12 Movies To Watch If You Liked Jordan Peele ‘Us’

Jordan Peele’s second original horror movie ‘Us‘ brought 70 million dollars, record-breaking in its debut at the box office.

It became one of the latest weekends for an original horror movie ever. Also, the moveie has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for genuine terror, twist, and suspense. 

Us movies infused new life in tropes of classic horror. The film became one of the most recommended horror movies.

With its refreshing style and storytelling, it left people craving for more. If you are one of them and looking for more recommendations that give the same vibe as Us, here is the list of movies you will like. 

Get Out 

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Directed by the same director of Us, Jordan Peele debuted in directing and screenwriting that introduced a fantastic mystery thriller to the audience. The movie shares a similar Jordan Peele vibe as you experienced in Us. 

The story focuses on Chris and Rose, who have been in a relationship for a long time and are taking it further by meeting the parents. When Chris gets an invitation from Alison’s house for the weekend getaway, it seems like a regular meeting with their parents. 

However, Chris begins to suspect that there is something more than that. The fear and feeling of something are right in front of your eyes, but you can’t see it making the movie one of the most fantastic works by the director. Also, it’s a must-watch movie if you love the thriller in the horror genre. 


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Directed by Rahi Anil Barve, if you are into watching some different language movies, Tumbbad is the perfect pick.

The premise of this movie focuses on Tumbbad, a village in Maharashtra, India. Focusing on the character Vinayak Rao who recounts the famous story of an ancient god called Haster.  

Digging deep into mythology, the story highlights the story of Haster, who was afraid to be trapped inside his mother’s womb, called the Goddess of Prosperity in Tumbbad. 

Despite being warned that people should never remember the name or worship this god, the villagers in Tumbad build a temple where they pray for a solution to their poverty. 

Vinayak, who is also struggling with poverty, must return to his village. He takes on a quest to feed the Haster and trick him into getting the gold in return. But the need turns into greed, crosses all the limits, and ends up with his son following the same path.

The film is a must-watch with its gloomy, eerie, and gothic villas, along with the tragic anomaly of how greed brings destruction. Also, Tumbbad was the first Indian film to premiere at Venice International Film Festival. 


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Will you trust people you met for the first time in your life? Identity movie focuses on ten people from different backgrounds locked in a hotel because of a violent storm. Having no choice, they start to interact with each other.

One of them is a woman who is a wonder as she got in an accident before coming to the motel, a prisoner making people uncomfortable, and a killer who is not identified yet.

Things start to get out of hand when people kill without knowing the real culprit. It grows the hostility among the group, wondering who the enemy is behind this is, 

The Sixth Sense 

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Cole Sear is a child who can see and communicate with dead people’s spirits. But no one around him seems to believe what he says. Dr, Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, takes this case to help him and find the reason behind it. 

Dr. Malcolm is also seeking a way to redeem himself after his previous parents tried to murder him and then killed him. 

However, in his attempts to help the boy, incidents that are hard to explain start to happen that shook both doctor and the child. 

The movie is a perfect watch after Us. It has all the elements you want, including the best acting and thrilling plot. 

Cabin In The Woods 

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The movie starts with a typical horror flick, focusing on five friends who travel to a cabin for adventure and encounter an impending doom. 

But they are not the only ones there, as a group of scientists is not just watching these five people but also controlling the environment. 

It makes viewers look for how these are connected, coming up with their theories to explain what’s happening. 

Don’t Breathe 

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Another movie that gives goosebumps with what will happen now. Three teens are looking for a way to start a new life and leave the town.

Before they do that, they pick a house where a blind man lives. However, things start to go wrong as the blind man knows every corner of his house. 

One of three friends gets brutally murdered by this helpless blind man. The remaining two friends have no option but to stay quiet as much as possible because this man can even sense their breath.

The movie makes your heart beat faster, even though you feel bad for the kids, but hops are more simmering every second as the blind man comes their way. 

Train To Busan 

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The zombie genre has been overused so many times that it feels this might not work anymore. But here is where Train To Busan surprises. 

This Korean movie has non-identical storytelling with solid acting and mind-boggling visuals. There are multiple characters, intense emotions, high stakes, and a father trying his best to protect his daughter. 

Well, the story focuses on a train that is going to Busan. Seok Woo is traveling with his father to meet his ex-wife.

During the journey, they came to know the emergency state that had been declared as people biting each other and turning into zombies. 

Soon the danger entered the train, killing passengers and attacking more and more people. Sang Hwa is another passenger traveling with her pregnant wife and a compassionate man. They team up with Seoj Woo to protect their family from these monsters. 

Under The Shadow 

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Shideh and Dorsa are mother and daughter. The story is set in the mindset of the War of cities during the 1980s. Shideh has strong political beliefs and is a medical student, but she has to give up.

However, she refuses to escape with Dorsa to the safe place even when her husband’s instinct.

In the middle of chaos, they are visited by an extraordinary boy who brings a mysterious entity into their home.

As the War continues, things start to happen in the life of Shideh, worsening her PTSD until it reaches a final breaking point. 

To those who enjoy blending genres, this one is a master in that job. Babak Anvari directs the movie and expertly handles the uncertainty of life between War and supernatural beings. 

Rosemary’s Baby 

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Rosemary’s Baby deals with her sister’s neighbors and the devil. The story focuses on the heroine deciding to move in with her husband.

They move Guy Woodhouse into Bramford, a New York building with secrets ranging from murder to witchcraft.

However,  her husband starts to manipulate her to become pregnant, and once she does, her neighbors begin to take care of every aspect of her life. 

The movie is universally acclaimed as one of the best horrors ever made. The film includes heavy parallels, including feminism, religious paranoia, loss of control, anxiety, and loss of control. 

The camerawork shows the life of Rosemary,  causing the claustrophobic atmosphere that shows the dark side of urban life. 

Funny Games 

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Another movie with the same vibes as Us, Funny games, shows the family vacation that goes awfully wrong. 

In 1997, the movie created the delightful cat and mouse game that happens between the antagonist and family who are in danger. 

The story focuses on Georg and Anna, who is a happily married couple with their son Georgie and a pet dog.

The family decides to go for a vacation and arrive at their lake house. However, they encounter Paul and Peter, who seem to be normal, but soon they find out both are sadistic killers. 

They trap the family and torture them by using different games that makes escaping impossible. The movie also had a remake in 2007 with the same name. 


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The Oscar-winning movie, Parasite is a story about the difference between the Kim family, who is poor and doing everything to survive, and the Park family, who is wealthy.  

Kim works under the Park family, striving to escape gut-wrenching poverty. Their arrangement gets endangered when they discover another former employee who is living in the basement of the Park Family.

Not in this movie is entertaining but also rich with ideas about how capitalist labor exploration works. It also highlights the gap between rich and poor. 


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The movie has slow and theatrical insanity with its storytelling. The premise of the movie tells the story of international spy Mark.

He returned to his home after completing his assignment when he found that Anna, his wife, wanted to leave. While there is no affair, Mark is contacted by Heinrich, who claims to be Anna’s lover. 

On another side, Anna finds her mental start ts to get worse and now manifests itself as a dangerous dark creature.

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