15 Marvel’s Strongest Super Villains With Highest kill Count

Marvel universe defintely have the worst lot of egotistical, cosmic and space conquering supervillains with high kill counts. 

Most of the strongest ones are known for wiping out planets and realities from existence for different reasons or sometimes the same. 

There is no shortage of villains in the Marvel universe but very few of them stand at the top of the list of most strongest supervillains with the highest kill count. 

These villains know no boundary, they destroy everything in their path, and only know world domination.  

You can imagine them to be soon coming to the Marvel cinematic universe, and wonder how their live-action version will be on the big-screen, until then, let’s get you introduced to them. 

Doctor Doom

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After the worst we have seen from Marvel when it comes to homicidal supervillains, might consider Thanos to be at top, but he is not. 

Actually the highest kill count, somewhat goes to Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom. 

He has this egotistical need to become or known as the master of the universe across galaxies, for which he does the most heinous destructions and genocides without hesitation. 

And when he achieves his milestone, he only meets an emptiness which makes him even more evil in the world. 

He has been known for mass murders over the years. Once he used an Ultimate Nullifier to destroy an alternate universe.

 Then he also used his powers of Beyonders to wipe out various universes crowning himself as God Emperior. Well, he is definitely the most narrcistic supervillains ever, that’s for sure!

Red Skull 

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Red Skull has been a long time, and since then he is only turning more menacing and evil, perfecting the art of killing people. 

He has immense hatred towards people which he does not hesitate to put on display whenever he gets a chance, in the worst possible way. 

His background as a high ranking Nazi during world war II under Hitler only makes him worse. 

Even after the war ended, he continued his rein of terror bringing more alien technology and superpowers. 

The most horrible form of mass homicide he has done is commanding Genosha to set up a concentration camp for mutants. He used them to do most evil things possible, become unstopabble at that time. 

Dark Phoenix 

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Well, we have seen the X-men movie with the exact title Dark Phoenix, which may not do justice to the comic storyline. 

The first time Dark Phoenix showed up with her immense powers was when she took over the mutant Jean Grey from X-men. 

Jean Grey, already known to be one of the most powerful mutants with telepathy and telekinetics, Dark Phoenix taking over her makes this the worst. 

The most evill display of Dark Phoenix powers was when it started a genocide of billions of people across the planets, still being itself on a distant planet. 

Jean Grey absorbed the dark phoenix in an accident, from a nearby star after a mission. It is not that Jean Grey can be blamed as it is a complete entity of itself that took over her, but that doesn’t take away the genocide it caused. 


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Even though the first kill of Sabertooth was just an accident but it didn’t stop there rather throw him on this vilolent spree of murderers and mayhem.

Sabertooth freed up himself from all the tragic torments of his family but wen on this murdering spree that is yet to be seen again. 

Sabertooth is more physical with his kills, so he is not laying waste to a planet or removing half of the universe ‘s population or something, but as far up close and personal kiling goes, his numbers are off-the charts. 

So, far he has killed over hunder thousand, all by his hands or up close, something that makes him even more scary than others. 

This is also because he has been alive, walking on the earth for a long time and has been killing consistently over the years. 

The Void

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There is this superman-like superhero known as Sentry aka Robert Reynolds, in the Marvel comics who has a dark half called The Void. 

As Sentry, he is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, so when his other personality or half takes over, you can imagine how bad things can go. 

This is quite like Superman going complete evil using his full power to do whatever he wants. So, The Void who is his other identity comes dominant when Sentry becomes submissive to his own psychological disturbances. 

So far, the worst he went in terms of mass homicide was when he slaughtered one million innocent individuals living in the city Manhattan. 

It was so tragic and intense that Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Strange was called upon to make the people of the Earth forget the whole existence of Sentry, to make them forget about the Void as well. 


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Magneto’s morals have been shown in the X-men movies, on both sides, good and evil both. 

Sometimes he goes too far, and then helps heroes to mend his ways, and sometimes, it is all the injustice and different opinions that pit him against his friend Professor X aka Charles Xavier. 

But Marvel comics defined his character more of a notorious villain with one of the highest kill counts. 

He has a disregard for non-mutant people is monumental to see and goes beyond the limits to prove it. And on the same basis, he shows no mercy or hesitation to put his demonstration of the beliefs using his powers. 

The worst he has done is when created  such a powerful and massive electro-magneted pulse that knocked out all the technology on the planet Earth. 

Even though this act of his wasn’t homicidal per say, the consequence could have been disastrous. 

And it did have an apocalyptic level effect on earth just not directly, rather people starving for food, gas running out, bad hospital equipment, lack of communication and what not. 


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The name of the villain sufficely says that he is known to bring annihilation to the worlds.  He is defintely one of the most powerful and frightening Marvel villains ever. 

He faced Fantastic Four more than once, and was one of the most powerful villains against them. 

He was a conqueror like Thanos or other Marvel supervillains who unleashed the Annihilation Wave that swept away countless worlds devouring everything in its way.

All the heroes and villains have to come together across the galaxies to fight this one, so you can imagine. 

He killed peope in billions as he was responsible for wiping out multiple universes, realities or Earths at once. 


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Well, we have seen the best depiction of Thanos in the recent Marvel cinematic universe, the Infinity saga, and it is quite good, even comparable to comics as well.

He is the one who literally worships Death incarnate, someone who travels across galaxies to take over planets. 

This, as you can assume, never goes well for the inhabitants of the planet he conquers. He is an evil, power-drunk and one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe. 

The worst he has done is what we also saw in the MCU movies Avgeners: Endgame, where he wiped out half of the universe’s population with the snap of his fingers using Infity Gaunlets. And in that pursuit as well, to gain infinity stones, he killed and slaughtered without hesitation.

King Hyperion

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King Hyperion is basically the evil version of a known hero across the universe named Mark Milton. 

So after being a hero, known for his valor and justice across the galaxies, and traveling through multiverses, he finally snapped on Earth-4400. 

And that gives birth to this new supervillain who took over the New York city hostage killing every hero and even villains in the city, masacarring throughout the universe. 

He becomes a raging psychopath killing people on small mistakes, ruling the city as he likes. King Hyperion salughtered millions of people in the New York city and since no hero was there, no was upto save this world from him. 

But he got stopped by Exiles who showed up in the city, even though King Hyperion was much more powerful than them. 

Anyways, before he was stopped, he killed as much as he could, so that makes him having one of the highest kill counts in Marvel, and hence into this list. 


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The Ultron we have seen in the Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t the most evil villain ever, he is even more in the comics. 

Ultron has done monumentally heinous crimes throughout his time of existence. Once he annihilated a collection of an entire planet named Slorenia,  with a  techno-organic virus. 

Also, he threatened to blow up planet Earth more than we can count with a series of nuclear strikes. 

But still these are not the worst he has done. There was a time when Ultron spread a variant of his virus across different worlds in the galaxy which ended up slaughtering the people on the planets. 

He basically have done to take out these inhabitants of said planet because he believed them to be a threat against his reign. So, you can imagine the kill count here! 


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Galactus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. He has existed before even the creation of what we call the known universe which clearly tells about how powerful he is. 

His deal is basically his views towards the other life forms, which is basically everyone whom he considers inferior and not worth his attention. 

This is what he uses as an excuse to devour the planets he feeds on. Yes, you heard right! He basically eats planets when he is hungry. 

So, you can guess the number of worlds, not some people would have fallen to satisfy his hunger. 

He certainly has one of the biggest kill counts in the Marvel universe. He travels through galaxies devouring planets after planets to sustain himself. 

The Sentinels 

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The Sentinels are basically created by humans known as Bolivar Task. And they managed to continue increasing their kill count over the years.

They have a single-minded focus towards just one goal which is to destroy mutant-kind, and they were indeed quite successful in wiping out many mutants. 

Sometimes they act up independently and in some issues, they are also found to be controlled by or under influence by some villain like Cassandra Nova. 

According to an estimation in the comics, these guys were successful in wiping out more than 16 to 17 million beings, most of them mutants but not all. 


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Like we saw in MCU, how Thanos believed that half of the population has to die in order for the other half to thrive, and he strongly believed in his idea of ‘saving people’. 

Well, he is not the only one to take such an idea to an extreme level. There is a super-mutant named Apocalypse who believes strongly on Darwin’s idea of “survival of the fittest”. 

Definitely, he takes that too far and stands by his name. According to him, he is ready to kill all life forms who are weak and not fit to deserve this world or continue, or something like only the strongest can survive. 

He did get his wish, however by mistake, in the Marvel comics, in the arc of Age of Apocalypse storyline. 

This happened when Professor Charles Xavier got erased from history due to some freak mistake. Apocalypse was the one who managed to rise up to higher ranks of villains on the planet. 

He started his manical campaign of wiping out humanity because mutants are strongest and hence fittest to survive, so they should ascend as the dominant life form on the earth. 

So, his rampage continues killing thousands making himo one of the top supervillains with highest body count. 

The Magus

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Another supervillain who is basically an evil version of a known superhero, this one, The Magus is basically the evil doppleganger of Adam Warlock. 

Adam Warlock went through great adventures in his life but one of the things that really stood out is his encounters with his evil self , The Magus.

His alternatte version was as evil as it comes, founded the Church of Universal turth and used it to enslave numerous worlds and killed millions in his journey without even blinking. 

The Magus took over countless worlds and masscared who stood against him or intervened him.  

Even though Adam Warlock did stop him, he managed to come back more than once, doubling and tripling his kill counts.  

He even got his hands on the Infiinity Gaunlet and he could have caused even more destruction but was stopped by Adam Warlock before that. 

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