15 Best Korean Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now 

When it comes to fantastic content, Netflix has no shortage. But Korean horror is a must-watch, especially for those looking for the oomph factor.

Also, the same repeated concept of horrors and predictable scare scenes in English horror movies is boring. To enjoy more suspenseful and realistic content, with a pinch of suspense, Korean horror movies are the ideal watch. 

Well, Netflix got you covered as it finally streams some of the best horror movies from the industry that have great cinematography, unique base stories, and unexpected turns of events. 

Here are some of the best ones you should add to your list. 

The Call 

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Directed by Chung Hyung Lee and starring Park Shin Hye, Jeon Jong Seo, and Sung Kyung Kim, The movie focuses on the story of two women with their own stories, but with one phone call, it starts to intertwine together and get more complex. 

One day Yong Sook receives a mysterious call from a strange woman who claims she saved her life. But as the story progresses, it shows the spine-chilling thriller with friendship, love, family, and betrayal. 

A Tale Of Two Sisters 

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To those who enjoy the chills while watching horror, A Tale Of Two Sisters is the perfect watch.

The stories focus on two sisters returning to their home, where they spend their childhood. Both sisters spent some years at a mental institution after their father left them. 

They move to their father’s new family, and they soon get to know that the new wife is crueler than their own mother. To make things worse, a strange ghost has been haunting them.


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The movie stars Sung Woo Bae, Dong il Sung , Yi Hyun Cho and Jang Young Nam. 

Metamorphosis features the family that stands against the evil spirit that changes the face of an infiltrated family where they place their brother in danger while they tribe to protect others. 

While on the mission, Dong Chul joins the force with their old friend with his old friend, a monk with a mysterious background, to battle against the dangerous foe. 


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To those who like zombie-mixed horror, they can surely give this Korean movie a try. #Alive is about the city residents who are unsure what took over their city, leaving everyone in self-quarantine.  

A young man who lives alone in the apartment and has no groceries foolishly opens doors where the neighbor forces him to let himself in.

Even though he is infected, he forces him to go out. As the day passes, the Internet and phone stop working with no water, and hope goes. He sees a cute girl living in front of his apartment doing the same thing to survive and stay alive. 


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Sequal to Train To Busan. Peninsula is a blood-curdling thriller with an element of horror in it. Jung Sok and Seul Hwa meet again to survive. Jung escapes overseas and has to return to fulfill his mission to the peninsula. Seol Hwa starts to live in a beach house along with her father. 

Peninsula would be an excellent watch if you liked Train To Busan. The movie has high stakes, and the cinematography makes the watchers feel on the edge of their seats. 

The 8th Night 

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Starring the cast of Lee Sung-min, Kim Yoo Jeong, and Park Hae Joon, The 8th movie is another perfect Korean horror movie.

The story focuses on Sunwoo, a Buddhist monk who uses his axe and prayer beads to fight the spirit which has transformed into people. 

He meets An, who sees ghosts, and they join the mission to help the police detective Min. The group has one goal, i.e., to find a human host possessed by an evil spirit named Ad Wolgwang. 

The Host 

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Well, the movie is considered the first monster movie that has been directed in Korean cinema history. Also, it’s a blockbuster hit with a perfect balance of thrilling action and drama. 

The film focuses on mutant monsters who are living in the Han River. Due to toxic chemicals constantly being poured by the nearby industries, water released the monster.  

The story gets interesting when the youngest daughter of her family with her brother gets captured. And his friends take charge to save both of them. 


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The phone is a good watch for those who enjoy the show’s build-up of tension, mystery, and threats. 

The movie stars Ha Jin Won, Kim Yu Mi, and Woo Jae, directed by Byeong ki Ahn. The story focuses on Ji Won, an Investigative reporter who starts to receive threatening calls. To find a way to get out of it, she moves out and even changes her number. However, it doesn’t stop those series of chilling calls. 

The movie’s direction combines logic and paranoia that keeps you guessing. 

Hansel And Gretel 

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Well, this movie is a Korean sensation when it comes to horror. Hansel and Gretel tell the story of a young salesman who finds himself lost in a forest.

He stumbles into a girl who seems to be mysterious. Not only does she kidnap him and the locals in a mansion, but the place is filled with creepy things, puzzles that are disturbing, and creatures that give nightmares. 

The movie has rich visuals and dark humor that is an exciting watch for the viewers. 

The Quiet Family 

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The movie can successfully give you chills that stay for a longer time. The Quiet Family focuses on families that need money.

For that, they took the lodger who committed suicide and buried everyone, not letting any information out about the incident. 

However, the guests in lodges start to meet similar things, and soon the situation gets worse than ever, leaving people to depend only on themselves. 

The movie has some terrifying scenes, along with lots of scary jumps. 

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum 

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Directed by Beom Sik Jeong and based on a real story, the movie explores the original haunted place in South Korea.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum is a terrifying yet interesting watch as it explores the truth about one of the most haunted places in the country. 

Well, the story is about a crew who are shooting a horror web series. They visit an abandoned asylum to do a live broadcast.

But things didn’t go their way as they found themself locked in a haunted asylum with a situation they never thought they would have to face. 

Seoul Station 

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Directed and written by Sang Ho Yeon, Seoul Station is one of its kind zombie thriller in South Korean movies.

The animated film focuses on an epidemic where zombies destroy and damage everything they see.

And there are some survivors left who are doing their best to survive. However, they have no idea what kind of twist is waiting for them. 

Seoul Station is an exciting watch, with its graphics being gruesome and horrifying situations. You sure need to watch this. 

Svaha: The Sixth Finger 

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The movie is a psychological horror film with an interesting yet horrifying take on cults.

The movie includes Buddhism and esotericism, subjects that are too rare to explore in this genre. It follows a pastor who is into exposing the religious groups where they are not saving but doing harm. 

While on his job, he discovers there is a Deer Mountain cult. Alongside, a series of murders start in Belgian, suspecting it has something related to a cult.

The search to find the truth begins. The movie was extremely popular in Korea in 2019, receiving 1.18 million views within five days. 

The Wailing 

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Directed and written by Na Hong Jin, movie stars Jun Kuniura, Jung Min Hwang, Kwak Do-won, and Woo-hee Chun as leads. 

The story focuses on a policeman whose daughter is diagnosed with a terminal disease. When he arrives in a town that seems strange, there is a way to save his daughter that comes with a price. 

The Wailing is thrilling, with power-packed action and emotional drama gripping horror. 

Also, it dares to lay bare disturbing social issues of South Korea. The movie is a must-watch that you should stream on Netflix. 

The Wrath 

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Director Yong Sun Yoo highlighted the true event from the 1800s with a gruesome and shocking twist in the movie The Wrath. 

The story focuses on Lee Gyeong Jin’s household, which is a high-ranking official in the Joseon Kingdom. 

When his three sons die in mysterious ways, a pregnant mother finds a vicious curse to fight against with the help of his husband’s subordinate. 

The tragic story goes beyond the extreme, which is a must-watch movie. 

The Host was the first monster movie that was ever made in Korean cinema. Also, the movie was a blockbuster thriller at the box office. 

The story follows the genre mix of horror and Sci-Fi. An American military base of Yongsan released toxic and harmful chemicals in the drain that reaches to Han River.

Six years later, the city came to know the mutant squid monster that left the water and attacked the people who were around the river. 

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