10 Best Fantasy TV Shows To Watch If You Like House Of The Dragon

Two episodes of House of the Dragon are already out, and it has become a fan-favourite for all fantasy lovers. 

This show which is a spin-off or prequel from one of the most popular tv shows ever, Game of Thrones, is based on a series of books titled ‘The Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R Martin, also adapted from the same source. 

However, the House of the Dragon storyline is picked from certain sections of George R.R Martin’s Fire and Blood book.

Here the storyline set in about more than a century before the events of Game of Thrones focuses on the civil war within the ruling House of Targaryen in the King’s landing. 

This war was what led to the beginning of the end of the reign of Targaryen in the realm, popularly termed Dance of the Dragons, in the history of Westeros. 

So, if you are also one of those who love the show and are waiting for more episodes to drop on, you can always check other similar shows that can pique your interest, and if you pick well, you won’t be disappointed at all. 

Well, we did that for you! Here are some handpicked fantasy TV or web shows you will love if you like House of the Dragon

Game Of Thrones 

Game of Thrones 

If you like House of the Dragon, the obvious choice you will love has to be Game of Thrones, which is the spin-off source for this series. 

The show is created by David Benioff and D.B Weiss about these nine houses or families fighting against each other to take control of the iron throne, the crown of the realm. 

And one of the houses from this was House Targaryen, from which the House of the Dragon show was expanded upon, showing what happened more than a century ago during the event of GOT. 

Game of Thrones was the path-breaking for the fundamental perception of fantasy. So far, the audience has been adhering to and introducing the world to this new sub-genre with realms, houses, and dragons. 

The show is adapted from the bestselling novel series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R Martin, an ongoing legendary tale. 

So if you are watching House of The Dragon, you can simply know that all these events happening in this series is after more than a hundred years of event you are witnessing in HOTD.

This show was the reason why House of The Dragon came into inception and further in existence as Game of Thrones became one of the most popular shows ever. 

Number of Seasons: 8

Where To Stream: HBO, Hulu



If you are a Game of Thrones or/and House of the Dragon fan, this first-ever fiction series from the History channel Vikings won’t disappoint you. 

Vikings are loosely based on the epic sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary personality featured in Norse mythology and poetry. 

Australian actor Travis Fimmel brilliantly plays this memorable and larger-than-life character in this six-season fantasy series. 

You won’t be seeing any dragons, magic, or supernatural elements, which is also good in a way that there is nothing to interrupt the extraordinary drama of betrayal, camaraderie, and brutality. 

There is no levity given in the form of supernatural elements or out-of-the-world threats when it comes to the grit of the series, as it remains true to its source and narrates the saga of Vikings. 

And when you feel that the six seasons of this isn’t enough for you, they also got a spin-off of this show called Vikings: Valhalla, setting the story 100 years after the Vikings events. 

Number of Seasons: 6

Where To Stream: Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu

The Wheel of Time 

The Wheel of Time 

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy similar to Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings as it is about this fight against evil and a protagonist destined to stop it. 

If you liked House of the Dragon, there is a more likely chance you will also love this fantasy drama series due to the fight against evil and the concept of chosen one. 

It is adapted from Robert Jordan’s work under the same title, ‘The Wheel of Time.’ Rosamund Pike plays the protagonist Moiraine Damodred who is part of an ancient order with the ability to channel the One Power. 

They are looking for the chosen one who is destined to fight against the big bad evil called Dark One. 

There is not much complexity in the moral dilemma or the characters of the story. It is more along the lines of good vs evil, and the central philosophy that works in the show is about how history repeats itself. 

There are other cast members in the film, such as Daniel Henney, Madeleine Madden, Zoe Robins, Joshua Stradowski and more. 

Number of Seasons: 3

Where To Stream: Prime Video

The Tudors 

The Tudors 

House of the Dragon series has a lot of material, plots, and details inspired by real-life events, making the show more grounded and impactful. 

Especially it gets to this situation that happened quite a time in English history where Kings didn’t have any male heir to continue their reign. 

Now, if you liked that aspect or, say, the plot point of the series, you can always check out this show called The Tudors, which has a similar plot to explore. 

Most importantly, this show comes from Michael Hirst, who also created Vikings, so that’s a plus point to give more credibility to the creators of this show. 

The show narrates the story of Henry VIII searching endlessly for the right match to marry so he can get his heir to the throne. 

But eventually, since no apparent male heirs came into the picture, famous Queen Elizabeth I got to inherit the crown. Still, just like what you have seen for Rhanerya Targaryen in HOTD, the female heir wasn’t something easy to digest for the realm. 

Number of Seasons: 4

Where To Stream: Hulu



Outlander can also be a great show for GOT or HOTD fans if you are disappointed to show a lot of Palace Intrigue of King’s Landing, but not enough sights of Winterfell; this series offers more of the North as the story sets in that backdrop. 

You will love to see life in the North as the Outlander’s characters originate from The North, as set in 1700s Scotland. 

It is a story of a nurse who time-travels back two centuries using some mystical, magical stones; she has a genetic ability to time-travel. Well, this sounds too much right now, but the show is really entertaining to watch for sure, just don’t think too hard. 

Overall, this show boasts one of those complicated time-travel films where you get a complicated timeline to deal with, but at its core, it is indeed a simple romantic story. 

Well, this story is not very close to its treatment or other story elements to House of the Dragon or even Game of Thrones, but it is something to look for. 

Number of Seasons: 7

Where To Stream: Netflix

The Witcher

The Witcher

The Witcher is a Netflix Original series developed from a set of stories penned by a Polish author named Andrzej Sapkowski; where it primarily focuses on three main characters, i.e. Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher, sorceress Yennefer and princess Ciri of Cintra.

All of these three characters start a different journey with their own struggles and battles to fight but converge together at a point. 

The world they set in these stories will certainly remind you of House of the Dragon or Game of Thrones, where a lot of folklore and fairytales are true. 

Henry Cavill plays the titular role of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who is a lone monster hungry and struggling to find his own place in this world; he soon learns his purpose when he comes across these other characters. 

There are other cast members such as Anya Chalotra, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson, Freya Allan, Jodhi May, Anna Shaffer, Joe Batey, and others. 

Number of Seasons: 3

Where To Stream: Netflix



Rome is a fantasy show set in the Ist century BC and drives the inspiration from the real personalities known in the Roman Empire at that time, registered in the historical records. 

So, you will find a more grounded aspect of similarity in this series and House of the Dragon or Game of Thrones, not exactly the Dragons or magic. 

You will see the very rise of Julius Ceaser as a dictator in Rome, how he came into Power, and all the politics, violence and games played to get the throne. 

And soon after, other contenders try to throw him off the crown, such as Augustus and Mark Antony, to gain control of the throne. 

The power battle you see in House of the Dragon is what you are going to see a lot in this series, and there are other characters and their journey are also shown amidst all these historical events. 

Number of Seasons: 2

Where To Stream: Hulu



Succession definitely is not set in the era of Westeros or anywhere near; it is as modern as it gets. 

But the thematic similarity is too much to leave it from this list. If you enjoyed this Game of Thrones universe overall, it accounts a lot about the power struggle between people through violence and more mind games. 

You will see similarities in the Succession and the fight for the iron throne; here, it is more of a family’s cut-throat power grip and battle to get control of a multimedia corporation. 

You will see how no one is loyal to no one, only faithful to their desire for Power and control. Complex characters are dealing with a situation where their morals are always tested against their limits to push to gain control. 

The themes of power struggle, family politics and other similar thematic elements make this show quite similar to House of the Dragon or Game of Thrones as well. 

Number of Seasons: 4

Where To Stream: Hulu

Shadow and Bone 

Shadow and Bone 

Shadows and Bone is an adaptation of a series of books set in the Grishaverse created by Leigh Bardugo. 

The show narratives the story of an orphan girl named Alina Starkov, who serves as a cartographer in the first army of the Ravka nation. 

She soon discovers herself to be Grisha, someone who practices what they call small science but is commonly seen as magic. 

Alina also came to know that she has the ability to summon as well as manipulate light, known as Sun Summoner. 

House of the Dragon, or Game of Thrones for that matter, is dark fantasy at its core theme; it is full of moral ambiguity, tragedies and other dark stuff. 

You can say the same for Shadow and Bone as well, so if you liked that, you’re gonna love this too. 

Number of Seasons: 2

Where To Stream: Netflix

His Dark Materials 

His Dark Materials 

His Dark Materials is a fantasy drama series based upon the namesake trilogy series penned by Phillip Pullman.  

It encapsulates this multi-world reality where the narrative is shown to the audience with back-and-forth storytelling, hopping between different worlds. 

This is a must-watch fantasy for people who love seeing loyal animal companions to the characters as this special bond makes that an essential part of that world mythology. 

Just like you connect with House Targaryen’s connection or this special bond to Dragons, something is seen in Game of Thrones where dire wolves are loyal to House stark; you see something similar in this series but in much more expansion. 

In this universe, people have an animal extension of their souls called a daemon, a life in itself that can think and even speak. Fascinating! Right? 

Number of Seasons: 2

Where To Stream: HBO

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