15 Best  Movies Of 2020 That You Must Watch

With the resurgence of the festival circuit, which was either shut down or reduced to virtual events in 2020, and the reopening of movie theatres, this year saw a boom in cinema offers. These are 15 interesting films about how specific candidates were propelled to the front of the pack by reviewers like ‘Tenet,’ ‘Mank,’ ‘Emma’ and so on.

There was something for everyone in the films that eventually came to the big screen, including a slew of superstars, huge sci-fi films, choruses with all the bells and decorations, character dramas, thrillers, and oddities that defy categorization.’

Tenet (2020)

Tenet film ensures everyone can access reliable, high-quality digital content. 

The Tenet 2020 is a crucial tenet of Tenet 2020.

A Protagonist ventures on a mission that takes them through the shadowy realm of international espionage would, unravel-fighting for the cause of Tenet while in a time-space continuum with only one word as a weapon life of the entire globe. 

The goal of having one universal platform for all content creators and consumers, where they can collaborate, share information, and collaborate on projects through their autonomous systems. This film was worth watching.

Director-Christopher Nolan

Where to watch – Amazon Prime Video,iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Hungama Play, BookMyShow Stream, Netflix  

Wolfwalkers (2020)

“Wolfwalkers” is a science fiction film about a group of people trying to find the mythical wolf that has been eating people for thousands of years. 

 The movie is about the journey of the people to find a cure for their disease, which is caused by a virus that has infected them and transformed them into humanoid wolves. 

To assist in eliminating the final wolf group, a young apprentice hunter and her father travel to Ireland. 

But when she befriends a free-spirited young woman from a mysterious tribe that is said to turn into wolves at night, everything changes.

Director-Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart.

Where to watch – Apple TV+

Mank (2020)

The Mank (2020) is a futuristic science fiction film. The introduction scene of the film gives background information on what happened in the story and who was involved in it. 

Mank depicts Mankiewicz’s life between 1933 and 1940 while the United States was struggling with the Depression and watching nervously, but from afar, the gathering skies of World War II.

There is also another presence that Fincher does well to emphasize in his narrative of the development of Citizen Kane, the candidacy of Left-leaning Upton Sinclair for governor of California, which sees the tinsel town band up against him. 

Mank is forced to face his compromises and minor lies as Sinclair is depicted as advocating “anti-American” principles, and MGM lends its might to a campaign now known as fake news.

After humiliating himself and Hearst in a drunken rant on the false idealism of the newspaper baron, Oldman’s Mank tells Dance’s Hearst the “parable of the organ grinder’s monkey” in a beautiful moment. 

While Mank believes he is in charge, Hearst tells Mank that he must “dance” “every time” the music plays.

Director- David Fincher

Where to watch – Netflix Official Site

Another Round (2020)

It’s a comedy-drama film about the concept of Daily alcohol consumption by four high school teachers.

It is tracked to examine how it affects their personal and professional life. 

Four professors decided to conduct an experiment where they each maintained a particular level of alcohol intoxication throughout their daily lives because they thought everyone would benefit from having a slightly higher Blood Alcohol Content. 

As a result, their employment experiences are turned upside down.

Director – Thomas Vinterberg 

Where to watch -Hulu

I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

This tells the story of a woman who decides to end her life after many years of the suffering. plot of the story is a movie about a man who embarks on a quest to find his true love. 

The story follows him as he tries to find her and finds himself. While feeling uneasy, a young woman sets out with her new lover to visit his parents’ remote property.

When she arrives, she begins questioning everything she believes to be true about him and herself.

While feeling uneasy, a young woman sets out with her new lover to visit his parents’ remote property. 

When she arrives, she begins questioning everything she believes to be true about him and herself. 

A young woman’s inner monologue opens the movie. 

Although she cannot specify how long she has been considering ending things or how the thought originated, she expresses impatiently.

Although their relationship has only been going on for a month, she claims it has seemed much longer.

Director – Charlie Kaufman

Where to watch -Netflix.

Minari (2020)

It is a sci-fi film based on a novel by the famous Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko. The film’s main character is a scientist who invents a new communication device called Minari. 

In 1983, the Yi family relocated from California to a new plot of property in rural Arkansas, where father Jacob intended to raise Korean goods to sell to vendors in Dallas. 

He chooses to forgo hiring a water diviner as one of his first actions and digs a well in a location he discovers on his own. 

He asks Paul, a strange local and Korean War veteran, for assistance. David’s heart issue means that he is constantly advised not to run, and although Jacob is optimistic about the future, his wife Monica is dissatisfied. 

David and his sister Anne are listening in on the argument between Jacob and Monica as they work at the neighboring hatchery sexing chicks.

Director – Lee Isaac Chung

Where to watch -Hulu, Amazon prime

Promising Young Woman (2020)

It’s a romantic comedy based on the life of a young woman who becomes an actress after her father dies. 

A young woman is facing the prospect of being a single mother when she meets her boyfriend, a successful businessman. 

She decides to pursue her dreams to achieve her goal of not failing in her endeavors—the life of a young girl who goes to college and falls in love with the wrong man.

Friends are having drinks at the start of the film in a nightclub. 

They encounter a young woman, Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas (Carey Mulligan), who appears too drunk to pick herself up. 

Jerry goes to talk to her and tries to get her home as Paul and Jim make sexist remarks to her. When Jerry returns to his flat, he begins to kiss her. 

Jerry leads Cassie to bed and attempts to remove her underwear when she wants to lie down. Cassie then abandons her act of being intoxicated to sit up straight, look Jerry in the eyes, and ask him what he is doing. Jerry appears frightened.

Director – Emerald Fennell

Where to watch -Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Hungama Play online

Possessor (2020)

The movie tells the story of two teenagers teleported into a parallel universe where they discover that they are not alone.

 The movie “Possessor” is a sci-fi thriller directed by Max Landis, starring T.J. Miller and Olivia Cooke.  

The movie follows the story of a man named Jack who has to deal with his past and the future of humanity after an apocalypse known as Possessor has occurred.

Tasya Vos is an assassin who employs body swapping to carry out her killings. 

Vos can use a unique device to insert her consciousness into the minds of her hosts by implanting a machine into their brains without their knowledge.

 After each task, she forces the host to kill themselves so she can reclaim her own body.

Vos struggles with a growing sense of detachment from her identity due to how much time she spends mimicking other people. 

She also finds it difficult to completely separate her work from her interactions with her husband, Michael, and son, Ira. She “practices” imitating her hosts just as she “practices” establishing her regular persona.

 Everyday domestic activities like putting Ira to bed and having dinner with her family are plagued by violent thoughts for her.

Director – Brandon Cronenberg

Where to watch -Hulu 

Nomadland (2020)

Nomadland is a movie about a group of nomads who live in the desert. They are living in tents without running water or electricity. 

They constantly move and can’t afford to stay in one place for too long. 

Frances McDorman packs her camper and hits the road to explore life as a modern nomad outside of traditional society after the economic meltdown of a small town in rural Nevada. 

Linda May, Swankie, and Bob Wells, three actual nomads, serve as Fern’s guides and companions as she travels through the vast American West.

Linda, a coworker, invites Fern to a desert winter gathering in Arizona organized by Bob Wells, which provides a support system and community for fellow nomads. 

Following a shift in the climate and her difficulty locating employment in the area, Fern accepts the offer after initially declining it. Fern meets other nomads at the meeting and picks up basic roadside survival and self-sufficiency skills.

Later, when one of the tires on Fern’s van bursts, she stops by the van of a local nomad named Swankie to request a lift into town so she can buy a spare; further, the story keeps moving on.

Director – Chloé Zhao

Where to watch -Disney plus Hotstar 

The Mole Agent (2020)

This movie is about a mole agent who has to infiltrate the enemy’s headquarters and steal the plans for their nuclear weapon.

 “The Mole Agent 2020” is a futuristic thriller set shortly, where a group of people is forced to work on an elite team tasked with eliminating the so-called “mole.”

It is a documentary film about a nursing facility in Santiago, Chile. Sergio is one of a bunch of elderly guys answering a newspaper ad seeking males aged 80 to 90. Sergio learns of a woman’s desire to hire someone to spy on or enter the nursing facility where her mother is staying to ensure that her mother is given good care.

Sergio gets employed and shows up at the elderly home for a three-month stint with a smartphone and spectacles that can record.

 He comes to know the nursing home’s patients, including the ailing mother of the woman who hired him.

This movie has beautiful scenes to show from the human perspective. The final report that Sergio makes will break your heart. 

Just think how many times in the three months Sergio was there, the woman who hired him to “infiltrate” this same nursing home visited her own elderly mother.

Director – Maite Alberdi

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Da 5 bloods (2020)

Da 5 Bloods is a 2019 American science fiction action movie. Antoine Fuqua and written by Jeff Wadlow and David Leslie Johnson. It stars Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Danai Gurira, Jessica Chastain, and James McAvoy. The film is a remake of the 1970 film ‘The Warriors. The story follows an African-American gang leader named Tariq Jordan, who fights against a racist police force in New York City to protect his family from being killed by them.

During the Vietnam War, a team of Black US Army soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division, Paul, Otis, Eddie, Melvin, and their squad leader Norman, dubbed the Bloods, seize the site of a CIA plane crash and rescue its cargo, a locker of gold bars meant as payment for the Lahu people’s assistance in fighting the Viet Cong. The Bloods decide to keep the gold for themselves rather than bury it so they can find it again in the future. However, Norman is killed in the following Vietnamese counterattack, and the Bloods cannot find the hidden treasure when a napalm strike destroys the recognizable landmarks.

Director – Spike Lee

Where to watch – Netflix.

Emma (2020)

At its core, Autumn de Wilde’s rendition of Jane Austen’s Emma is a glittering romance that seems startlingly relevant. 

De Wilde has a background in fashion photography and music, and her debut feature film is a riot of feathered bonnets, curly hairstyles, and vibrant carriage skirts. Star Anya Taylor-Joy compares it to swimming in a giant cupcake. 

The opulent setting is further enhanced by a supporting ensemble that comprises Johnny Flynn as Mr. Knightley, Mia Goth, Callum Turner, Bill Nighy plays Emma’s endearingly hypochondriacal father with comic skill, and Miranda Hart as the eager neighbor ‘Miss Bates’ by Harriet Fitch-Little.

Miss Taylor’s marriage saddens Mr. Woodhouse to Mr. Weston, but they attend church. Mr. Knightly appears following the wedding celebration with Miss and Mrs. Bates. Emma has planned the contest. 

The son of Mr. Weston, Mr. Frank Churchill, does not. Visitor Miss Harriet Smith becomes Emma’s new buddy. Emma begins arranging a meeting between Harriet and the vicar, Mr. Elton. Emma is Harriet’s go-to person for everything. 

Emma convinces Harriet to reject Mr. Robert Martin, a farmer she loves. Mr. Elton spends more time with them while Emma describes Harriet.

Director – Autumn de Wilde

Where to watch – Freevee, Prime Video, ROW8, Vudu, Apple TV, or Redbox.


Joe is an intermediate band instructor whose life has gone differently than planned. His primary love is jazz, and he is talented. 

However, he quickly learns what it is to have a soul when he ventures to that other realm to assist someone in finding their passion.

A middle school music teacher, Joe Gardner is unfulfilled in his career and stuck in life. His mother, Libba, a seamstress, disapproves of his desire to pursue a career in jazz. 

By coincidence, he learns of a position with jazz icon Dorothea Williams’ band via his old student Curly. 

With his piano skills, Joe wins Dorothea over and is immediately given the job. Joe is excitedly making his way to his first concert later that evening when he stumbles.

Director -Pete docter

Where to watch- Disney+ Hotstar.

News of the world(2020)

A Civil War veteran offers to deliver a girl abducted by the Kiowa people in the past, without her choice, to her aunt and uncle. As they look for a place that either of them can call home, they traverse hundreds of miles and encounter terrible hazards. 

Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a former soldier in the Confederate Infantry, now makes a career by reading newspapers to the general public while traveling from town to town for 10 cents each.

Kidd is on his way to his following site after reading the news one evening when he comes across a wagon that has toppled along the road. 

When he dismounts to look around more, he comes upon a lynched black guy and Johanna, a young white girl dressed in Native American garb.

Director – Paul Greengrass

Where to watch -Netflix.

Bad boys for life (2020)

Detective Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett are shown racing through Miami’s streets as other police officers pursue them at the beginning of this third “Bad Boys” movie. 

When they reach the hospital, they dash inside to find the room where Megan, Marcus’s daughter (Bianca Bethune), just gave birth to a boy. 

Marcus learns that the kid is named after him by Theresa, his wife, and Megan’s fiancé Reggie, who are both there. He displays his grandson with pride.

Director – Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi

Where to watch – Netflix


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