15 Best Movies You Must Watch If You Like Hellraiser

1978’s Hellraiser movie was the movie that changed horror cinema forever. After almost five decades after Clive Barker’s masterpiece, the movie was re-imagined in David Bruckner’s reboot in 2022. 

The original movie was based upon this novella titled ‘The Hellbound Heart’ penned by Clive Barker himself. 

We again meet one of the most horrifying antagonists of all time, the pinhead in this re-imagined classic horror movie. 

And if you truly loved this movie or any such classic horror movie for that matter, you must be craving more. 

So, here we are with the best recommendations of movies that you will definitely love if you liked Hellraiser. 


Director Name : Nia DaCosta

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins in 1977, Chicago’s Cabrini Green, where a teenage boy witnesses someone killing Sherman Fields with a hook in his hand. The police officers also beat Sherman as he gets suspected of giving a white child a razor blade in a piece of candy, but later on, he was proven innocent. 

On the other hand, an artist named Anthony McCoy was living with his girlfriend in Chicago. Later, Anthony exposes his assignment after Brianna’s brother Troy explains the whole story of Helen Lyle, who was suspected of a spree killing and kidnapping a small child in Cabrini Green. 

After some years, Anthony meets William Burke, who witnessed Sherman’s death. Here William introduces himself as the legend of the Candyman, whom Brianna makes fun of by saying Sherman’s soul will come and kill the Summoner. 

Sherman’s death and the legend of Candyman inspired Anthony. Later on, Clive and his girlfriend Jerrica notice Candyman, who is doing brutal murder. The same night, Brianna finds the bodies as she continuously remembers her father’s death. 

Candyman is one of the best Hellraiser movies, with many twists and suspense


Director Name: James Wan 

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a photographer named Adam Stanheight, who wakes up in a bathtub with his ankle tied with a chain to a pipe. An oncologist, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, learned that in between their apartment, a suicide victim was holding a gun and a recorder in their hand. 

Later, Adam finds the recorder as both men have tape in their pockets. In that tape, Adam finds that he will get killed by six o clock or his daughter and wife will get shot. Adam also receives a bag that contains two hacksaws in the toilet.

After five months, Gordon discussed this incident with a brain cancer patient named John Kramer, and later on, he gets interrogated by two detectives, David Tapp and Steven Sing. This detective found John’s penlight at the scene of Jigsaw’s game. 

After a few years, they released Gordon from jail, where Tapp and Steven saw Jigsaw go down using the tape recorder of Amanda’s game. The saw is one of the best movies your loved ones will like to watch. Also, you can make your evening more thrilling and adventurous. 

Truth or Dare

Director Name: Jeff Wadlow

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a college senior named Olivia Barron, who is a very good girl as she puts other requirements first, then her own. This movie shows you many hidden secrets based on twists and turns. 

In spring break, she was thinking of making a house with Habitat for Humanity with her childhood friend Markie Cameron as she made her ready to come to Mexico with her group. 

Later, Olivia meets Carter, who tells them to drink at an abandoned church. Cater also suggests their friends play the game of truth and dare. While playing the game, one of his friends, Tyson Curran, says that Olivia has a secret crush on Lucas Moreno, but she refuses to accept. 

When Olivia returns to school, she starts hallucinating about picking truth or dare, where she chooses truth and admits that Markie is not loyal to Lucas. Ronnie also tried to kill himself as he could not complete the dare. 

Evil Dead

Director Name: Sam Raimi

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins with five Michigan University students named Ash Williams, Linda, his girlfriend, sister Cheryl, friend Scott, and Scott’s girlfriend, Shelly. All this five shared a beautiful bond as they all used to trust each other. 

One day when they were entering the cabin, they noticed that the porch was swinging on its own but stopped when Scott grabbed the doorknob. On the other side, Cheryl is drawing a portrait of a wall clock, but the clock stops as she hears some demonic voice. 

As soon as the cellar trap door opened, Shelly, Cheryl, and Linda went upstairs as Ash and Scoot investigated the Cellar. Later on, Cheryl shouts at Scoot as he has turned the tape recorder off, and at the same time, a tree branch breaks into the cabin’s window. 

After some time, she was brutally raped and tortured by demonic trees, but she successfully escaped. Then she returns to the cabin, where Ash notices her situation and is angry at those possessed trees. 

One should watch Evil Dead movies with their loved ones as it can add a thrilling atmosphere and make your night more enjoyable.


Director Name: Clive Barker

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Aaron Boone, who used to dream of Midian, a city where monsters lived freely. One day his girlfriend, Lori Winston, tells Boone to visit a psychotherapist named Dr. Philip Decker, a serial killer. Philip tells Boone that he has murdered Decker. 

The Dr told Boone to turn himself into lithium, but before he could do anything, he met with an accident and was immediately taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Boone hears that an unknown man has come to Midian. 

But later, he is caught by the hospital, and at the same time, Boone leaves. As Boone dreamed about Median, he started making his way to Median alone. In between, he finds many challenges as he encounters supernatural creatures such as Kinski and Peloqium. 

Kinski was kind-hearted and said they should allow him, but Peloqium was not ready to accept human beings on his planet. 

Event Horizon

Director Name: Paul W. S. Anderson

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a group of people who used to see hallucinations of their fears and regrets. Justin tries to commit suicide as he feels decompression but is saved by Miller. 

Later, Miller sees Corrick, a senior, and he gets forced to abandon death. This group also discovered a video of the Event Horizons, which had a beautiful look as it met the gravity drive. After some time, Cooper tries to use his space suit’s oxygen to help other members. 

But at the same time, Weir shoots at him but misses the shot to decompress. However, Miller, Cooper, and Starck successfully seal off the ship’s bridge. Their ship was also destroyed, but Miller plans to separate the Horizons into two parts so that she can use it as a lifeboat. 

One can watch this movie with their office colleagues or loved ones in their home so that they can make their night more enjoyable. This movie shows the struggle of the group to seal the ship’s bridge safely. 

It Follows

Director Name: David Robert Mitchell

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a young woman Annie who runs from her house due to fear, but it is just her hallucination. Later, she carries her father’s car and goes to the beach, where she calls her father and admits that she loves him. Her father was shocked at why her daughter was crying so much. 

After some time, her father discovered that she had been brutally murdered. Jaime goes on a candle night dinner with her new fiance, Huge. There Hugh finds a beautiful girl in the back of the theatre. But when Jay says she cannot see the girl, Huge tells her to leave. 

After some days, they again planned for a date where they both had sex in the car, but in between, Jay got chloroformed and the next day was tied with a wheelchair. Hugh says that he has passed an entity while having sex. Hugh also says that if it goes into your body, it will kill you. 

Hugh left the house, but the police could not find the naked woman as she lived with a false identity. 

Silent Hill

Director Name: Christophe Gans

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Rose Da Silva, living with her husband, Christopher. The couples were unhappy with their adopted daughter Sharon as she was suffering from nightmares about Silent Hill, situated in a town in West Virginia. 

Instead of finding a solution, Rose takes Sharon to Silent Hill for a vacation so they can easily find answers. When Rose and Sharon entered Silent Hill, a girl stopped them in between the road and started blaming Rose for a car crash. 

Due to extreme fog on Silent Hill, Rose realized Sharon was missing. Rose started searching for Sharon in the town, but later she remembered that the girl she met was fond of cash. After some days, Rose again meets with that girl as she gets seen as a suspect of Alessa. This movie shows the nightmares of Silent Hill as it is suspenseful in the end. 

If you are thinking of watching a movie, watch this once, as it will make you feel better. 

The Midnight Meat Train

Director Name: Ryuhei Kitamura

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with a man named Leon, a photographer who likes to take pictures of the city. Leon was not given much importance and was crushed as he was a well-deserving candidate. Later on, Susan also blames him as he is not taking risks. 

However, he got news about the subway system at night, where he was assigned to click photos of an impending sexual assault, but he didn’t save the woman. The next day, he came to know that she was missing. He also asked several reporters about her disappearance, but nobody had any idea. 

Later, Leon shows his clicked pictures to the investigating officers, but Detective Hadley doesn’t believe him. Due to this behavior, Leon’s interest shifted from this case, and his girlfriend Maya got upset. Her girlfriend also not believing his story. 

But Leon wanted to help that woman as he was feeling guilty. Later, the conductor tells Leon that supernatural creatures are living in the subway. 


Director Name: Ernest Dickerson

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie began in 1979 when Jimmy Bones was liked by his neighbors, who believed him as their protector and member. But he was cheated and murdered by the corrupt Cop Lupovich and the drug peddler Eddie Mack. They also force Jimmy’s assistant Jeremiah and Shotgun to stab him until he dies. 

But her girlfriend Pearl was the only person who refused as she tried to kill herself but could not succeed as she was stopped in between. After twenty years, Patrick, brother Bill, step-sister Tia, and best friend Maurice decide to purchase Bones’ home to turn it into a nightclub. 

Later, Tia finds a black dog looking like Jimmy’s spirit. The next day, Jimmy tried to meet pearl, who used to stay near their house with her daughter Cynthia. As they analyzed the basement, Patrick, Bill, Tia, Cynthia, and Maurice found Jimmy’s Bone and realized that he gets murdered. 

All five decided to stay silent about the murder as they didn’t want to reveal it outside. But after some time, Jeremiah and Tia’s stepfather came to know about their plan to open a nightclub at Bones’s old house. 


Director Name: Zach Cregger

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Tess Marshall, who rents a house in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit. When Tess was about to leave the house, he discovered the place gets booked by a young man named Keith Toshko. 

However, Tess frightens Keith and tells him to stay the night. But the next day, Keith leaves the house, and Tees also goes for the interview. The woman taking the interview Tess, strictly warned him that she should not live in the area of Airbnb. 

As soon as she returned home, she heard a noise of a man shouting that she should leave him. Listening to this, Tess went to the basement, locked herself, and hid in a corner. Later, she finds the room has a stained mattress and a handprint full of blood. She gets terrified as she has seen a crime scene. 

After some time, Keith comes and removes her from the basement. Tess says everything to Keith about the scene that she has seen, and they decide to go basement to do an investigation. After some time, when Keith does not return, Tees goes to the basement and finds that the hidden corridor is a tunnel. 

She also found that Keith was shouting for help. Without thinking, Tees entered the tunnel and found that Keith had an injury to his body part. A naked woman attacked the couple as she killed Keith in front of Tees. Tees was disturbed as she was not expecting Keith’s death. 

Dead stream

Director Name: Vanessa Winter

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Shawn, a famous YouTube personality who likes to make videos. One day, Shawn’s video became a topic of serious controversy, due to which she lost her fans and sponsors. Despite regaining his fans and sponsors, she decided to do a Livestream in which he has to spend his whole night in Death Manor. 

That Manor was also a haunted house as many people have died. As it was a part of the deal, the sponsor had already told Shawn that they would only accept his sponsorship if he explored the house in detail. As the live stream begins, Shawn opens the chat screen to see the reaction of his viewers. 

In the live stream, Shawn throws the key to his car into the jungle, locks himself in the house, and throws the critical house out of the gate. When we set his camera, he learned about Death Manor’s history. For many years this house was haunted by ghosts as a healthy Mormon died from suicide. 

At midnight, Shawn started calling the spirits as he was trying to provoke them. But when he started hearing some strange noise, he locked himself in a room as he was afraid. If you are a fan of watching ghost-based horror movies, then Deadstream can be the best choice as it has many scary scenes. 

The Devil’s Candy

Director Name: Sean Byrne

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with Raymond Smilie, who hears a strange voice. After some time, his mother enters his room and unplugs the guitar. But when Raymond tells her mother he is playing the guitar to avoid him, she says he should return to the mental hospital. 

As Raymond continuously hears the voice, he kills his mother. After some time, a man enters the room and sees the woman’s dead body. Later, they sold this house to Jesse Hellman, a painter. Hellman used to live with his wife, Astrid, and daughter Zoey. 

The broker also tells them the woman who used to live died as she fell down the stairs, and her husband also killed himself as she could not find his wife. However, Raymond checks into a hotel where he plays his guitar, but when a police officer comes to his room, he stops playing. 

As Hellman started living in the house, he also used to hear the same voice as Raymond. According to his imagination, he tries to paint a painting based on a cross motif. This house was also known as a haunted house, as everyone heard the same voice as Raymond.


Director Name: Eli Roth

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with two college youths, Poxton Rodriguez and Josh Brooks, who travel to Europe with their classmate Oli Eriksson. They also visit an Amsterdam nightclub, which gets run by the brothel. But due to curfew, they could not return to their hostel. 

A strange man named Alexei offered them to stay in his room. At first, they were not ready, but later on, they agreed to go to a hostel in Slovakia full of graceful women. The group board a train to travel to Slovakia, where they meet a Dutch businessperson who tries to seduce Josh. the businessman is trying to touch Josh’s leg. 

Josh shouted at the businessman and told him to leave. As they reach Slovakia, they find their classmates in the hostel in that two women named Natalya and Svetlana. These women invite them to have a spa and later dinner. Josh was forced to run with a local criminal group. 

The Dutch businessman saved Josh from those kids, and Josh apologized for his reaction. On the other side, Poxton and Josh have sex with Svetlana and Natalya. They all enjoyed a lot while having sex as they were experiencing the best moment of their life. 

Crimes of the Future

Director Name: David Cronenberg

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with an expected date. An eight-year-old boy whose name was Brecken could digest plastics as food. Everyone believes that Brecken is not a normal human being. Brecken’s mother beats him with a pillow and leaves him with his ex-husband Lang. 

On the other side, Saul Tenser and Caprice are known as an artist couple. Tenser used to take advantage of Caprice as she shocked the audience by presenting a beautiful painting. Tenser and Caprice have discovered many cutting scenes as they were replacing conventional sex and masturbation as sexual gratification. 

Later on, Tenser meets Timlin, who tells the truth about evolutionists. Those who are die heart fans of Hellraiser movies should watch Crimes of the Future as they can see gnawing on bones, and Future will show more food for thought. 

Timlin also tries to have sex with Tenser but says he is not good at old sex. Timlin used to like Tenser, but he did not have such feelings for her. 

Watching such movies helps an individual explore life better to find thrills like a junkie chasing the next level. In this movie, you can also see many violent images based on medicinal and artistic permits, the longer to appreciate Hellraiser fans. 

The Ruins

Director Name: Carter Smith

Where to Watch: Netflix

This movie begins with two young American couples named Jeff, Eric, Amy, and Stacy, who have planned their vacation in Mexico. In Mexico, they meet Mathias, who is a German tourist, and 

He was searching for his brother Heinrich. He told them his brother was last seen in a remote Mayan jungle. 

They have not been in touch for many years, and he cannot find his brother. This American couple group later joined Dimitri, Mathias’s best friend. After some time, this group reaches the Mayan temple and faces Mayan villagers. 

All the villagers were armed with arrows, knives, guns, axes, and many more. However, Mathias tries to explain their perspective, but the problem is that they need help understanding Spanish or English. 

Mathias’s friend Dimitri tries to talk with the villagers, but they shoot him, and he dies on the spot. After this incident, the group members started running in the jungle. In between, they also find an abandoned camp where they decide to rest as they are highly tied.

 The group also ties Mathias with rope, but unfortunately, it breaks, and he falls, due to which he becomes paralyzed. The Ruins shows the love between brothers and will make you emotional as it has many scenes. You should watch this movie as one brother tries to save his little brother from bad people.

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