10 Movies Like Triangle Of Sadness That You Should Watch

Triangle of Sadness is a movie about a cruise leaving survivors on an island, including a celebrity couple, about their tough time there.

Movies like these show about deep dark sides of a person’s life that they face during tough times, like battling mental and psychological breakdowns, poverty, and other situations.

Here we are listing shows with the same problems and how people go through them. These are called black comedy movies that make fun of and over subjects usually regarded as taboo in society.

These movies depict the dark humor of society by showing some unexpected twists and turns in the story. So take your pick!

Parasite (2019)

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Director Name: Bong Joon-ho

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Hulu

It is a South Korean movie featuring Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun, and more amazing actors, about the struggle of the Kim family, a lower-middle-class family, during which the family’s son finds a job in a wealthy family as a tuition teacher.

Slowly the whole family started finding ways to join that family to work there and enjoy the luxuries of the Park family.

Soon the greed of the Kim family starts growing, and that’s when things start falling apart. If you have liked Triangle of Sadness or dark dramas, watch unique pieces.

Force Majeure (2014)

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Director Name: Ruben Ostlund

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Hulu

The movie is about a winter vacation of a Swedish family who went to the French Alps to spend family time together and enjoy skiing. The family enjoyed their time in the lap of nature and had lunch together. 

Suddenly a massive heap of snow quickly started falling down the mountain clips creating rucks. The husband tries to protect his children in every way possible but fails.

This disaster shakes the family to its core and creates marital tension between the couple. You gotta watch the film to know what happened next with the family and about the rift that developed between the couple.

The Square (2017)

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Director Name: Ruben Ostlund

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV

This movie features Christian, a Swedish museum curator in charge of looking after the things kept in the museum.

He is divorced and has two children to look after. He hires a public relations managing team. A PR Team, to excite the museum and create publicity to increase its sales and earn more money and fame. 

He does a show named The Square, aiming at the responsibilities of a human being toward his fellow people. But things do not go as per his desires, creating a disaster for him.

It’s interesting how he deals with the ups and downs of his everyday living, and how he handles the mishap created by the PR agency.

If you have liked Triangle of Sadness or dark comedy films, you gotta watch this masterpiece of art and the fantastic performance of the actors.

American Psycho (2000)

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Director Name: Mary Harron

Genre: Crime, Drama, Horror.

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime 

The movie features two really good actors Christian Bale and Jared Leto.

It is based on the novel with the same title American Psycho featuring Patrick, a twenty-seven-year-old investment banker with severe mental and psychological issues. Still, he does not reveal his problems to his friends or anybody else. 

His condition continuously deteriorates, and his psychopathic nature leads him to live a two-faced life, one as an average human and another as a psycho serial killer with a sense of blood lust. 

He has a nature of always being superior to others and does not like people who are unique to him in any way or field.

Assassination Nation (2018)

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Director Name: Sam Levinson

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Where to Watch: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime

The movie is about four girlfriends who live in Salem, USA (a fictional town). In this movie, we see a hacker who hacks everyone’s devices, and their data of them gets leaked and exposed publicly.

It revolves around this dark situation, creating chaos and a sense of tension between the locals. It shows how the four girls protect themselves and deal with this ongoing disaster.

Joker (2019)

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Director Name: Todd Phillips

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Netflix

This psychological thriller was produced by Warner Bros, capturing the magnificent performance of Joaquin Phoenix playing the character Joker.

Instead of going for the DC universe’s grandeur and villainous aspect of Joker, it shows the struggles of a failed clown who wants to be an aspiring stand-up comedian.

We do see him turning into a psychopath as a two-faced person who sometimes becomes very aggressive and violent.

See the struggle a person goes through during his mental breakdowns of not having anyone with him during the demanding situations that life throws him over and how he misses being with someone during this time. 

The Farewell (2019)

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Director Name: Lulu Wang

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Zee5

In this movie, you meet this Chinese family who gets to know about their grandmother’s poor health conditions and who is diagnosed with cancer. The family knows she has much less time and meager survival chances.

 So to fulfill her dreams, the family decides to hide the secret about her health and organize a wedding to gather together and spend quality time together before she dies.

However, one member Billi is unhappy with the family’s decision to hide the truth from their grandmother about her health.

It is interesting to watch this family trying to make the last few days of their grandmother the most memorable ones for her and their love for her.

438 days (2019)

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Director Name: Jesper Ganslandt

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Where to Watch: HBO Max, Netflix

The movie is about two Swedish journalists, Martin and Johan, who are on a mission to investigate the ruthless hunt for oil and how this affects the population of the Ogaden region.

To find out the truth, the two journalists cross the border from Somalia to Ethiopia in an illegal way. But soon, they get caught and are shot by the local army officers, which leads to another track of the movie.

Now the story turns from the oil hunt to the topic of illegal attempts by the journalists to enter another country.

The story revolves around international political acts, laws related to their front of unlawful attempts, etc. how they spend their days in prison, where they meet other prisoners who are journalists, writers, etc., who did not follow the country’s dictatorship.

The movie shows the ultimate survival of 438 days of the journalists in the cell of hell.

And then we danced (2019)

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Director Name: Levan Akin

Genre: Drama, Romance

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

The movie is about Merab, a devoted male dancer, and Mary, his partner, practicing and preparing for National Georgian Ensemble.

They train for years to get a spot in the function.

 During the competition, a third person’s entry, another male dancer, sparks an intense rivalry and romantic desire inside Merab, which may cause risk to his future in dance along with his relationship with Mary and her family.

See how Merab saves his career and his relationship with the love of his life.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

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Director Name: Martin Scorsese

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Crime

Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime

The movie is based on the events and story of Jordan Belfort. The film shows how Jordan gained wealth by being a stockbroker and starting his brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont and about his luxurious lifestyle.

Jordan and his firm are featured on the cover page of Forbes magazine with the tagline The Wolf of Wall Street.

Later in the movie, we learn about the downfall of Jordan and how one after the other, all his wealth ad properties get over, and he is left all alone without any wealth or luxuries.

This downfall leads him to get involved with acts of crime, corruption, and government involvement during all these.

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