12 Awesome Kids’ Movies On Disney+ That Everyone Needs To Watch 

Without a doubt, Disney+ rules when it comes to kids’ movies and Tv shows.

Many of the Disney and Pixar studio movies can also be enjoyed by adults.

Since these movies delve deep into concepts like purpose, love, and relationships, you can enjoy them with your entire family.

Disney has a century’s worth of animated feature films, most of which can be enjoyed with a subscription to disney+ in the comfort of your home.

With a catalog filled with so many kids’ movies, It is pretty difficult to choose the best one to watch.

Here is our list of the best kids’ movies that everyone should watch at least once.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Rated in 2010 by IGN as the greatest animated film of all time.

Beauty and the beast was a huge triumph for Disney. This film is filled with aphorisms and wisdom everyone needs to learn.

A self-centered, egocentric Prince is cursed to roam as a beast for the rest of his life. A beautiful young girl named belle decides to live with him as a trade for his father’s release.

Belle soon realizes that this beast is a handsome and charming prince who is cursed for eternity. Will the curse be broken? Can belle make the beast fall in love with her?

Watch this Disney-animated classic to know the answers. Although there is a 2017 live-action version of this movie, the animated version is still the best way to enjoy this tale.

Filled with magical beings, enchantments, and talking candles, Beauty And The Beast is Disney’s crowning accomplishment. A great watch for kids and adults alike.

Aladdin (1992)

Who doesn’t know the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp? This Disney animated movie was an instant hit and is still a cult classic among 90s kids.

Aladdin, a broke thief, falls in love with princess jasmine of Agrabah.  Not being from a royal family, Aladdin cannot marry her.

In the midst of all this, Aladdin meets Jaffar (a dark wizard) with hidden motives. He is sent on a quest to retrieve an ancient relic.

This ancient relic is none other than a magical lamp with a djinn stuck inside it for thousands of years.

The owner of this lamp is granted 3 wishes. Now, due to Jaffar’s betrayal, Aladdin is stuck inside the cave of wonders.

But wait? Aladdin has found the lamp and is its current owner.

How will the story unfold? Watch this classic right now with your entire family to relieve the nostalgia.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes, this movie is an excellent example of a fairy tale. The animation is top-notch and still holds up.

The voice acting and the characters’ portrayal give life to the entire city of Agrabah. Although the 2019 live-action interpretation of the movie is also fun to watch.

This 1992 classic version remains the best way to enjoy the classic tale of Aladdin and the magical lamp.

Finding Nemo

With its sequel (Finding Dory) also available on disney+, Finding Nemo is one of the best movies for kids and adults alike.

Finding Nemo teaches us the importance of family and how we would suffer without them.

We see Marlin, a paranoid and nervous clownfish, on an adventure to rescue his son (Nemo) from the dangers of the sea.

Marlin is very overprotective. Nemo is a young fish that just wants to explore the vastness of the sea.

Released in 2003, Finding Nemo has a lot of things working to its advantage. With well-fleshed characters such as Nemo, Darla, marlin, dory, and many more.

The pictorial beauty of this computer-generated movie is awe-inspiring. It also teaches us a very important lesson that we should never stop believing.

We should never give up, regardless of the circumstances. This Pixar movie captured the hearts of its audience upon its initial release and is still considered a masterpiece.

Covering delicate topics like loss, grief, insecurity, and freedom, this movie is best enjoyed with your entire family.


Bolt is yet another animated action movie that wins the hearts of many. The Protagonist is a canine Tv star who is delusional that he has superpowers.

Not unlike many celebrities, he is unaware of the truth. He thinks that he can control life outside of his films, only to find out that he can’t.

But can he be a hero in real life? It’s a brilliant movie filled with fun characters, drama, action, and comedy, all in a 1 hour and 36 minutes animated movie.

With the addition of John Lasseter (previously the chief creative Officer of Pixar studios), Disney was able to craft a wonderful animated movie with a heart and soul, not unlike Pixar.

His addition has been crucial for many Disney and Pixar animated movie’s success. Bolt is also one of them!

Our Protagonist finds himself coincidentally shipped off from his Hollywood glam life to the crazy streets of New York.

There is a hamster and a cat by his side on his quest to find his owner, penny. Filled with loads of fun, plenty of humorous scenes, and action.


In this excellent computer-animated family drama by Pixar, we witness a strange story about a rat aspiring to become a famous french chef.

Our Protagonist, Remy (a rat), finds himself at odds with his family because of his ambitions.

He relocates to Paris to pursue his carrier as a chef. Sounds crazy?

Well, you are in for a spectacular adventure filled with lessons about life that are not expected from a movie made for kids.

Remy has to puts his culinary skills to the test with the help of his human friend Linguini. Linguini is a rather useless garbage boy who is struggling in his own life.

The story catches up when Remy decides to prove his expertise in cooking. Nobody wants to see a rat cook, so he decides to hide under the hat of his friend Linguini and what unfolds is a wonderful Pixar movie filled with heart and purpose.


Talking cars, a protagonist is pursuing his dreams and a sweet love story. What more do you need from yet another franchise starter from Pixar?

Directed by Brian Fee and John Lasseter, Cars is a 2006 CGI animated movie that was so successful that it was followed by two sequels in 2011 and 2017, respectively.

This blockbuster follows an anthropomorphic car famously known as Lightening McQueen. McQueen is ready to take the crown of the champion for the piston cup championship.

What can go wrong?

Well, he falls asleep, falls out of his trailer, and finds himself stuck in a small town known as Radiator Springs.

He finds himself slowly becoming friends with the small town’s residents. The motor becomes his best friend and Sally a love interest.

But what about the piston cup? On one path is his dream, and on the other, his friends.

What will McQueen choose? This is an immaculate tale about relationships, ambition, and humility.

Mcqueen is a great upcoming race car, but in this journey, he is going to learn a few things about friendship, family, and things that matter in life. Filled with action-filled race sequences, this movie has a lot of emotional resonance.

Be sure to give it a watch at least once in your life. You won’t regret it!


Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Frozen tells a story about a courageous princess who is on a quest to find her sister to break her icy spell that is causing their kingdom to become trapped in an everlasting winter.

She is joined by Kristoff (a mountaineer) and his reindeer. Together they are ready to face Snow Queen Elsa.

The snow-covered kingdom looks extremely beautiful, and the musical score complements the atmosphere perfectly.

There are mystical, magical beings like trolls, snowmen, and other strange creatures they meet on their journey.

The message behind this well-written story is that we should always be courageous.

It’s one of those movies where you can appreciate the hard work done by the animation team.

Every shot of this movie flows smoothly and is mesmerizing to watch.

It has all the elements a kid could want in a movie.


Pixar Animation Studios hits it out of the ballpark once again with their 2017 animated fantasy film Coco.

Coco is a fun film revolving around the concept of death and the afterlife.

Not to be confused, it teaches us the importance of loving and compassion towards our family members.

Music also plays a quinquennial part in the story as our Protagonist, Miguel, aspires to be a musician.

Day of the dead is known as Mexican festival meant to honor deceased family members.

On this day, Miguel finds himself transported to an alternate dimension of the deceased, known as The Land Of The Dead.

No need to be scared, not all movies with ghosts are supposed to be scary.

Quiet the opposite. Coco is a perfect family movie that is filled with emotions.


An Old widower named carl goes on an epic adventure in his flying house.

Accompanying him on this adventure is a small kid called Russel.

Carl is 78 years old and ready to fulfill his lifelong dream.

As a kid, carl met the love of his life, Ellie.

They marry and live a happy life until Ellie dies, and Carl is left alone in his house.

He decides to tie balloons to his house, and he flies away to the south wilderness.

Up teaches us a crucial lesson: that we have the capacity to accept our past. No matter how difficult or painful it may seem at first.

It also teaches us that one is never too old to go out on an adventure or pursue their dreams.

Pixar is pretty consistent with the quality of their films and Up proves to be one of their most ambitious projects.

Filled with love, humor, and melancholy, It has all the qualities of an amazing family flick.

Chicken Little

Produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, Chicken Little is a fun-filled sci-fi family comedy film.

The story follows a young Chicken Little (Zach Braff) on a pursuit to uncover the mystery of the falling sky.

Yes, Our Protagonist finds himself ridiculed and humiliated when he tells the town folks that the sky is falling.

A piece of sky falls on him, and now he is the center of the joke among town members.

One year has passed, and he is still regarded as a lunatic.

To redeem himself, he decides to join the baseball team and help them win a pivotal game.

Chicken Little is once again hit by the falling sky. 

Confused and troubled by this, he soon realizes that it’s actually from a UFO.

An alien invasion is forthcoming, and chicken little need to be the hero the town need.

But will the townspeople believe him?

It’s an extremely funny movie filled with light-hearted sarcasm and humor.

Loosely based on an old English folktale known as “Henny Penny.”

Add this to your list of must-watch comedies to watch with your kids.

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (1977)

Being a family musical film from Disney, you can expect The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh to be a fun watch.

Pooh is a cute bear.

He is on a long escapade through the Hundred Acre Woods with his affectionate friends.

It’s an anthology comedy film filled with joyous moments of dancing and singing.

Pooh, being a bear, loves honey and can be mesmerized by its smell.

Watching such an innocent character going about his day is relaxing.

It’s a collection of short animated stories that feels refreshing to watch. This Disney classic made its debut in 1977 and is still regarded as fun and humorous by fans.

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and john Lounsberry, it perfectly captures the importance of forming genuine friendships.

The Incredibles

Released in 2004, The Incredibles tells a story about a family of superheroes.

They are forced to adopt a civilian identity and live a mundane life.

Mr. Incredible misses his old days as a crime-fighting superhero and manages to get back into action.

Soon he finds himself trapped by the antagonist of the movie-Syndrome.

Syndrome wants to prove to the world that he is the greatest superhero, and he managed to kill many veteran superheroes.

Now, The Incredibles must stop Syndrome and save the world.

Produced by Pixar, this film is still considered one of the best computer-animated superhero films.

In 2018, Incredibles 2 was released, and the sequel also proved to be a missive hit.

It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

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