15 Best Movies To Try If You Believe In Alternate Or Multiverse Theory 

An Alternate or Multiverse, also known as a parallel dimension, is an alternate reality. Well, the theory says that there is more than one universe that exists, in fact. That changes or depends on an individual’s life choices.

 However, there are different types of this theory. Some people believe it exists, and some enjoy it as a fictional concept.

Based on the Alternate or Multiverse theory, there are books, series, and movies that are interesting on their own.

Also, they explore the concept in their own way. If you are interested in watching films based on this concept, here is the list you can try.  


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One of the best movies with a combination of parallel universe and time travel. Predestination should be on your list. 

Starring Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook, the movie fascinated their viers from start to the very end.

The film starts with a time agent who is on his final duty. He gave the task to go back in time and stop the bomb blast that would kill many people. However, what happens shocks him as well as the viewers.

The story has a lot of unexpected twists. This will keep you thinking about what can possibly happen now. Also, this movie demands your complete attention. 


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Well, one of the perfect movies about a parallel world, directed and written by Johnson. The movie has all new features combined with modern taste.

Including the multiple characters,  the story focuses on keeping things centered. It tells the assassin’s story but in a future version. 

It includes a time loop with action, making it complicated yet stunning at the same time. However, it’s important to focus on elements in the movie’s first half, as then you find the rest of the story entertaining. 

The movie features actors like Gordon Levitt, Emily Blunt, and Bruce Willy, performing one of the best performances in their acting careers. 

There is a deep sense and outstanding character. Also, the viewers will enjoy the visual effects, cinematography, and music. This will be the perfect one for you if you are into watching something sci-fi, action, and flic. 

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 

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One of the most famous when it comes to superheroes, Spiderman is the name. However, Spider-Verse in the animated version adds something extra to the simple superhero movie. 

The movie shows Spider humans in a creative way, with different ages, gender, and even people, adding a multiverse to it. 

The storyline combines the style from its comic book, and unlike other movies, this one is simple. Spider-Verse also won Academy and Golden Globes under the Best Animated Feature category. 


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The fans of the movie claim that this one is the most fantastic sci-fi movie of its generation.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is about the astronauts on an adventure to go to the opposite end of the universe and find a new place where civilization can be rebuilt. 

The movie focuses on the story of a bond between a father and daughter. They had to face the consequences of the journey. The visuals are excellent, and the cinematography is outstanding. 

With the performance of McConaughey and Anna Hathway like actors, the acting is top-notch, and Nolan used music that enhanced the whole experience. 

However, Installer is based on Science+, which is factual instead of mythology. It also includes NASA and Blackhole-like stuff. 

Source Code 

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One of the underrated movies by Jake Gyllenhaal. Source Code is must watch. 

With the different realities and exciting themes, this presentation, like a movie, changes its past and future.

Also, it combines the best chemistry with suspense, giving a build that will keep you on edge. The film shows the point of view of the character played by Jake. 

If you enjoy the plot twist, this one has the big one that will shock you. Ben Ripley wrote the movie, and Ducan Jones filmed it.

The source code has excellent visual effects, cinematography, and editing. So you can try this one if you want to watch some mind-bending parallel movies.

The Butterfly Effect 

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The alternate universe and time traveling is complex. The movie shows how one incident ended up affecting their lives.

Based on the butterfly effect theory, there will be some changes if a person tries to go back and try to fix things. 

The story focuses on what a desire and focus of a person can create. It has a bent time and storyline that catches the attention of people.

With the combination of psychological and thriller, The Butterfly Effect is the perfect movie to try. 


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To those who enjoy watching dark fantasy cartoon movies, you can watch Coraline. If you think this movie is for kids, it’s not, as adults can enjoy its parallel universe-based story. 

The story is based on eleven girls named Caroline who are searching for historic and mysterious property.

She finds a secret door that links her world with other worlds. Soon she discovers that there are better replicas of family and neighbors who are more richest in different versions of the world. 


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This movie is more about an Alternate Reality and shows what is done can’t be undone. The brilliant writing and twist in the story lead the viewers down a rabbit hole. 

The movie is also interesting because Melissa George did her best even though she is an underrated actress. Triangle is not complex, but it does have a confusing time loop that will keep your mind spinning. 


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The movie features Robert Pattinson and John David Washington and is directed by Christopher Nolan. 

The tenant shows the network of universes that are arranged together to be one harmonious unity.

Well, the story focuses on a secret agent who finds a way by which he can control time. He uses the time to prevent an attack going to happen in the future that can destroy the world. 

With complicated theories and characters, this movie is fascinating to watch. Also, you can only comprehend the story with a single watch, so be ready to re-watch it again. 

Mr. Nobody 

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Another underrated movie you can find in nonlinear fiction should have more appreciation and awareness.

Mr. Nobody follows Nemo, who is 118 years old. He related his life experiences with a reporter, explaining multiple points throughout his life.  

The story gets strong with its music, cinematography, and editing. However, there is little of the parallel universe that comes with a looping storyline in the movie. 

The Adjustment Bureau 

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The movie features Matt Damon and Emily Blunt as leads. Well, the interesting take on an alternative reality story tells about a politician who is one edge to being voted into the Senate of the United States. 

However, he falls in love with a dancing performer, but there is a secret group that tries to keep both people separated.

The genre is mixed with romance and sci-fi. It does not have a complex story, but the story is good to watch and has interesting drama. 

The Thirteenth Floor 

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The movie offers a gripping plot that keeps the viewers wondering. Well, the theme is based on technological advancement in VR and its impact on humans. 

The movie has a somewhat similar vibe to The Matrix, but unlike The Matrix, this movie goes far into the concept. 

However, there are some flaws, but the movie is interesting to watch. Also, it offers a perspective that is quite unique on its own. The film is low-budget, but it’s underrated. 


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Oriol Paulo’sPaulo’s other remarkable story, Mirage, is based on a parallel universe where you must take breaks to understand what is going on. 

Mirage is a murder mystery with thrilling, and it includes the concept of memory wrap and time travel. 

There are three timelines in a conversation between a person who is from the past and the future. 

This Spanish movie comes with a puzzle that viewers have to solve and is highly recommended to anyone who likes thrillers with twists and alternate reality. 

Another Earth 

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This movie is based on a parallel universe which has a not-so-difficult concept. Another Earth is quite average, but the characters will make you feel something. 

Unlike movies based on this concept, this one is not about any attack or blast. But focuses on the human story that impacts the finding. 

It will make you wonder if there is another planet in the sky. The movie shows loneliness and is interesting to watch. 

Even though the movie is on a low budget, the concept holds its power over the viewers. So you can watch this movie, but keep your expectations low as it might only be for some. 


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The movie starts with an unexpected finding related to time travel. Watching the first half will give you an uncomplicated vibe, but stick to it. 

The movie doesn’t even mention the concept of time travel or an alternate universe. But it has a warm and complex story based on two characters. 

The writing is clever and complicated with direction, even if it’s pretty confusing to people. The movie is on a low budget and has limited time to create. 

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