12 Best Alien Movies Streaming On Netflix

Some of us believe that there is life beyond our planet. Is that a good thing for us? The existence of aliens is disputed, and Hollywood has only catered to our extraterrestrial imagination.

Cinema has analyzed this question considerably. It is a magnetic and mysterious issue, whether via alien invasion or space exploration. 

If you’re mindset for a movie outside our world, you should check out these valuable alien movies, which you can stream on Netflix. From aliens descending to uFO onto Earth, from traditional families to sci-fi horror films.

Here we discussed the excellent alien movies on Netflix. The list contains scary alien abduction movies and alien abduction movies.


Have you ever wondered if your nightmare coming correctly? If yes, then you may be delighted by the belief of the film Extinction.

It proves right to Peter, who has nightmares about an invading power coming to Earth, risking his family’s safety and everything close.

 He knows very little about these disturbing nightmares, which would divert him into reality.

 When he sees a psychiatrist who knows the origin of this fear, he meets another patient mourning from the same night’s nightmares and wonders if something more major is happening.

Peter’s doubts prove correct when spaceships land upon the city at night and attack humanity. Peter and his wife can snare an alien weapon from one of the invading alien soldiers.

Peter tries to use the detailed facts from his nightmare to protect his family —But only they can understand what is happening. Peter is about to realize that he has these visions for a cause. And when he understands why the knowledge rotates, his life is completely upside down.

The Signal

 In The Signal movie, a road trip with friends is very wrong. Three MIT students, Nick, Jonah, and Haley, drive in America. Haley moves to California. The boys are going with her to help her. But Nick panic that this trip will difficult his relationship with Haley.

However, all these problems will soon fade into the background when this trio of friends confronts an even more terrifying threat.

As Jonah and Nic rent a hotel room to spend the night, they find out that NOMAD( hacker named ) is stalking them and finds their spot. 

This is not their foremost detain with NOMAD, and this hacker closely got them kicked out of MIT when trying to access their school’s private servers.

After all this, Jonah and Nic decide to get revenge at NOMAD by chasing the hacker’s place. They head to the dumped house to hide out. But things got changed when 

they reach, they see nothing.

At the same time, their other friend Haley suddenly pulled into the sky, which gets obvious for the group had blundered into something unexplainable.


When Hood brings a camera to his friend Rob’s going away party, he never guesses the occurrence he’ will grasp on video.

The Cloverfield is a found-footage film of an alien invasion. 

Hood arrives at Rob’s farewell party with a camera that is always on hand so he can film the testimonials from their friends as they wish him well on his upcoming shift from New York to Japan. Suddenly, the building shook with what felt like an earthquake, and the city went dark.

The party-goers go outside to investigate, and Hud tries to capture the following catastrophe on film. 

The severed head of the Statue of Liberty tumbles down the street, a huge creature crushes buildings and bangs down the Brooklyn Bridge with its tail, and some of the little, parasitic animals jump out of its body to strike people in the street. 

And everyone, including the party-goers, also makes desperate efforts to exit.

Set in Cloverfield, the found-footage arrangement sets you directly in the middle of the moment as the heroes try to flee New York City during the chaos.


In the Revolt movie, an American Special Forces soldier awakens in jail and has no idea who he is. 

After being banged out in a fight against invading automated machines that want to capture the world, after this, he has amnesia.

 Another helpful prisoner Nadia gives him the nickname “Bo” and pushes him to recall the blanks. 

Nadia is a former French doctor who explains that both of them were caught by a criminal gang, and since then, they have been kept as prisoners.

However, Bo remembers nothing about his fight with these otherworldly robotics. He realizes that the phenomenon endowed him with a special capability: now he can absorb and drain electricity. 

Bo and Nadia decide to run away together and take an opportunity in the outside world. They plan to free their cells and drive to Bo’s previous military base in Nairobi, where he worked before his capture. 

But the machines have already destroyed all major cities on the Earth, and their return may be riskier than waiting in jail cells.

Beyond Skyline

Beyond Skyline is a sequel to the 2010 film, which heeded a bunch of people attempting to endure an alien invasion of Los Angeles.

Beyond Skyline is another story in the same period as the original film.

The story in Beyond Skyline is happening in context. Mark Corley, a Los Angeles police detective, helps his son Trent to flee jail just as the invasion starts. 

Mark and Trent stay close to each other, and Mark can not leave his son behind. As most of LA’s residents are drawn into various spaceships by a blue light descending from the sky, 

Mark guides a group of stragglers through a subway underpass to the marina, hoping to run to safety.

But their plan doesn’t work as they expected. When they finally reach the marina, they are grasped by the alien flagship, and the real adventure begins.

 What is happening inside this ship, and what do these creatures desire from humanity? Mark continues to stumble upon boring answers.


Yes, it seems like the maximum alien movie’s ending has tragic consequences if extraterrestrials ever visit Earth, but that doesn’t signify an alien film can not be fun.

Evolution is a sci-fi comedy film.

 In this movie, a team of scientists researching infinitesimal alien life that arrives on Earth when a meteor crashes near Arizona.

The results from samples may appear unremarkable To the unskilled eye because they are only looking for single-celled organisms. But Harry and Ira, college professors, shortly realize that these organisms are expanding so fast that they begin to evolve into more progressive life forms during the night.

When the government figures out what’s happening, the army forbids Harry and Ira from trespassing on their research spot. Other scientists rob all their research work and barricade their access.

They are pushing Harry and Ira to handle the matters in their own hands. When they ultimately manage to get in, they discover that the lab is erupting with new alien life, and the aliens are trying to escape the outside world. They have to learn the alien’s weaknesses and somehow protect America.

The Darkest Dawn

Nowadays, everyone has cameras in their pockets; what if aliens invaded Earth? The attack will probably be shot on film, which is what is analyzed in this found-footage film.

The Darkest Dawn is the sequel to the movie Hungerford. In Hungerford, alien parasites divert human beings into their hosts. The Darkest Dawncontinue with two survivors of that initial attack.

 On her 16th birthday, when Chloe presented a video camera, she tried to shoot her first home videos, which were fun and lighthearted. 

That is until she knows the world is turned upside down when aliens start taking over human bodies as confusion and violence explode around her. Her only plan is to rescue her sister and somehow get out alive. 

The Darkest Dawn is a reliable choice for your upcoming movie night.

At First Light

If you are watching a movie about aliens and you notice a bright ray in the sky on the screen, it generally signifies that someone is about to be kidnapped.

At First, Light brings a different direction to this trope.

 When Alex departs for a bonfire party with a guy, she’s curious. To spend some private time, they go to the forest to a nearby lake. But the next thing she understands is that she is floating in the water with a shining light on her. after she regains responsiveness, she tries to stumbling down a dirt road, not understanding what’s happened to her

Alex has not been kidnapped, but something has changed about her. Suddenly, she has gained the power to move things with her mind. After returning to town, 

she calls her good friend Sean (who has a crush on her). Alex’s experimentations with her new powers get not recognized until the government authority inevitably begins to track them down.

The story of At First Light has a lot in common with “Stranger Things”; fans of the widespread Netflix series will enjoy the movie.


Occupation is an Australian sci-fi film about a small town where an outback comes under attack from an unidentified alien force. Some civilians make it an issue to band together and avoid capture by their attackers.

Matt and his girlfriend Amelia work small jobs and make sufficient to stay in their rural area. Matt’s main interest is the weekend football game, where he plays against his local competitor, Jackson.

Their regular game is interrupted by an alien attack. The group escapes into the woods, picking up a few more neighbors. Jackson also takes his pregnant girlfriend Vanessa, Arnold, ex-con Peter, and a farmer who knows the land very well.

Do you think this group can survive the aliens? If you see Occupation, you will uncover the truth yourself, ingraining for these underdogs.

Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson plays a beautiful and remarkable alien in” Under the Skin,” where she takes a human disguise to provoke men. She plays very well that men are helpless and seduced by her. 

She roams around Scotland and successfully picks up one man after another. But she does not find any love for her, but when she takes one man to an abandoned home, it becomes obvious that she is some sort of buzzard. This man is nothing more than prey, and things even get scarier when that man finds out that she is not working alone.

Under the Skin is not a usual alien film. It’s the kind of exploratory film you might see at an old theatre, and a few moments will make your Skin wriggle.

 The cinematography is somehow attractive and unsettling at the exact time, and Johansson’s performance is both mysterious and enthralling.

This film explores the question of what it means to be human, which makes it stand out in the genre. 

Apollo 18

Why did NASA drop the Apollo 18 mission to the moon in 1973? “Apollo 18 “found footage film suggests an alternate past; perhaps it wasn’t scrapped. 

Maybe on a top-secret mission, the astronauts went to the moon, which was concealed from the public, and this is the lost footage of that poorly-fated journey.

In the December of 1973, the team of Apollo 18 found out that they were working on a secret project for the Department of Defense. 

Their journey to the moon will be camouflaged as a satellite launch, and the public will never understand that they left the Earth’s atmosphere. 

But when the crew lands on the moon, they hear strange noises outside their module. And when they stumble across the body of a long-lost Soviet cosmonaut, they are ready to leave the moon after that. But the moon might not be so dead, and these helpless astronauts may stay longer than they negotiated for.

Hope you are all able to understand the movie list. All we can say is that Netflix is one of the greatest streaming channels which is offer the greatest Alien movies ever, and you all enjoy these alien movies very much.

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