13 Best Asian Dramas To Try If You Enjoyed Squid Game

The Korean industry is blooming to another level after Squid Game. The kdrama on Netflix created a Korean wave and then crossed popularity over the globe.

According to Netflix, Squid Game pulled 1.65 billion hours of viewing in 28 days following the 17th September premiere. 

In U.S streaming charts, Squid Game is still ranked at number one.  

Hwang Dong Hyuk writes this show; it’s a thriller with a unique backstory on the characters. 

A story about a character who is in debt and gets the lifetime opportunity to solve his problem. 

All he had to do was to play the Game with other players. However, the Game turned out to be a life and death situation with brutal kills. 

While people are waiting for the season, if you want to watch something similar to this, here is a recommendation that you can try. 

Sweet Home

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Based on the webtoon, Sweet Home is similar to the Squid Game as both show survival and fight to stay alive until the end. 

This drama is based on apocalyptic horror. Here focuses on the apartment residents where monsters are roaming outside their walls. 

The Netflix original series is also all set for its second season. 

All Of Us Are Dead

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All of Us Are Dead is quite similar to Train To Busan; this drama is based on apocalyptic horror that gives a twist to zombie nightmares. 

This kdrama is also based on the webtoon Now At Our School.

The intense ride of school students surviving and fighting the zombies where the teachers are keeping secrets up their sleeves is exciting watch after you are done with Squid  Game. 


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The kingdom is about Crown Prince Ju Ji Hoon as he discovers new spreading diseases in Korea, killing his father and putting others in danger. 

This drama is a twist to the Zombie attack in the Joseon era. Also, there is a prequel, and both seasons are streaming on Netflix. 

Strangers From Hell

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Another bone-chilling kdrama makes your skin crawl with its actor’s performance and setups. 

Strangers From Hell is based on a webtoon; it’s a psychological thriller about  Yoon Joon Woo, who decides to move to a new apartment in Seoul after his military service is done. 

But due to his paycheck and affordability issues, he had to move to Goshiwan, a tiny room in a spooky neighborhood. 

Alice In Borderland 

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Those who have watched Squid Game might be aware of the Japanese drama Alice In Borderland. There is a whole debate about which one is better as both have a lot of similarities. 

Alice in Borderland is based on alternate Tokyo, where the selected players are required to play the Game in order to survive. 

This drama is a perfect watch if you want something more after competing in the Squid Game. 


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Happiness is quite similar to Sweet Home in terms of concept. This drama is based on residents inside the newly built apartment who get attacked by a virus, making everyone turn into zombies. 

However, this drama focuses on developing the character instead of zombies. With a power-packed couple, this show makes an interesting watch. 

Liar Game 

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This drama is similar to Squid Game, but people here are not killed. Nam Da Jung gets an invitation after passing an audition that happened in a hidden camera and gets invited to a Liar game show. 

In this show, players are pitted against their psychological warfare until one remains to claim their prize and win 10 billion won. 

This one is an adaptation of a Japanese drama, so if you want to watch more, you can also try that as you have more seasons. 


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If you are in the mood to watch something dark and fantasy-based, Hellbound should be on your watchlist. 

This Netflix original drama revolves around the creatures from Hell taking people with them. 

Highlighting the religious beliefs and society’s thoughts, this kdrama makes you think about what if Hell actually exists and how people’s sins are taking them directly to Hell. 

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor 

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There is a high chance that Squid Game creators watched this anime before they came up with their story. 

Because Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor has uncanny similarities as it’s also about a man who is debt-ridden and gets an offer of a lifetime to compete in a game to win the money. 

Similar to Squid Game, this Japanese anime also includes games such as rock paper scissors and high stakes. 

Dark Hole

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Another kdrama you can watch is for those who like the blend of horror and supernatural genre. 

Available on Viki, Dark World is based on people fighting against the mutants formed from the sinkhole. The mystery of where these mutants are coming from and how this sinkhole even existed in the first place is an excellent watch. 

This drama is reminiscent of kdrama Hellbound. That you must try. 

365: Repeat The Year 

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To those interested in Time traveling, This drama is similar to the selection of people required to survive. 

Here they fight against the Time and people who are behind the messed ups. This South Korean television series is based on the novel Repeat written by Kurumi Inui in 2004. 

Darwin’s Game

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Darwin’s Game is based on an innocent online invitation from a friend where they have to play an app game. However, is it as innocent as it seems?

The Game turns into a life and death situation for Kaname Sudo, a high school sophomore.  

This Japanese anime is similar to the point where Kaname Sudo understands there is no way of getting out of this Game. He decides to find the Game Master and get rid of this whole thing. 

Dr. Brain 

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In November 2021,  Dr. Brain was a psychological sci-fi thriller that gets debited on Apple Tv +

This drama is based on a brain scientist who finds a way to transfer memories from one person to another. His goal is to investigate the tragedy that happened to his family. 

However, this kdrama is a bit different. Still, the Squid Game lovers will enjoy the insanity of this story as it deals with tapping into dead people’s minds and visualizing their memories. 

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