for a delightful romantic comedy but don’t want to repeat something from decades past, you should check out Claire Scanlon’s enchanting Set it Up.

 The story is about two disgruntled assistants (Joey Deitch and Glen Powell) who make a decision to set up their bosses (Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs) to get some precious free time from their challenging jobs. However, with all their scheming, they fall for each other.

 You can spot this turn from a mile away, but they’re done so well and efficiently that you don’t mind. Also, the stunning Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (Deutch and Powell) sizzle the film through their outstanding performances.

After/After We Collided/After We Fell

 Top cast: Josephine Langford · Hardin; Dylan Sprouse · Trevor; Louise Lombard · Trish; . ; Tessa; Hero Fiennes Tiffin ; Shane Paul McGhie · Landon

 A young girl falls for a boy with a dark secret, the boy takes the girl’s virginity, the girl finds out the truth, and the girl breaks up with the boy, and the two begin a rocky relationship. Just as Tessa (girl) makes one of the most significant decisions of her life, everything changes.

  After starting college again, she gets involved with a “bad boy,” beginning a passionate and tumultuous romance.

 Revelations about her family, and then Hardin’s, cast doubt on what they once knew and make it even harder to claim their hard-won future.

About Time

 Top cast: Rachel McAdams · Mary; Bill Nighy · Dad; Lydia Wilson · Kit Kat; Lindsay Duncan · Mum ; Domhnall Gleeson · Tim

 Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim, whose father reveals a little secret that all the men in the family can do time travel. Instead of making some bets on cricket matches, he uses his newfound gift to correct his romantic mistakes, concentrating his interest on Mary (Rachel McAdams), enjoying the moments repeatedly until he gets them right.

 After much cunning time-traveling, he wins her heart, but he cannot save himself from the sorrow and ups and downs which affect the family. He realizes that Time travel can achieve some happiness but can also be dangerous.


Top cast: Mame Bineta Sane · Ada; Traore · Souleiman ; Nicole Sougou · Dior ; Aminata Kane · Fanta ; Amadou Mbow · Issa 

 Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2019 Cannes Festival for this supernatural romantic drama focuses on a woman, Ada, whose lover, Suleiman, is dead in a fire, but whose soul, with the other’s souls who died in the fire, returns, and occupies the bodies of the living.

 While the other souls focus their energies on righting their murderous wrongs, Soleiman wants to spend Time with Ada. This marvelous film is perfect for those who want to spend an evening exploring how far love can go.

The Half Of It

 Top cast: Leah Lewis · Ellie Chu, Alexxis Lemire , Aster Flores , Wolfgang Novogratz · Trig Carson ; Collin Chou · Edwin Chu, Daniel Diemer · Paul Munsky

 This 2020 Netflix Original Movie is the classic tale of updated Cyrano de Bergerac, in which a young, straight gay student helps a jock to instruct him how to tell a girl what to say and do, even though she has a crush on the same girl.

 This movie portrays a beautiful story in which three teenagers search for their identity and are hungry for their first love. It is wrapped in a messy, hungry love triangle that never feels cheap or exploitative.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

 Top cast: Steve Carell · Cal ; Ryan Gosling · · Emily ; Emma Stone · Hannah ; Lio Tipton · Jessica ; Jacob ; Julianne Moore

 Crazy, Stupid, Love puts far less importance on “stupid” than you might expect. However, the plot has no sense when you logically try to break it down.

 After Cal (Steve Carell) knows that his wife gets involved in an affair, he teams up with Jacob (Ryan Gosling), a player who has promised himself to get back into the world.

 Things get complex when Jacob begins to fall for someone, and Cal recognizes that he may not want to return to the world.

 In recent years, Netflix has been improvising itself toward its original romantic content, so many new releases exist to explore. It also has excellent mixes of classics, award-winners, and box office hits for different moods.

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