15 Best Movies Of 1997

1997 was a great year for cinema whether it was in the context of mainstream movies or more independent/artistic movies.

Not to forget how this year gave some really great films of the century such as Titanic. Yes! That was indeed the year 1997 when we got this epic love story defining one of the iconic romantic movies from Hollywood.

There are some noteworthy sequels from successful franchises like Jurassic Park and Scream.

Well, if you want to watch the best movies of 1997, here have handpicked you the best releases of this year.


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Genre – Romance and disaster, Historical drama

Director – James Cameron

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar.

On the opulent, tragic RMS Titanic, a young aristocrat falls in love with a kind but penniless artist.

Rose DeWitt Bukater, who is now 100 years old, tells her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert, Brock Lovett, Lewis Bodine, Bobby Buell, & Anatoly Mikailavich the story of her life, which takes place in 1912 aboard the Titanic, the upper-class passengers, her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater, and her fiancé Caledon Hockley.

Visually, director James Cameron outdid himself; seeing the ship in such a lovely and broad light was just as thrilling. 

We can see why the movie is so long after watching the ship sink. It takes time for the whole event to take place, making the infamous catastrophe all the more nerve-wracking. 

The film’s entire climax is one of the most exquisitely orchestrated and exciting scenes we’ve ever seen in a movie, with the tension building as the water slowly seeps into the ship and the level of panic and mayhem among the passengers reaching terrible new heights.

The Game

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Genre – Psychological Thriller

Director – David Fincher 

Where to watch – Peacock

A fat San Francisco banker is given a chance to share in a secret game, and his life is entirely flipped upside down as he starts to wonder whether there is not a retired plot to ruin him.

The Game is another of David Fincher’s wonderfully made pictures, with sequences consummately mixed with heightening pressure, particularly in the poppet scene.

Overall, a largely engaging film with the eventuality of a beautiful climax, but regrettably, the ending is just meh when it should have been a stunning release of pressure that, at the veritably least, left the bystander bewildered and wondering what’s real and what’s not.

An ingenious plot direction that could only come from the mind of blessed director David Fincher Love Is Strong by the Rolling Monuments, Fight Club, and Gone Girl.’ 

The Game,’ is a movie that flirts with wisdom fabrication, but there’s enough reality in each pressure-filled scene to keep you interested.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park 

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Genre – Science fiction action

Director –   Steven Spielberg 

Where to watch – Netflix

While an InGen platoon arrives with a different thing in mind, an exploration platoon is transferred to the Jurassic Park Site B islet to study the dinosaurs there. 

A study platoon is dispatched to an islet 88 long hauls from Jurassic Park’s former position to record and take filmland of the dinosaurs that have ago been set free. 

To collect, compose, and transfer some dinosaurs to San Diego, where they will be employed at a new Jurassic Demesne position, InGen, the bioengineering business, has dispatched a larger crew to the same islet.

This is a strong effect of a quaint dinosaur extremity film. Everyone in 1997 saw this movie in the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

It was set up to be a witching, thrilling, and pleasurable Its a witching and delightful movie.

 The story’s action and exhilaration are well-integrated, and the plot is well-organized. 

There are numerous excellent generalities and situations in dinosaurs, human relations, and action scenes. 

Everything comes together in the classic Spielberg way. To the point where it was exhilarating from launch to finish.


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Genre –  Animated musical fantasy comedy

Director – Ron Clements, John Musker 

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar

Zeus and Hera’s spirit loses his eternity as a baby and must grow to be a real idol to recapture it. 

The malignant Hades, God of the demi world, who wants to replace Zeus, transforms Hercules, son of the Greek God Zeus, into a half-god, half-mortal. 

Hercules was raised on Earth and still possesses holy strength, but Zeus instructs him that to return to Mount Olympus, he must develop into a true idol.

No spoilers ahead, but there’s a pretty good plot surprise in the middle of the film, and the battle scenes were done well. 

The movie is a very extraordinary rendition of Hercules’ life narrative. 

One learns about Hercules’ struggles, which undoubtedly gives one bravery and spirit. The actors gave excellent performances.

There is nothing unusual about the action in this epic.

The fight scenes were spectacular, but this movie wasn’t based on a book, and you could explore the world’s oceans in search of a written version and still come up empty-handed.

Jackie Brown

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Genre – Crime Thriller

Director – Quentin Tarantino 

Where to watch – Prime Video, Redbox., ROW8

The FATF detains a flight attendant who has a felonious history of smuggling. 

She faces pressure to turn snitch against the medicine dealer she works for and needs to find a system to do it without dying. 

For the sake of the arms dealer Ordell Robbie, the center stewardess Jackie Brown tried to smuggle plutocrats from Mexico to Los Angeles. 

When she’s restrained by agents Mark Dargus and Ray Nicolet with $ 6000 and heroin in her handbag

Unthinkable film; it failed at the box office. Since this plot requires them, Jackie Brown has some incredibly well-rounded characters. 

In many significant cases, we see these people grow more complex right before our eyes. Fantastic casting, story, and plot together. 

It keeps you guessing for the maturity of the time because you noway know what will be next. The tremendous soundtrack goes well with the excellent images.

It’s not a snappy crime suspenser; it plods along, but it works because it allows for character development.


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Genre – Screwball comedy

Director – Mel Smith 

Where to watch –  Amazon Prime

When Mr. Bean is assigned to transport a priceless oil to a Los Angeles gallery, he leaves for America. The assessing Royal National Gallery in Britain employs Bean as a caretaker. 

His employers want to fire him since he constantly sleeps at work, but they’re unfit to do so because the gallery’s board president stands up for Bean.

Bean offers an excellent backstory to Mr. Bean’s character and harkens back to the old- academy British sitcom. 

Indeed if the first half seems slow and rather uninteresting, it’s entertaining enough. The real treat, however, lies in the alternate half. 

This movie’s humor is just like the humor in a classic sitcom; it’s clever, fresh, and amusing. Rowan Atkinson is an absolute genius who carries the entire movie on his shoulders and delivers physical humor unlike any other ridiculous.

Seven Years in Tibet 

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Genre –  Biographical war drama

Director –  Jean-Jacques Annaud 

Where to watch –  Netflix

This is an accurate account of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian wayfarer who grew close to the Dalai Lama during the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

It’s an excellent film to watch if you want to understand peace. It’s about a country that the world has forgotten, and if it had been a free moment, it would have had a beautiful culture that stood piecemeal from the rest of the world. 

Just taking in the beauty of the Himalayas, Tibet’s culture, and the warmth of the Dalai Lama is a singular experience. 

It states that in addition to looking outside ourselves, we must look within.

How the world’s sinister forces concentrate on the poor, and how China captured the holy Tibetan home more than a million times.

This historical drama was expertly produced. It portrays a volatile time in Tibet’s history that is less well recognized due to China’s decisive intervention and covert actions.

Good Burger 

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Genre – Children’s film

Director – Brian Robbins 

Where to watch –  Hulu 

Due to the arrival of a brand-new burger restaurant across the street, intended to drive them out of business, a dim-witted youngster and his new coworker attempt to keep the old burger shop they work for from failing. 

Dexter Reed, a high school student, is made to work at Good Burger over the summer because his academy teacher, Mr. Wheat, caused an accident. Dexter must work extremely hard at Good Burger to pay off his schoolteacher’s car.

The movie’s narrative is utterly unfathomable, but you are still interested in it since it is so captivating. 

There is never a dull time while watching, thanks to the tempo and the tale. 

While you wait to find out, there are never any dull moments when Ed and Dexter will escape the upcoming wild and crazy adventure in which they attempt to defeat the evil mondo burger. Good Burger required endless planning and time to ensure the best visual quality. 

Additionally, this film features some of the most historically accurate characters.

Boogie Nights 

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Genre – Period comedy-drama 

Director –  Paul Thomas Anderson 

Where to watch – Hulu 

When he discovers a hot new talent in the days when sex was legal, pleasure was a business, and business was thriving, an idealistic porn producer desires to turn his craft into an art. 

Eddie Adams, who works as a busboy in a restaurant, is discovered by adult film director Jack Horner, who is constantly searching for new talent.

Boogie Nights, Anderson’s alternate picture, has a confidence similar to the contemporary work of Scorsese and Altman. 

Anderson flings and spins his camera about to fabulous disco music.

Anderson is much more interested in exploring the nature of family and the price of fashionability and success than he’s in showing important sexual content in a movie that’s entirely about adult film assiduity.

The movie is extensively amusing, constantly funny, and continually moving, and Alfred Molina makes a great appearance. 

Like its spiritual kinsman Goodfellas, Boogie Nights rewards repeated viewings and is so amusing to watch that you could find yourself doing so.

Good Will Hunting 

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Genre – Psychological drama

Director – Gus Van Sant 

Where to watch – HBO Max or Showtime

Will Hunting, a cleanser at M.I.T., is blessed in mathematics but requires a psychologist’s backing to find his life’s purpose. 

One of the most significant flicks in cinema history, without mistrustfulness. Since it imparts some important trueness consummately conveyed by players like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and the late Robin Williams, may he rest in peace!

This film belongs to the order of pictures that are most pivotal to watch since they’re about people. Connections, precariousness, and trauma from nonage, but development is most important. 

Good Will Hunting depicts character growth in a way, beginning as a normal troublemaker constantly trying to press your buttons and figure out what makes you tick. 

This film belongs to the order of pictures that are most pivotal to watch since they’re about people. Connections, precariousness, and nonage trauma – by just three words,” Good Will Hunting” encapsulates the entire film. 

This title is clever enough since it tells the followership that ” Will Hunting,” despite his allegedly harsh gest, is authentically sincere and good-hearted.

Men in Black

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Genre –  science fiction, action comedy 

Director – Barry Sonnenfeld 

Where to watch –  ZEE5

A cop joins a covert group that polices and monitors extraterrestrial encounters on Earth. The performance in this film is outstanding, notably by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Agents J and K are a fantastic platoon with excellent chemistry. The conception of secret operatives probing alien beings is both instigative and exciting.

Fantastic music was composed by Danny Elfman, and other songs on the CD, including ‘Men in Black performed by Will Smith.

Edgar -the cockroach extraterrestrial, is a fun opponent, and VincentD’Onofrio gives an excellent depiction in mortal form.

Character and plot development are superb. Indeed by nineties norms, the Graphics is emotional.

Numerous memorable, well-executed scenes that are moreover entertaining, action-packed, or both, like the sequence in which Jay stomps on a mass of cockroaches, driving and killing Edgar.

Rocket Man

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Genre –  Comic science fiction

Director – Stuart Gillard 

Where to watch – Disney+

An opportunity to visit Mars presents itself to Fred Z. Randall, a nerdy spaceship designer.

The film adheres to numerous music biopic conventions, although it is more original and daring than other films in the category. 

The picture drags a little in the second half with Elton’s drug addiction. 

However, the first and third acts were excellent and riveting. 

The pacing of the film was slow due to some sequences that were dragged out, but this did not interfere with the natural evolution of the film. 

The costume and production value had all the required components, attributes, or characteristics. The editing was perfectly in pace with the tale. That music was fantastic.

Scream 2

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Genre – Parody

Director –  Wes Craven 

Where to watch – Hulu

One of the most stylish shooter conclusions of all time. Excellent jotting and direction. Impeccably cast with famous youthful players of the period, including Neve Campbell as a heroine you can not help but bed for. 

It was not as shocking as the original, but it stood out with numerous such characters to balance in a who-done-it murder riddle and blend in some instigative chase scenes. 

Kevin Williamson did a good job planning the first two Scream flicks ahead of time, so this was not a last-nanosecond conception. 

It was a well-executed effect that was awarded. As Sidney adjusts to council life two times after the first series of murders, someone dressed as Ghostface initiates a new line of homicides.

The memo had some problematic points, the badinage was a little too tone- apprehensive, and we aren’t sure how Dewey survived” again” after being picked in the aft several times. The film was a competent effect away from those minor issues, and it entered an advanced rotten tomato score than its precursor.

The Ice Storm

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Genre – Drama

Director – Ang Lee

Where to watch –  Paramount Plus, The Roku Channel, Spectrum TV

Although restrained, the tone conveys a sense of brewing dread. On a vacation weekend like Thanksgiving, two families gather together. 

They’re upper middle class and live in Connecticut with two children, each having problems. 

The neighbor and the partner are having a loveless affair. 

The woman, who’s in denial, uses theft as a diversion. 

Everything comes to a disastrous conclusion due to a critical event and a nasty ice storm, although it could have been avoided with the help of the involved parents. Joan Allen, Kevin Kline, and Sigourney Weaver are among the top-notch cast members. 

Despite having a 1970s setting, it’s dateless. A must-see.

The script is flawless, and the cinematography is gorgeous in a washed-out, “icy” tint.


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Genre –  Science fiction action thriller 

Director –  John Woo 

Where to watch –  Disney+

In the film Face/Off, an FBI agent has a face transplant to take on the appearance of the criminal ringleader who murdered his son. 

The whole exchange is simultaneously sensual, frightening, and humorous. Face/Off separates from other action movies due to its superb cast and exciting plot. 

It is frequently considered a classic and is very popular. 

Face/Off is by far John Travolta’s best performance in a film, and Nicholas Cage and John Travolta both put on incredible acting performances that propel the movie.

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