15 Best TV shows Like Rick and Morty

Since Season 5 of the Rick and Morty is going on and you might be already craving for more Rick and Morty episodes.

But you can divert yourself by looking out for some other shows like Rick and Morty. You know, crazy stuff, dark humour, good writing and characters and all.

Rick and Morty show has created a huge fanbase. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the series was inspired by Roiland’s much adult and mature take on movie Back to the future. 

With its crazy madness, adult jokes, funny satirical takes, quirky one-liners, great adventures, and full of geeky sci-fi concepts,  Rick and Morty’s stands out from all other adult animation stuff out there. 

Here we are listing the best tv shows like rick and morty which give similar vibes, You can watch it as they are already streaming on various channels.


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Presented by Matt Groening, The creator of The Simpsons. Futurama is somehow following lots of similarities like Rick and Morty.

The story is about Philip j. Fry who is a pizza delivery guy but one day he finds himself in the 30th century. 

Setting his own adventure through time, spaces, and other dimensions. Philip gathers his own team of one-eyed captain, an alcoholic robot, and another bunch of people.

Bo Jack Horseman

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Showing the washed-up former sitcom star BoJack, A humanoid horse who dwells in depression and self-destruction. 

The show is satire based, unlike Rick and Morty you won’t find too much humor here. However, the show has some crude fart jokes, and satire takes on serious issues.

Also, the show goes deeper as the story expands focusing more on self-destruction, depression, etc.

Gravity Falls

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The story about 12-year-old siblings and their summer vacation at a tourist trap house. The house belongs to their great uncle in small-town Oregon.

Unlike other shows listed, Gravity Falls focused on a much younger audience. Well, the show was debuted on Disney XD, however, they have dark comedy along with adult humor.

Gravity falls is created by Alex Hirsch, who also a very good friend of Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Well, you can find lots of easter eggs in series too. Well, this is for sure falls under those shows like rick and morty to must check out.

Adventure Time

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The fantasy series based on Post Apocalutpic land Ooo, Finn, and his dog Jake who can change his size and shapes.

The animated show was for children but loved extremely by adults as well. Finn and Jake went on adventure trips with  Princess Bubblegum,  Marceline the vampire queen,  and The ice king.

Just like Rick and Morty, The Adventure time has a futuristic setting which means anything is possible here.

Big Mouth

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Big Mouth is purely made for Adults with the cast of Nick Kroll,  Jorden Peele,  Maya Rudolph, and John Mulaney like comedians.

The show is about a group of girls and boys who are exploring the puberty age, dealing with emotions, and physical arousal. 

In addition, they have Maurice and Connie who are two hormones monsters. With the graphics, the show turns crude, hilarious, and oddly relatable to everyone who experienced puberty.

Big Mouth surely not be exactly like rick and morty but the whole adult, urban lifestyle and mature vibe will sure make it one of the best shows like rick and morty.

The Simpsons

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The Simpsons are one of the longest and best adult cartoons so far.  Created by Matt Groening, the show has 30 seasons and renewed for season 31 and 32 as well.  Well, the series is about a family called Simsoss living in Springfield.

The family consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie who entertain us with their satire and comical take ongoing situations.  It also takes refreshes from current events, famous people, and celebrities as well.

Bob’s Burgers

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If you liked the crazy family of Rick and Morty, Then Bob’s burgers are for you. The series is about Belcher Family who runs a hamburger Joint. Bob and Linda with their kids Tina, Gene, and Louise who fall in some kind of craziness every time.

However, you won’t get the scientific elements but the family dynamic is pretty relatable as compare to Rick and Morty.

South Park

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South Park is another highly popular cartoon made for older audiences. However, they have four boys characters – Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick.

The four grade-schoolers with a foul mouth and an interesting viewpoint on retable situations made a great impact since 1997. South Park highlights the serious and mature tops covered in satire approach.


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Archer looks like a satire animated spy saga with hilarious situations.  But once you go deeper, The dysfunctional group of secret agents who cause different problems in a new setting and tries to save the day.

Also, they take references from the mid-century art style and fast-paced show. The heart of the series, Archer is itself an interesting character who is a bachelor and spy.  Occasionally he kills villains or bad guys but most of the time either he is drunk or trying to score.


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Another show created by Matt Groening, Dishchentment is about rebellious and alcoholic princess Bean in Medieval Fantasy kingdom. 

With her sidekicks, Luci a demon, and Elfo who is an elf, Princess Bean set her own journey of misadventures.  Disenchantment takes a funny approach to classic fairytales including witty jokes and silly settings.

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