13 Terrible Movies That Are Fun To Watch On Boring Days 

Some movies are so bad that they are good to watch. They might have terrible plots, awful acting, or lousy VFX. But still, some films are enjoyable, especially when you are having a bad day. 

These guilty pleasure movies are fun on their own. You can watch it without any expectations and enjoy the silliness and absurdness.

So when you don’t want to use your mind to understand complex stories and are ready to watch something so terrible that it’s good on its own, here is the list of movies you can consider. 


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In 2004, cell phones were still a new thing and known by fewer people. And that somehow turned into the plot of the movie Cellular.

Starring Chris Evans, the story focuses on a man who receives a random call from a kidnapped woman. She randomly calls someone instead of dialing 911. 

Evans now has to try his best to rescue the lady while keeping the cell service intact. 

Critics praised it that year as they also needed to learn how phones work. But the movie turned into a cult classic since it has a lot of absurdity. 

Vampire’s Kiss 

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The movie has an intentional and smart comedy. However, Vampire’s kiss is one of the terrible movies by Nicolas Cage. 

The plot has a lot of different things, but it focuses on Peter, a literary agent who believes that he is actually a vampire. But in reality, he is not. 

He gets bitten by Rachel, who is a vampire lover. That makes him believe that he is also turning into an actual vampire. The movie continues as Peter loses his insanity, ranting, and raving to beg for death. 

The movie is a blend of horror and comedy. It has a perfect example of how terrible movies can be fun sometimes; keep logic out of it. 

Fifty Shades Of Grey 

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The movie is also known as a glorified piece of Twilight fanfiction; Fifty Shades Of Grey has its own fan base divided into two.

Some liked the book version. Some liked the trilogy. However, in both senses, it has a terrible story with lots of bondage and sex following the story of Anna.

She met Billionaire Christian Grey during a one-to-one interview that ended up changing her life. 

Well, the movie adaptation takes it too seriously, and you have the trilogy Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades of Freed. 

Bee Movie 

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Bee Movie is terrible, technically, but still, it has a solid fan base who liked the movie. 

Renee Zellweger gives the characters’ voices, Chris Rock, Mathew Broderick, and Jerry Seinfeld, who also directed and wrote the movie. 

The premise is where things start to fall apart, as no one knows for whom this movie is precise. The plot focuses on a bee society that sues humanity as they are exploited and not given enough wages for their honey-making work.

The story’s main Bee, Barry B. Benson, plays a delusional person who has a sore career working as a honey man in the industry. However, he ends up falling in love with Vanessa Bloome, a human.

Where the story shows how bees work to win the case and a jealous boyfriend who believes his girlfriend is cheating with a bee. 

Even though the premise and story are confusing and absurd, the movie is entertaining and fun when you have nothing to watch. 


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Starring Beyonce as the lead, the movie is self-defining. Well, the story basically focuses on the husband of Beyonce, who is getting seduced by one of his employees.

Ali Larter is dangerously obsessed with him and does everything to make him belong to her. However, the husband’s role is laughable and frustrating as he keeps repeating the same thing repeatedly.

 He put himself in a situation knowing that his coworker has an obsession. Not just him getting drugged and raped, but that end up looking like they have an affair. 

But he also put his wife and child in danger. Beyonce’s character has enough of this as she takes matters into her own hands and beats the crap out of Ali Larter’s character. The movie is not a masterpiece, but the satisfaction at the end feels good. 

Bride Of Chucky 

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There is no doubt that Child’s play movie was one of the best horror movies ever created. They took the creepy-looking dolls to another level.

However, the Bride of Chucky turned this horror movie into a parody. In this movie,  Tiffany, the former girlfriend of Chucky, revives her spirit as she transfers her soul into the bride doll’s body. They go on a spree and kill people with a mission to share their souls to a young couple’s body. 

Well, not just Chuck proposing to his girlfriend, but it takes a whole new level in the end. Tiffany ends up dying in a doll’s body.

However, she gives birth, not to a child but to a baby doll. And there is another part of this series called Seed of Chucky. 

Drag Me To Hell 

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Another horror movie that starts with a creepy story but ends with a talking goat, which is the highlight of the whole movie. Drag Me To Hell is your movie to watch if you want to enjoy some horror with absurdity.

The movie focuses on Christine, a bank loan officer. One day, a gypsy woman came to her as a customer and requested an extension of her mortgage payment. But Christine denies her request, ending up getting cursed by her.

This leads to nosebleeds, sacrifices, and the highlight when a child-eating demon spirit turns into a goat.

Once the demon is in the goat, the funny animation of saying ‘You Bitch!’ to the goat is the most hilarious thing you have ever witnessed. 

Even though the movie is terrible, it has some good stuff that horror movie lovers will enjoy. 


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Sharknado might be the best pick to cure your dull day, especially when looking for movies that are bad that are good.

However, the sequel of this movie is much better. But  Sharknado is a watchable movie for being an over-the-top comedy but received most success where there is no reason for it.  

Well, the story focuses on a tragedy that takes place in LA. The man-eating shark skies through a tornado, causing havoc to the people in the city.

The movie defines how over-the-top stories and actions work in favor sometimes. So if you are in the mood for this, don’t skip the Sharknado movie. 

Black Sheep 

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Black Sheep is an Australian horror movie where the plot focuses on genetically engineered sheep terrorizing New Zealand’s farm.

Even though the movie is terrible, the movie is entertaining. Also, the movie is about werewolf sheep. The person who gets bitten by the sheep will also end up in the sheep. 

The transformation is quite funny and terrorizing at the same time. There is a point where the folk of sheep descends upon gathering people. They massacre everyone, which is quite gory. 

Wrong Turn 

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Suppose you are in the mood to watch something epic in guilty pleasure films. This one’s for you.

The movie starts as a creepy movie but ends up as a parody of the movie The Beverly Hillbillies: The Beverly Hillbillies from Hell. 

The movie tells the story of college students haunted by disfigured cannibal rednecks. The group is on a trip where they meet a trio of cannibals following them to murder and consume flesh. 


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Twilight was one example of when some movies were so poor but still famous. The fan of the book version thought it would do better with the story. However, the movie highlighted the absurdities that the novel had. 

The character of Edward walks away in the middle of a conversation without any notice or staring at people until it gets too awkward.

The movie is impossible as Edward’s character gets more creepy as he likes to watch Bella when she sleeps. 

On the other hand, Kristan Stewart playing Bella is too difficult. And Twilight has millions of things that can be too bad when you watch, but still, it’s fun. 

Mars Attack! 

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Mars Attack! It is a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Well, picture it. There is a woman’s head on the body of a Chihuahua and a dog’s head on a woman’s body in the name of an experiment by aliens. 

The movie takes on a ridiculous side as one of the characters finds love with the woman with a chihuahua body. The movie gets stranger every second, but it’s fun, and you can enjoy every second of it. 

Ernest Scared Stupid 

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The Ernest movies are incredible and real treasures. Even though it’s not Academy Award-winning, you can enjoy the movies on a boring day. 

Ernest is about the movie where a demonic troll gets released in town before Halloween. These trolls turn the kids into wooden dolls and use their energy to feed them.

However, their weakness is only unconditional love and milk. Well, this leads the townspeople into a fight using milk against the multiplying trolls. 

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