15 Best Movies Of 2017 To Try

The scope of recent releases in 2017 forms the best ten movies list from adequately addressing the situation. 

Several excellent movies have already been released this year, including a few horror flicks, a scathing political satire, a few gripping dramas, and a boundary-pushing superhero feature.

If the selections below don’t satisfy your craving for movies, we also have lists organized by genre for science fiction, horror, action, and humor. 

These movies, ‘Power Rangers’ and The Shape of Water, served as our retreat throughout a stressful year.

But of a year that was generally excellent for movies, these 15 came across the real standouts.

Power Rangers (2017)

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Five teens are given superhuman skills just as Earth is about to be invaded by aliens. 

They must use these abilities to combat the menace to become the Power Rangers.

Outcasts from high school find an abandoned alien ship, where they get superpowers and the name ‘Power Rangers.’ 

The group must use their combined abilities to preserve the World after learning that an old foe from a previous generation has returned to wreak revenge.

The Cenozoic Era on Earth is where the movie begins. Just now, a significant battle took place. Bryan Cranston’s Red Ranger, Zordon, demorphs after crawling over to a Yellow Ranger on his deathbed. 

Zordon apologizes for failing to save them before she passes away. 

He demorphs as he sends his and the rest of the Ranger’s power coins away after she dies and talks with Alpha 5 to dispatch a meteor to terminate all life on Earth, telling them to seek those who are worthy of them. 

Rita Repulsa, the Green Ranger, played by Elizabeth Banks, appears to him and tells him they can conquer both the Universe and the World along with the Zeo Crystal. That will never happen, he assures her once you’ve said to him that.

Genre – Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Director- Dean Israelite

Where to watch – M.P.X. Network, The Roku Channel, Spectrum T.V., Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple T.V

Wind River (2017)

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A seasoned hunter assists an F.B.I. agent in investigating the killing of a young woman on a reservation of Native Americans in Wyoming.

Cory Lambert, an experienced game tracker, finds Natalie’s frozen body deep within the vast and forgiving white area of the Wind River Indian Reservation, east of Boulder Flats. 

Since Natalie’s murder falls under the federal government’s purview, the F.B.I. sends brave but inexperienced agent Jane Banner to head the investigation. 

However, the unprepared outsider will soon join forces with Cory to solve the case.

Cory will soon be forced to confront his past, and he and Jane are desperate for justice.

The film begins at night in the Wind River Indian Reservation’s frigid, isolated Wyoming Wilderness. 

When we witness the opening credits, Natalie Hanson, an 18-year-old Native American woman, is crying and fleeing barefoot through the snow. 

She is also looking behind her. The following scene depicts Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), fully camouflaged in white, shooting a wolf. 

Lambert hunts for the Fish and Wildlife Department, killing local predatory creatures.

In the following scenes, Cory picks up his son from his ex-residence wife before driving him to the Indian reserve to meet her parents. It soon becomes clear that Cory lost his daughter when she was little.

Genre – Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Director- Taylor Sheridan

Where to watch – HBO Max, Apple T.V. plus, Paramount+, Prime Video, Disney plus

The Shape of Water (2017)

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A lonely janitor has an unusual bond with an aquatic monster held in prison at a top-secret research facility in the 1960s.

An unearthly fable set in Cold War-era America, approximately 1962, Elisa is imprisoned in a life of seclusion at the high-security government facility where she works. When Elisa and her coworker Zelda discover a secret classified experiment, their lives are permanently transformed. 

In 1962 Baltimore, Elisa was a mute, solitary covert, high-security federal laboratory. Her life is changed forever when she finds the lab’s top-secret secret: a weird woman who performs housekeeping duties in a South American animal with scales that resides in a water tank.

As Elisa forms a unique link with her new friend, she quickly discovers that its fate and survival are in the hands of an adversarial government official and a research scientist.

Genre – Romance, Fantasy

Director- Guillermo del Toro

Where to watch – Disney plus

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

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When John Wick returns to the criminal underground to clear a debt, he discovers that a hefty bounty has been placed on his life.

Bound by an unbreakable blood debt to the Italian mafia lord, Santino D’Antonio, and with his prized 1969 Mustang still missing, John Wick-the taciturn and pitiless assassin who craves seclusion-is obliged to return to Italy to fulfill his vow. 

However, the Bogeyman will soon be drawn into an impossible assignment in the heart of Rome’s underground criminal class, where every assassin in the industry hopes to corner the renowned Wick, who now has a massive bounty on his head. 

Drenched in blood and brutally pursued, John Wick will undoubtedly remember a tranquil retirement as no one can make it out alive.

In this sequel to John Wick, the sleek visuals and hard-core action are twice as intense as in the original picture. 

When you see this action film, be prepared for more dramatic and cliffhanging situations. The plot develops further, and the action scenes are pretty fascinating! 

The retribution element is still there in the plot, but this time the focus is on Wick’s personal backstab. Keanu Reeves gives another memorable performance as the main character. 

This film is exactly what a sequel should be: it expands on the story that made the initial picture so great while preserving the characteristics that made it so good. The finale of this film allowed for the prospect of many more sequels.

Genre – Thriller-crime

Director- Chad Stahelski

Where to watch – Netflix

Coco (2017)

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When faced with his family’s ancestral taboo on music, Miguel traverses the Land of the Dead in search of his great-great-grandfather, a famed singer.

Despite his family’s perplexing generations-old ban on music, Miguel aspires to be a successful singer like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. 

Desperate to demonstrate his talent, Miguel finds himself in the magnificent and colorful Land of the Dead due to a mysterious chain of circumstances. 

Along the way, he meets the attractive trickster Hector, and the two embark on an epic trip to discover the accurate tale behind Miguel’s family history.

Genre – Animation, Mystery, Fantasy

Director- Lee Unkrich

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar

Dunkirk (2017)

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During a bloody struggle in World War II in May/June 1940, Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Commonwealth and Empire, and France were evacuated after being surrounded by the German Army. 

The French port city of Dunkirk is home to 400,000 British and French soldiers. The Germans have superior air power, so they bomb the British soldiers and ships with no resistance because the only way out is by sea. 

Britain deploys civilian boats and its overworked Navy in a desperate attempt to evacuate the embattled forces because the situation appears hopeless. 

This is the account, as told by a soldier who was one of the besieged forces, two Royal Air Force fighter pilots and some civilians evacuated on a boat.

Genre – History, War, Thriller, Action

Director- Christopher Nolan

Where to watch – Tubi – Free Movies & T.V., ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple TV

Baby Driver (2017)

A young getaway driver who had been forced to work for a mafia leader now finds himself taking part in an impossible heist.

Baby is a young, deaf, or hard-of-hearing getaway driver who can pull off any crazy maneuver while moving along with the correct music blaring. 

It’s a vital skill for him to have if he’s going to survive his indentured servitude to the crime lord Doc, who values his contribution to his carefully thought-out robberies. 

But just as Baby feels like he can finally live his own life with his new lover, Debora, Doc forces him to return for another task. 

Baby finds himself and everything he cares about in severe danger now that he is forced to work with a team of thugs who are too wildly unstable to follow Doc’s orders.

Genre – Action, Crime, Drama

Director- Edgar Wright

Where to watch – Prime Video, Zee5, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Tata Play

Lady Bird (2017)

In Sacramento, California, a seventeen-year-old girl who enjoys the arts reaches adulthood in 2002.

High school senior Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson comes from the “wrong side of the tracks.” 

She yearns for excitement, refinement, and opportunity but doesn’t find any of those things at Sacramento Catholic high school. 

The story of this film centers on the senior year of high school for the lead character, during which she experiences her first romance, performs in the school production, and most significantly applies to colleges.

Genre – Comedy Drama

Director- Greta Gerwig

Where to watch – Amazon Video, Apple T.V., Google Play, YouTube, Chili, and Microsoft.

The Florida Project (2017)

Moonee, a bright six-year-old, is followed throughout the movie as she pursues mischief and adventure with her motley playmates. She interacts with her rebellious but compassionate mother throughout one summer in the shadows of Walt Disney World.

Halley and her six-year-old daughter Moonee reside in a low-cost motel along a commercial strip serving the Walt Disney World tourist clientele south of Orlando, Florida.

Halley, who relies heavily on welfare, has little respect for others, especially those who offend her. Moonee, who wields the finger and curses like her mother, has inherited Halley’s mentality.

While Ashley is at work at a nearby diner, Halley is expected to watch after Scooty, the kid of Halley’s friend Ashley.

Ashley steals cooked meals from the café to feed Halley, Moonee, and Scooty.

On the other hand, Ashley steals cooked meals from the diner to feed Halley, Moonee, and Scooty. 

Throughout the summer, Halley gradually alienates the people who are her unofficial supporters by responding with disrespect to everything she perceives to be against her. 

As a result, Halley begins to go to increasingly extreme lengths to keep her existence with Moonee. She begins to cry and is unable to express herself. 

Jancey grabs Moonee’s hand and runs away with her, rushing to Walt Disney World park and the Magic Kingdom castle, and the movie finishes here.

Genre – Drama

Director- Sean Baker

Where to watch – Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Sky Store, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Rakuten T.V.

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

Following the apes’ tragic losses, Caesar confronts his darker tendencies and embarks on his mythic quest to avenge his race.

Caesar and his apes are forced to fight a deadly battle against a human army led by a vicious Colonel. 

Following the apes’ tragic losses, Caesar confronts his darker tendencies and embarks on his mythic quest to avenge his race. 

As the voyage brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are thrown against one another in an epic fight that will determine the fate of both their species as well as the future of the World.

The apes and Nova then continue their trek to a new home until they arrive at a new land with which the apes are content. 

Caesar and Maurice watch as the apes celebrate their liberation, but Maurice observes Caesar’s arrow wound. 

Knowing he will die, Caesar requests that Maurice protect Cornelius. Maurice promises his son will know what he has done for his family and who he is. Caesar passes away quietly.

Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama

Director- Matt Reeves

Where to watch – 

Brigsby Bear (2017)

Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children’s television show with only one viewer: James.

When the presentation unexpectedly stops, James’ life is irrevocably altered, and he sets out to complete the story himself.

‘Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children’s television program developed for a single viewer: James Pope. 

When the series abruptly stops, Pope’s life is permanently altered as he sets out to complete the plot himself. 

To do so, he must learn to deal with the reality of a new world he is unfamiliar with.

Genre – Comedy Drama

Director- Dave McCary

Where to watch – Microsoft Store, Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Chili, YouTube, Rakuten T.V., Sky Store

Logan Lucky (2017)

During a NASCAR race in North Carolina, two brothers attempt a theft. When Jimmy Logan) is fired, he persuades his brothers Clyde and Mellie to assist him in robbing the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a NASCAR race. 

They will, however, require the assistance of Joe Bang, a convicted safecracker serving time in prison. 

There’s the Logan family curse. All they have to do is free Joe, blow up the racetrack vault, steal the money, return Joe to prison, and get Jimmy to his daughter’s beauty contest in time. What possibly could go wrong?

Genre – Action, Crime, Comedy, Drama

Director- Steven Soderbergh

Where to watch – Kanopy, Spectrum T.V., Paramount Plus, The Roku Channel, Showtime Anytime, SHOWTIME, ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, Apple T.V., or Redbox.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor, imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, must race against time to return to Asgard to prevent Ragnarök, his World’s destruction, at the hands of the powerful and vicious villain Hela. 

On the opposite side, the influential Thor is confined.

He finds himself in brutal gladiatorial combat against The Incredible Hulk, his erstwhile buddy, and fellow Avenger. 

Thor’s survival mission propels him to race against time to prevent Hela from destroying his house Earth and the Asgardian civilization.

Genre – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action

Director- Taika Waititi

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar.

Logan (2017)

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Logan, an elderly and weary mutant, lives a tranquil life in a future where mutants are practically extinct. 

But when Laura, a mutant girl being sought by scientists, approaches him for assistance, he must get her to safety.

The mutant population has been considerably reduced in 2029 due to genetically modified plants designed to diminish mutant powers, and the X-Men have dissolved. 

Logan, whose ability to self-heal is fading, has turned to booze and now works as a chauffeur. 

He looks after the elderly Professor X, whom he keeps hidden away.

Logan is forced to question whether he can or even wants to use his remaining powers. 

The days of them being able to put the planet back together with razor-sharp claws and telepathic powers are ended.

Genre – Action, Drama, Thriller

Director- James Mangold

Where to watch – Disney Plus, ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, or Redbox.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

Image Source: Time

The polyamorous relationship between psychologist William Moulton Marston and his wife and mistress inspired his creation of Wonder Woman.

Dr. William Marston was a Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped build the current lie detector test and invented Wonder Woman in 1941. 

Marston was polyamorous alongside Olive Byrne, a former actress, and his wife Elizabeth, a psychotherapist and inventor in her own right, a pupil who went on to become an academic. 

This friendship was crucial in the development of Wonder Woman, as Elizabeth and Olive’s feminist beliefs were imbued in character from the start. 

Marston passed away in 1947 from skin cancer, but Elizabeth and Olive married and raised their and Marston’s children.

Genre – Biography, Drama

Director-Angela Robinson

Where to watch – Spectrum T.V., Watch T.N.T., truTV, Watch T.B.S., ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple T.V. on your Roku device.

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