15+ Animes For Beginners Streaming On Netflix Right Now 

Every month, several anime are slowly making their way on the Netflix streaming platform. Since there is more and more popular among the audience, from Naruto to the recent popular Demon Slayer, there is a wide range suitable for different genres. 

Watching anime is fun and exciting. However, it can be bothersome to find and get too much work. Don’t worry. Netflix got your back. 

To those who love watching anime and have no access to anime sites, do not worry about it! There are so many anime options that you can get. There are still more than enough that beginners can enjoy. 

Here is the list of anime that you should start watching right away.

One Piece 

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One of the iconic anime that you should watch if you are into adventurous and action genres. One Piece is about the story of Young Monkey D. Luffy.

He seeks to be the greatest pirate, and to be the one, he has to discover the greatest treasure and will be left by Gol D Roger, who once had everything that would have to offer, along with the title of the King of Pirates. 

Also, to those who don’t like the fillers that most anime have, Well, One Piece has lesser fillers. It also offers a unique personality and character development which is exciting to watch. 

Jojo’s Bizarre  Adventure 

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the insane yet unique shows. Well, the anime shows the journey of the Joester family and the intense psychic strength they possess, focusing on each member and their adventure throughout their lives.

Even though the name is serious and gore, the outlandish comedy is something that attracts the audience. It has comedic alleviation, which they deliver with ease. 

Demon Slayer 

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One of the most famous names you might have heard, even if you don’t follow anime, Demon Slayer is a popular franchise worldwide. 

Tanjiro had everything: a happy family and a warm house. To make his living, he has to go to the mountains and collect items, and one day he leaves for the same.

However, when he returns, he witnesses a gruesome death, attacked by a demon. The only survivor left was his sister Nezuko, who was also slowly becoming a demon. To cure his sister and avenge the murder of his family, Tanjiro sets on a journey. 


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Naruto is considered a must-watch anime if you want to join the community. The name is included in the big three, along with One Piece. Y

The story is about Naruto Uzumaki, who is a mischievous adolescent ninja. He struggles to get recognition and become Hokage’s leader and strongest ninja. 

Naruto has excellent teaching, inspiring, unique world-building, and beautiful artwork for multiple reasons why you should watch this anime. 

Death Note 

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Another famous name achieved its level of maturity for its anime fans after a long time. Even though the anime was not well received initially, Death Note found its right passage and should be on your list. 

The story is about an incredibly high school student who finds a notebook that can kill anyone. Just add their name to it. 

Using the book, he sets a secret crusade to eliminate all the criminals from society. 

However, there are some poorly received choices in the plot. But anime is intelligent, and there are many things to look after. 

Attack On Titan 

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One of the most popular anime , Attack On Titan, is a must-watch for anyone remotely interested in watching anime. 

In the story of Young Eren Jaeger, whose hometown gets destroyed and the death of his mother, he vows to cleanse the earth from giant humanoid Titans that have almost ended humanity. 

From delivering the best experience possible to stunning visuals and a detailed storyline, the quality of this anime is top-notch and the reason behind its worldwide success. 

One Punch Man 

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One of the most binged and rewatched anime on Netflix. One Punch Man is another famous anime to watch. 

In this world, superior beings exist and fight evils. Saitama is a unique one. With a single punch, he can defeat his enemies. But since many superheroes have superpowers, Saitama lives a hollow and empty life.

Also, no one respects him, and his laid-back attitude worsens things. He even lost his hair because of intense training.

From living a pointless life to being an extraordinary hero of all time, the journey of One Punch Man is inspiring and heartfelt. 

Violet Evergarden 

Image Source: CineVerse

This anime is beautiful, visually captivating, and has a tear-jerking story. Violet Evergarden is a perfect slice-of-life anime you should add to your watchlist. 

The story of ex-soldier Violet Evergarden who is also known as The Weapon. After getting badly hurt in War, she was left with few words from the person she was most close with. 

Continuing to live her life, she starts working at CH Postal Service, where she witnesses the Auto Memory Doll that describes the thoughts and feelings of people in the world. Moved by this, Violet starts to work there, beginning a new journey and discovering new relationships. 

Kuroko’s Basketball 

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The anime is considered one of the best in early 2010. This anime also helped pave the way for popular anime like Ao Aoshi and Haikyuu.

However, if you are unsure what to watch first, start with Kuroko’s Basketball

The story focuses on the Teiko Middle School Basketball team. Once upon a time, the team was considered basketball perogies that demolished everyone at competition. And they are known as The Generation Of Miracle.

Kuroko is the unknown sixth team member that joins with Taiga Kagami, who makes a devastating combination. 

Food Wars 

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To anyone who loves watching food anime, Food Wars is for you. This anime will make you hungry, along with its characters and plots, making it an exciting watch. 

Food Wars is the story of Yukihara, the son of the owner of a Japanese Diner who enrolls in a culinary school.

His goal is to suppress his father’s skills and become a full-time chef. But to do that, he also has to compete against ambitious chefs. 


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Some of the funniest and thirty facial animations you can see in anime, Kakegurui is for you to watch. 

Hyakka Private Academy is an institution for the privileged, along with a peculiar curriculum. This academy has the kids of the wealthiest family who don’t just have athletic prowess but are book smart too. 

In such a highly competitive school, Yumeko Jabami enrolls who is a gambling prodigy and teaches everyone what true genius actually looks like. 

Sailor Moon Crystal 

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Those who were exposed to anime in the late 90s or early 2000s might have heard about Sailor Moon. Years later, this anime was rebooted by Toei animation, considered the most faithful adaptation. 

The story of Usagi Tsukino is chosen to be the guardian of justice. Usagi is sent on a quest to locate the Silver Crystal.

And it’s much more critical as they have to find it before the Dark Kingdom invades the planet earth. 

The Promised Neverland 

Image Source: Pennlive

With its one episode, the anime grabbed everyone’s attention. The Promised Neverland was included in the list of best anime in 2019. 

The story’s premise is about an orphanage called Grace Field House, which has the most intelligent kids. Focusing on two kids, Emma and Norman, who one day finds the sinister reason behind the orphanage and the caregiver they call ‘Mama. 

This dystopian-based anime has suspense. Also, if you want to watch something a bit creepy, this can help. 

Cells At Work 

Image Source: Ocio

The series is a delightful, educational and fun anime that shows how body cells work and are represented as small-size humanoids in their jobs.

With each episode, you see how the body gets ill and how cells work to fight against these viruses and bacteria. 

The story focuses on red and white blood cells who find themselves working with each other. The plot is interesting, but the anime also has a catchy theme. 

Blue Exorcist 

Image Source: Apple TV

Blue Exorcist has one of the most remarkable series that you can see on Netflix. The story focuses on Rin Okumura and Yukio, his brother, who are twins and born of a Devil. However, Rin is the only one who takes after his father.

When he turns into a demonic, Rin has a dream to be an exorcist to get rid of demons that have plagued society. 

The anime gives a similar vibe to Hellboy. However, it was an exciting and fun ride. 

Devilman Crybaby 

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This anime is not for everyone as it defies its tropes and has beautiful animation, ranking it as one of the best originals from Netflix. 

This one is adapted from the 1972 Devilman manga and has lewd, obscene imagery that can be used to depict demons and their perverse nature. 

The story focuses on demons reawakening and putting humanity in turmoil, and a sensitive demon boy is led into a war that is brutal and degenerate against his evil and mysterious friend Ryo. 

The anime has powerful and mind-blowing anime that deserves attention, even though you must ensure this is for you. 

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