15+ List Of Asian Comedy Movies That You Should Watch On Sad Days

Asian comedy is different from what you see in the west. It has a different shade as the style is too local. However, Korean movies are much closer to the style of US comedy. Japanese can be a bit weird and extreme, whereas Indian ones have crudity occasionally. 

If you watch Chinese, then it can be deadpan. So depending on what you are watching, the style of comedy changes. And because of that, it’s so much more interesting to watch Asian comedy movies. 

Especially when you are tired of watching the same style over and over, and there is nothing on your sad days. Well, worry not. Here are some of the best Asian comedies you can consider for getting rid of blues. 

Miracle In Cell No 7 – South Korea 

A rare movie that combines mental illness and comedy beautifully together. With is a heartstring story about a father and daughter and the prisoners living in a cell that makes you laugh and cry simultaneously. 

Lee Yong Gu, who is mentally impaired, is falsely accused of rape and murder of a young child and thrown in prison. Leaving all alone, his six years old daughter, who relies on him. But his cell mates decide to sneak and somehow manage to get his daughter inside the cell and keep her hidden from the authorities. 

The father and daughter duo brings comedy with emotional messages about how people see a mental illness. The story is cute yet makes you think. 

Boomerang Family – South Korea

The movie was released in 2013 and focused on three adult siblings with opposite personalities who started to live together in their mom’s house. 

All three have different reasons to move in together as they are not doing great in their lives. The narrative of this movie is entertaining. 

The movie showcases the not-so-perfect family with immature adults who are much worse than their 15 years old niece, who is almost a delinquent. 

The comedy is light and positive, where a dysfunctional family is in focus. Also, the story is extremely relatable, as adults do deal with different things even though nobody is ready for them. 

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro – India 

This one is a classic movie considered one of the best comedy movies from Bollywood. However, the movie is old, as it was released in 1983, but it’s an entertaining and satirical black comedy.

The story of this movie focuses on two friends who decide to start their photo studios. However, on their way, they came across different things where they had to deal with shady stuff and corruption. Not just that, they also end up witnessing a murder. 

The cast did a fantastic job delivering the black comedy. Also, it’s a great story showcasing how society runs and the system works. 

My Sassy Girl – South Korea 

This movie is not just one of the classic rom-com from South Korea, but it also inspired a lot of movies and the genre. However, some of the jokes from this movie didn’t age that well. But despite that, My Sassy Girl is a must-watch. 

The story focuses on college student Gyun Woo who is interested in drinking with his friends and flirting with girls. Also, he is tired of his mother and avoids nagging whenever possible. 

One day he met a drunken girl in the subway who vomited on an older guy and fell unconscious. However, everyone assumes she is Gyun Woo’s girlfriend, making him responsible for her actions. 

 Go Goa Gone – India 

Another movie for those who enjoy watching zombie comedies with absurd style. This is for you to try!

The story focuses on three friends who decide to travel to Goa. They get an invitation to attend a rave party on an isolated island. The next day, when they wake up, they find that everyone has turned into zombies, and now they have to find a way to return to their home. 

The comedy and the actors make you laugh with witty dialogues and comments. It’s a perfect movie when you are in the mood to try something refreshing. Also, there will be one more part, as the makers have already announced Go Goa Gone 2. 

Fly Me To Saitama – Japanese 

Fly Me To Saitama or Tonde Saitama is a movie based on 80’s Manage, illustrated and written by Mineo Maya. 

The movie was released in 2019, and the story is based on a fictional version of Japan. People here discriminate based on where their residence and birthplace. In Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture is especially criticized. 

One day, Rei Asami, a mysterious male student, transfers to the most prestigious high school in Tokyo, Hakuhodo Academy. It attracted Momomi, who is a male president of the school student council and grandson of the director. However, somehow the secret origin of Rei gets relieved as he also belongs to Saitama. Rei decides to return and join the movement working on eliminating this discrimination. 

Well, this movie contains a lot of cheesiness embraced by the director. The movie might seem intense, but it’s a comedy, and you can watch it to try something new. 

Heart Attack- Thailand 

The movie might fool you into believing this will be a rom-com, but it’s not. The direction and writing of this movie will make you think about stuff from a different perspective. 

Also, the great work done by the director Thamrongrattanarit who cleverly put a profitable movie that preserves its indie flavors but also has a comedy that makes you laugh. 

The story blends drama, dark humor, and comedy with a slight romance. This movie is for you if you want to avoid corny cliches in romance. 

Also, the story goes from only Yoon, the male character’s point of view, giving a vibe like you are watching someone’s personal diary. 

The story focuses on Yoon, a hardworking graphic designer who works as a freelancer. Balancing life and work starts to get out of hand, making his life worse every moment. On the other hand, he falls in love with Imm, a doctor. 

Love In Puff – Hong Kong 

For those days when you just want to enjoy something simple yet different, Love In Puff is for you. 

The romantic comedy gives a relaxed and subtle vibe with jokes that will make you giggle to the end. 

Since 2007, the health authority in Hong Kong has implemented an anti-smoking law. This bans people because they can’t smoke in any indoor area, pushing them to go outside and smoke. 

Smokers go outside on small breaks, and eventually, people from the same building end up forming a Hot Pot Pack community. The community gathers near trash bins and shares small talks and jokes. 

The story focuses on Jimmy, an advertising executive, and Cherie, a cosmetics salesgirl. Both bond over their smoke breaks, leading to an awkward romance. 

Midnight Runner – South Korea 

Well, what made this south Korean movie successful is its relentless dedication to comedy. Regardless of what the situation is, there is comedy. However, it’s not always a joke or laughable punch. The action and moments are enough to stay in your head for a long time and make you chuckle from time to time. 

The movie takes the comedy so seriously that they even risk scenes where comedy can break the tension. However, it’s a successful try and a perfect comedy to watch for the bad days. 

The story is about two students featuring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul as leads. Both studies together from Korean National Police University and have a strong bromance. Well, they decide to work together to track the kidnapping case. 

Summer Detective – China

If you enjoy deadpan comedy, well, go for this movie. Summer Detective shows how deadpan can be when it comes to comedy and the characters. 

The story focuses on three ordinary elders from the rural side who have a good relationship and drink together. The trio includes Chao Ying, Shu he, and Zhan Yi. 

Chao Yin sells all of his cattle so he can renovate his old house. But due to an accident at the site, Shu is supposed to help Chao get hit by a car. 

The villagers decide that if the killer is not found, Chao has to be responsible for all medical expenses, which will lead to no money for renovation. 

To demand justice and keep the house, both old men embark on a journey to find the real culprit. 

Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na – India 

Coming-of-age movie with a balance of romantic and comedy, This Bollywood movie is a light and happy vibe film that you can enjoy anytime. 

The story goes back to two best friends, Jai and Aditi. They are perfect in every way, as they have understanding and everything that makes them a perfect couple. However, they have no interest in each other. When families of both decide to force, they decide to date, and in order to find the perfect partner for each other, they embark on a journey. However, in the end, they find out there is no one else as they are actually in love with each other. 

One Cut Of The Dead – Japan 

If you enjoy the zombie genre, this will be an exceptionally enjoyable movie. With the unique take on this genre, the story also has unique characters along with witty situations. 

This is for those who are trying a new genre or appreciate watching some bizarre stuff. 

The story follows the director with a temperamental issue while shooting his zombie movie. They take an abandoned factory for the location, however real zombies attack the cast. 

Instead of saving his life and running, the filmmaker finds an opportunity to shoot a movie with real zombies in it. 

Scandal Makers – South Korea 

Cha Tae Hyun is a brilliant actor, and the comedy genre is something he owns with his acting. 

Scandal makers, you get what they promise to deliver even though they don’t have much new to it. 

The story focuses on Nam Hyeon Su, who is in his mid-30s and a famous radio DJ as well as an entertainer. One day, a young girl appears in front of his apartment, saying that he is her father. Not just that, he is the grandfather of her son. 

Even though Nam Hyeon had no interest in dealing with the situation, they all decided to stay together to protect the image. 

Shaolin Soccer -Hong Kong 

Well, some jokes will come thick and must faster, sometimes even break the 4th wall. The key element here is to be fun and respect martial art. 

The story focuses on a Shaolin follower who reunites with their brothers, discouraged from forming a team for playing soccer. However, they use martial arts to their advantage. 

The movie also features one of the funniest scenes where they join the monks in a team showing the spiritual side and paying respect to the art. 

Hindi Medium – India 

Another one of the best comedies in Bollywood, featuring Late actor Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar, Deepeal Dobriyal like gems. The movie highlights social issues such as class division and the superiority of one language over everything. 

The story focuses on Raj and Mita, rich parents who want their daughter Pia to get into a reputed school even though they never attended it. However, their background ends up holding their daughter’s future. The couple decides to do anything, even pretending to be poor and using the special seats for poor students. 

Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast – Taiwan 

The movie is silly without any shame, also it’s quirky and goofy. However, the story is not stupid but a roller coaster filled with colors. There are tons of surprises in every corner, and even though there are no restrictions on comedy, this will take you on a ride. 

The story focuses on Wan, who returned after his failed modeling career and is in debt. She finds that there is misfortune in her family restaurants. However, they find a spark of hope when a self-appointed master Chef named Hai decides to help them. 

The movie also celebrates the culture of Taiwan and its traditional bandoh menu. 

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