15 Best Movies Of 2000

The 2000s Offer Much More Than 20th-Century Reminiscence. Although the decade may have begun with a bit too much denim and iridescence left over from the 1990s, 

In every aspect, Memento is a clever movie. With a forward and a backward telling of the same story, it boasts a ground-breaking nonlinear structure.

Guy Pearce, who began his career portraying Mike in Neighbours, keeps the whole production together with a critically acclaimed performance.

All of these and more describe Donnie Darko: it is mysterious, disturbing, eerie, and menacing. It’s a scary story of changed reality and predictions.

It had an average start at the box office because it took place in the year of the New York terrorist attacks, but it eventually gained praise and became a cult favorite. 

It also boasts an outstanding soundtrack that features a rendition of Tears For Fears’ No. 1 Christmas single, Mad World. Let us dive into the in-depth analysis 15 best films of the Metal Dragon year.

Almost Famous 

Image Source: EW

Genre – Musical Comedy-drama

Director- Cameron Crowe 

Where to watch – Hulu

The year was 1970. William Miller, 15, is an aspiring rock journalist. He is hired to write for Rolling Stone magazine. 

His first task was to go on tour with the band Stillwater and write about it. 

Miller will get a behind-the-scenes look at a famous band, including when things go wrong. Furthermore, it will be a period of fresh experiences and self-discovery for him.

A tomfoolery film for people who were youthful grown-ups in the mid-19th century. 

It’s not an ordinary transitioning film, except if your transitioning happened while on a visit with a famous band. 

As the Lester Bangs character notices, awesome music was in decline at that point. 

The Sixties were finished, and what lay ahead would, without a doubt, fail to measure up.

One of the most authentic and captivating scenes ever captured is the ecstasy on their cheeks as they sing Tiny Dancer on the bus. 

A musical and intelligent look at youth and the music business through fresh eyes.


Image Source: MUBI

Genre – A neo-noir mystery thriller

Director-  Christopher Nolan

Where to watch – Hulu

A person with speedy cognitive decline attempts to find the individual who killed his significant other. 

The two accounts of Leonard, a previous protection specialist who can’t shape new recollections, are told in Keepsake as he looks for his better half’s executioner — the last thing he can review. 

While recounting the story in turn around and revealing all the more each time, one plot line progresses. 

The regressive storytelling, the flashbacks in high contrast that bit by bit mix into shaded going before scenes at the end., Every last bit of it is astonishing.

Most of Christopher Nolan’s films have greatly pleased us, and he has always struck us as a very talented director. 

There is much to admire, even in his worst efforts where his desire might get in the way. 

All of his films are flawlessly executed technically, frequently engaging, and thought-provoking, and they all know how to obtain the best performances from their superb actors.

Amores Perros 

Genre – Mexican psychological drama

Director – Alejandro G. Iñárritu 

Where to watch – Netflix.

Three stories are interconnected by a horrendous vehicle mishap, including characters battling misfortune, regret, and the brutal truth of life while carrying on affection. 

A horrible vehicle misfortune unavoidably snares three complete outsiders’ lives just before the new 100 years in Mexico City’s clamoring city. 

To get away from his unfortunate reality, defiant juvenile Octavio, who is subtly captivated by his sister by marriage, hesitantly enters the strange universe of canines engaging with his destructive canine Cofi.

Alexandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s first time at the helm is perfect and bold. Each of the three interlaced storylines is captivating, enthusiastic, and profound. It is tied for his best film with Birdman. 

We challenge anybody to see this film and not be moved somehow. While the film is challenging to watch now and again, it is never manipulative or dependent on modest shock impact.

Wonder Boys 

Genre – Comedy-drama 

Director –  Curtis Hanson

Where to watch – Hulu

The plot streams along like an investigator story. Along the way, we make various revelations. 

The way that A. O. Scott could have done without it is what tops off an already good thing for us. 

An English teacher needs to manage his significant other’s takeoff, the appearance of his supervisor, who has been hanging tight to his book for a long time, and the horde challenges his companions and partners toss at him.

This is a true hidden treasure. As Crabtree, Robert Downey Jr. is lovely. This is Michael Douglas’s favorite role. Viewers adore Frances McDormand, and while the film could have used more of her, it’s still a fantastic script. 

Rip Torn was an excellent pick for the pretentious, endearing journalist with far too many accolades. Tripp wishes he could despise him, but he can’t. We can’t either. Excellent watch


Genre – Romance

Director- Lasse Hallström 

Where to watch – Disney plus

A small, rural village’s traditional morals are upended when a French woman and her young daughter open a chocolate shop. 

When single mother Vianne Rocher and her six daughters Anouk move to rural France and open a chocolate shop with Sunday hours across the street from the local church, they are treated with mistrust. 

But then, as soon as they persuade the locals to try their delectable products, they are greeted warmly.

Chocolat is an excellent film! , a delectable rom-com about a nomadic mother and daughter who transformed the attitude of a traditional religious French community by creating and selling chocolate blew our minds.  

The only thing that piqued my interest was the presence of Johnny Depp in the film. But we were blown away by how well this story translated to screen. 

This is undoubtedly one of Depp’s most underappreciated films from his early career.

 In this film, his accent is superb, and his character is engaging and wholesome.

Cast Away 

Genre –  Survival drama

Director- Robert Zemeckis |

Where to watch – Hulu

A FedEx executive who crashes lands on a remote island experiences a physical and mental metamorphosis. 

Chuck Noland, a FedEx operations executive based in Memphis, and Kelly Frears, a graduate student, have been together for a long time. 

Even though they are each other’s life partners, they have not yet tied the knot because of their hectic schedules-especially Chuck’s, who spends more time traveling for work than at home.

Everything rotates around adoration, including that it is so difficult to track it down in a culture engrossed with accomplishment, the peculiar occurrences that can either make or obliterate it, and the experience that made one man reexamine what is genuinely significant throughout everyday life.

This is Robert Zemeckis’ best work, and all that about the film works, the areas, the exhibitions, the story, and the cinematography. Even though Tom Hanks has played some shoddy jobs consistently, this one opponent, any Jimmy Stewart execution at any point, was caught on camera for brightness. 

No time like the present year to watch this film once more and consistently find new perspectives that hoist it.

Erin Brockovich 

Genre – Documdrama

Director –  Steven Soderbergh

Where to watch –  Netflix.

A single parent who is jobless turns into a lawful colleague and, practically without any help, cuts down a California power enterprise blamed for harming a city’s water supply. – Erin Brockovich Ellis is a jobless single parent who longs for work but has no karma. 

This horrible streak incorporates a lost claim against a specialist engaged with a fender bender wherein she was involved. 

She effectively frightens her legal counselor into giving her a task as a reward for the misfortune.

A revolutionary film that attracts attention to natural wrongdoing and 1990s misanthropic thoughts. 

Various feelings can be felt through the image, yet these kinds of flicks stand apart the most. 

From the outset, you wouldn’t accept the plot rotates around ecological wrongdoing.

It was reviving to watch Erin, a lady during the 1990s, not be deprived of and pushed all over in a male-centric work environment and culture.

Battle Royale 

Genre – Adventure, science fiction

Director-  Kinji Fukasaku 

Where to watch – iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play

Later, the Japanese government grabs a gathering of 10th-grade understudies and propels them to kill each other as per the progressive “Battle Royale” act. 

This excellent, momentous Japanese activity picture shows how to communicate influential thoughts without forfeiting any activity/brutality. 

There are motion pictures that renounce activity and spotlight the discussion to impart a discreet message. 

Afterward, there’s Battle Royale, which passes countless inconspicuous implications regardless of being packed onto the edge with activity: not something each movie producer achieves, and that is all there is to its most significant accomplishment.

The picture has an engaging style that defies description. It becomes more sensitive as a dream recounted by a voice or voices reciting the story, replete with jump-cut recollections and fictitious flash-forwards. 

A film filled with Russian established in accordance, conflicts, and lovely and profound life lessons!!

Flickering Lights 

Genre – Gangster comedy

Director-  Anders Thomas Jensen 

Where to watch –  Tubi – Free Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Prime Video

Faeringen gives the order to a group of four Danish criminals to rob a safe of a bag. 

They keep DKK4,000,000 for themselves and travel to Spain after discovering the bag. 

They eventually find themselves renovating an abandoned restaurant in Jutland.

A beautiful film that misunderstands the foundations of trauma recovery, which is problematic when all of your plot rhythms involve somebody overcoming trauma through flashbacks.

Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey 

Genre – Historical Documentary

Director- John Little

Where to watch – Prime video

A docudrama focuses on Bruce Lee’s life. Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist, is the focus of this fascinating documentary by Lee enthusiast John Little. 

Through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and action sequences from Lee’s final unfinished film, Game of Death, Little creates a thorough, complex portrait of the most well-known action hero in the world.

This documentary is broken into five distinct parts, the first three dealing with Bruce Lee’s life. 

For Lee enthusiasts, there isn’t much new material here. Still, the footage from many sources, including Lee’s film clips, Television interviews, and shows, is skillfully produced and offers a vivid depiction of a man whose unique talents were just starting to mature.

Best in Show

Genre –  Mockumentary comedy

Director- Christopher Guest

Where to watch – Showtime, fuboTV, and Paramount+

A behind-the-scenes look at the fiercely competitive and cutthroat world of dog shows is seen through the eyes of a gang of cruel dog owners.

A “great documentary crew” captures the enthusiasm and anxiety expressed by the quirky players in the hilarious spoof Best In Show at the famous Mayflower Dog Show. 

This witty parody highlights the wonderfully different dog owners who come from all over the USA to show off their four-legged competitors.

A fantastic scene is when the couple cannot locate their dog’s noisy bumblebee toy. Clever, sarcastic, and silly! 

The work that Christopher Guest put into this documentary was incredible! What a talented group of actors that perfectly capture the absurdity of dog lovers’ obsessions! 

Especially if you like comedies, you must see this! 

The fact that most of this film was unscripted and that C Guest only provided his cast with broad ideas for their characters demonstrates his brilliance.

The Gift 

Genre – Character-driven

Director – Sam Raimi 

Where to watch – Hulu

A young woman who has mysteriously vanished is looking for assistance from a fortune teller with extrasensory perception. 

Everyone is looking at Annabelle Wilson after Jessica King goes missing. 

Not as a potential murder suspect but as a medium. Wayne Collins, Jessica’s fiancé, seeks Annabelle’s advice after seeing how many residents of the community flock to her for assistance.

Given that Simon is not the person you think he is, you can’t help but think that he could be deserving of what happens to him. 

Another perfect scenario was as it was getting close to the conclusion, and the partygoers heard the big bang outside. 

A cliched “dinner party turned slaughterhouse” is what all the tension and mental anguish leading up to this moment suggest, debating each character’s actions to understand what might have happened after the conclusion. Great motion picture.

Remember the Titans 

Genre – Sports, Drama

Director- Boaz Yakin 

Where to watch – Disney Plus, Prime Video, Vudu

The genuine record of a newly employed African-American secondary school mentor and his group during their most memorable season as a racially incorporated bunch. Schools in rural Virginia have been isolated for quite a long time. 

Under a government necessity to coordinate, one Dark secondary school and one White secondary school have shut, sending their students to T.C. Williams Secondary School. 

The year is seen through the football crew’s eyes as the very effective white mentor loses his employment to the man delegated to mentor the Dark school.

It vividly depicts the characters’ motivations throughout the film. 

It demonstrated how a single high school football team has the power to alter the perceptions of an entire community and its citizens. 

It gave us some valuable lessons about racism. 

Most people only consider movies to be for amusement but Remember the Titans was so much more than that, and viewers might genuinely learn something from it.

It isn’t only a games film, but also a movie from which we can all remove important examples about existing together in an isolated local area. 

Their model through football opened the way for Alexandria, Virginia’s people group, to meet and begin from that point. This turns out as expected today.

Happy Accidents

Genre – Romantic comedy

Director- Brad Anderson

Where to watch – Amazon Instant Video.

Sam Deed, New Yorker Ruby Weaver’s most excellent catch in some time, makes them believe she’s met the man of her fantasies – then again. 

He guarantees her that he’s from what’s in store. Ruby Weaver dislikes men since she endeavors to retouch them, leaving her with considerable failures. 

Sam Deed, her ongoing accomplice, appears to be unique; he is pretty delicate and recently appeared from Dubuque.

It is stunning, including acting, writing, direction, and cinematography. 

But most importantly, it kept me on the edge of the viewer’s seat while rooting for Sam and Ruby. 

Excellent performance and writing.

 This is a fantastic movie if you enjoy robust dialogue and don’t require flashy special effects to capture our attention.

The rapport between them is incredible. “Worth seeing.

Paradise Lost 2: Revelations 

Genre – Documentary

Director-  Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky 

Where to watch –  Hulu

Years later, the West Memphis Three case, its dubious circumstances, and the people involved are revisited. 

The appeals process of three men charged with killing three children in Robin Hood Hills is documented by filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky in their film. 

The original movie demonstrates how shaky evidence and a biased neighborhood resulted in a seeming injustice.

In romanticized drama, setups like these usually result in some form of closure for the wrongfully persecuted. 

Still, this is a harsh reality, and there is no route to victory ahead of the West Philadelphia three in this case.

The filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky took a risk by disclosing the events’ most disturbing facts. 

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