10 Best Shows To Watch If You liked CW’s arrow

We know proud CW verse fans are unconditionally biased towards the Tv show Arrow. 

With all that action, drama, mystery, and supernatural elements, Arrow has created a legacy and has set the bar high.

It’s bittersweet ending indeed got us in tears. Being an Arrow fan, you’re likely to fall for the catalog of shows we have listed here.

 We acknowledge that you can’t have enough of Greg Berlanti’s production and Oliver’s screen presence. This also indicates your love for action-drama as a genre. 

So here to help you get out of Arrowverse, we condensed a list of 10 best shows. 

 The Umbrella Academy 

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Released in 2019 on Netflix, this series is based on a compilation of graphic novels written by Gerard Way. 

With Three seasons so far, ten episodes in each, it showcases a dysfunctional family with a lot going on in it.

Although the plot is foreseeable, you get hooked as the storyline develops. 

The premise is, Seven children out of 43, born out of the blue to a woman who isn’t expecting in the first place, are adopted by a business tycoon. 

Umbrella Academy is nothing but the place where these seven were sheltered and trained. Volatile family dynamics led to conflicts, and they parted company.

Their father’s mysterious death brings them together. The plot lastly circles them solving the mystery, but a more significant threat (I won’t give out spoilers) awaits them.

All in all, it happens to be a mediocre messy conflict of matter with some supernatural and Time paradox elements. The dark, grim theme makes it even better.

The Cape

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A plot is so essential that it might feel as if you have watched it before. 

The story revolves around a cop, Vince faraday, who is falsely incriminated in a murder series. Thus he takes refuge away from his family. 

To escape from his hideout and save the city, Vince becomes a superhero inspired by a Comic character his son admires. 

The character’s advancement into a superhero was weak. However, if superheroes interest you in general, this is something you might also like. 

The Flash

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Another DC-universe Tv series & a spinoff of Arrow, the Flash was a banger with its distinct visuals and deadly villain. 

Barry, the lead, is hit by lightning due to a particle accelerator blast. The story evolves with Barry, our titular hero, mystically acquiring flash-like speed after waking up from 9 months of Coma.

As it does have many crossovers with Arrow, things become much more comprehensible.

If a crisis storyline kicks you in, The Flash season 6 is the one for you. It got all covered with grim dark themes, time travel, and bloodbath.


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An Adult-themed Masterpiece from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 This incredibly violent tv show similar to Batman’s trilogy in n number of ways, features how a Superhero devoted to his city is born out of an attorney general who transforms into merciless Daredevil by night. 

Murdock, our masked vigilante, the titular character, was blinded by a Biochemical accident at a young age which Ironically gifted him with some Superhuman attributes by upliftment of the other senses. 

The plot evolves with him tangling with his adversaries serving justice to the city in anticipation of his father’s murderer.

The Crow Road

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A faithful adaptation of Iain Banks’s novel of the same title aired 20 years back. 

The plot summary goes like this, Joseph Mc Fadden playing prentice, learns that his uncle Rory is nowhere to be found after his return from University.

While searching for the reason for their disappearance, he unearths many secrets. 

Amid his search, he gets imaginary visitations from his uncle, and the frequent flashbacks shown make the show clear as mud. 


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An American demonic action series, where John Constantine is occult expertise in exorcism, decides to leave doing this for his soul being doomed to hell already but has to return to help his friend’s possessed daughter Liv.

In all 13 episodes, John, Our Anti-hero, is trying to safeguard humanity by giving threatening spirits a good fight somewhere, hoping for his own soul’s redemption too!

Based on the Hellblazer comics of DC, this tv series resumes in Arrowverse. Look, you got your reason to watch this.

Iron Fist

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Set In the MCU, Danny, our Iron Fist, learns martial arts living with warrior monks after enduring a plane crash and returns after 15 years to claim his father’s business heritage.

This action-drama genre’s American show was a 2 season long affair with a premise that viewers for cultural appropriation called out.

A tv series adapted from a comic superhero; it was initially released on Netflix.


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A fictional tv franchise based upon an authentic archival slave rebellion against the Roman Republic and packed with some drama. 

The diegesis includes a gladiator’s adventure leading to a slave uprising. The portrayal of this heroic tale will glue you to the screen. 

Spartacus, who is the leading actor in this American tv show, gets trained at the HOUSE OF BATIATUS to take revenge for his people. 

Set on a historical backdrop, how despite all the odds, the revolt advances are intriguing to see.

Breaking Bad

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A highly acclaimed Tv show featuring a genius & timid chemistry teacher facing a credit crunch and how the story takes a turn after him being diagnosed with Stage Three lung cancer.

The leads are Anti-heroic, and the theme includes subtle dark-humor elements.

Walter white, after being well-briefed with his declining health condition, teams up with one of his previous students Jesse Pinkman and prepares crystal meth to raise funds to sustain his family after him.

Walter, our lead, soon got a knack for it and eventually became the drug lord. This Vince Gilligan production crime-drama series has some Easter Eggs for you to explore. 


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A Geoff Johns-crafted Superhero series set in DCU. If you have yet to see other DCU series, this barely will make any sense. 

After American justice society has gone to glory, a teenage girl unintentionally gets to know about Starman’s cosmic staff and eventually joins the team.

With decent CGI and a worth-watching fighting sequence, this isn’t as bad as it was bashed for being.

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