10 Best Christmas Rom-com movies

When it comes to Christmas movies, you always look out for things that can be seen with family. As the whole family comes together during the holidays.

Every person finds different types of movies to watch out for the night but wants to watch together.

Christmas time is a relaxing time, so romantic movies suit the weather, and the essence of comedy would be best for family time.

Sometimes we find Romantic movies inappropriate to watch with the family during Christmas as we all wish to spend quality time watching some family-type movies.

Still, when there’s some good part of comedy with the romance, it becomes less weird. Spending time with your loved ones laughing out loud, and enjoying everyone’s presence is something we all wish for during family gatherings.

So it will be fantastic to share these kinds of moments and make your holidays memorable. 

Some incredible rom-com movies on various ott platforms will fill your holiday with precious laughs and happy romance this holiday.

So here’s a list of some movies that can make your holidays wonderful and turn out to be your Christmas movie. So this year, celebrate your holiday with Rom-Com movies.

Lovehard (2021)

Image Source: TDC

Director: Herman Jimenez

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Where to watch:  Netflix

The beautiful story follows a storyline where an LA girl writer Natalie, played by Nina Dobrev, falls in love with an East Coast guy, Josh Lin, played by Jimmy O. Yang, over a dating platform.

They met on a dating platform, texted each other, stayed on calls, and shared feelings. During the Christmas holidays, the girl surprises the guy, and she knows she has been catfished.

You will witness a most predictable yet shocking twist, which will grow your interest in the movie. The lighthearted romance and comedy will give you some overwhelming situations.

Josh promised Natalie that he would set her up with the guy whose photo he used for online dating, Tag, played by Darren Barnet.

One should watch this movie to know the interactions between the reel and the real. Spend your holiday witnessing suspense, surprises, fun, and romance.

Holidate (2020)

Image Source: NBCN

Director: John Whitesell

Genre: Comedy/ Romance

Where to watch: Netflix

It feels good when there’s someone special for you, but it becomes irritating when your family is on your nerves to have someone special.

So this movie is about a girl, Sloane, played by Emma Roberts, who gets irritated and plans to get a boyfriend just for the holidays.

Tired of all the weird matchmaking and comments by the family members, the girl tries the idea of dating just for the holidays.

She introduces a boy named Jackson, played by Luke Bracey, as his date. Both spend time during holidays going through a rollercoaster of fun, emotions, and different situations for family’s sake. But after a year, things twist, and things start getting distracted from their motives. 

To know what happened during the holiday break between Sloane and Jackson, watch this movie this holiday and come across some various unpredictable incidents of life. 

Single All The Way (2021)

Image Source: Vogue

Director: Michael Mayer

Genre: Rom-Com/Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

Spending holidays while watching the story of a gay Christmas couple sounds fun, right?

Let’s introduce you to the movie that will take you to the world of the gay couple and will let you experience pleasure, happiness, laughter, and romance all at once.

It’s a story about two best friends, Peter and Nick, played by Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie, pretending to be a couple just for the sake of family.

But end up realizing their true feelings instead. It seems that fake dating or holiday dates are trending and resulting in something amazing nowadays.

How friends and family come together to unite the couple. How after surpassing all the situations, the beautiful couples share their feelings.

A movie representing love, happiness, togetherness, and support will make your holidays memorable.

Holiday Rush (2019)

Image source: Netflix

Director: Leslie Small

Genre: Romantic Comedy- Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

When someone appreciates little things and makes an effort, it feels so good.

So this time, there’s a dad who learned to stop being busy with his career and decides to spend the holiday with his kids and appreciate the little things in his life. 

It’s a story about a Dj, Rashon “Rush” Williams, played by Romany Malco, who was laid off from his station.

And he has to move with his four children, to his aunt, Auntie Jo Robinson played by Darlene Love.

His aunt plans to buy a local station for him along with his producer, Roxy Richardson played by Sonequa Martin-Green.

They want him to be on air in Pittsburgh. To know whether their plan will succeed, watch the movie this holiday.


The Holiday (2006)

Image Source: IndieWire

Director: Nancy Meyers

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV

We all are aware that a small change can bring a drastic change in your life, but can you imagine that changing houses can get you settled in your life? Weird, but this movie will show you how it’s possible.

Two women, Amanda Woods, played by Cameron Diez, and Iris played by Kate Winslet, discover new things and experiences by swapping their houses.

One lives in London, and the other in Los Angeles. While trying out different things they discover their love interest at each other’s places. 

They found their love in two local guys named Graham and Miles, played by Jude Law and Jack Black.

To know more about this life-changing story, choose The Holiday as your holiday movie. 

Last Christmas (2019)

Image Source: BGQ

Director: Paul Feig

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV

Ever wondered if meeting a stranger on the road can make you learn things about your own life? If not, then this movie is just for you.

The storyline of this movie is lovely and teaches a lot of new things about life. A girl named Kate, played by Emilia Clarke, is busy with her messed up employee work at a Christmas store and once found a stranger named Tom, played by Henry Golding, who lets her know herself.

An elf finds a new perspective on life with the help of a guy she met on the road during Christmas.

It’s not just it; you will witness a twist you can’t even imagine. This movie is an experience filled with laughter and overwhelming emotions. This is a must-watch holiday movie. 

The Princess Switch (2018)

Image Source: NPR

Director: Michael Rohl

Genre: Romance/ Comedy 

Where to watch: Netflix

Sometimes a princess also wants to live a simple lifetime, so to fulfill her wish, the soon-to-be princess swaps roles with an American baker.

She discovers her twin and switches roles for the holidays. Vanessa Hudgens played the roles of Duchess of Montenaro and a baker. 

And we all are experienced the fact that identical faces can confuse anyone, even loved ones.The same happens in the movie, making things more complicated.

Both fall in love with each other’s partners, Kevin Richards and Edward Wyndham, played by Nick Sagar and Sam Palladio. 

There are more parts of this movie: The Princess Switch: Switched again, and The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. 

Happiest Season (2020)

Image Source: Autostraddle

Director: Clea DuVall

Genre: Romantic Comedy- Drama 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV

Carrying out secrets turns out to be easier sometimes rather than coming clean.

The same happens with Harper (Mackenzie Davis), who hasn’t come clean to her family about her sexuality; on the other hand, another surprise awaits it.

Whereas Harper’s girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) was excited to meet her family for dinner, she may have plans to propose to her without knowing the fact the secret is out yet from Harper’s side.

So what happens when everything comes in front of her family? How will the revelation affect Harper’s and Abby’s relationship? This will only be revealed once you watch the movie.

Falling For Christmas (2022)

Image Source: THR

Director: Janeen Damian 

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

It’s a story about a young heiress named Sierra Belmont, played by Lindsey Lohan, who, after a ski accident, is diagnosed with amnesia, she lives with and is taken care of by a small inn owner named Jake Russel played by Chord Overstreet, and his daughter Avy Russell played by Olivia Perez.  

This movie turns out to be the perfect Christmas movie as there are some real Santa appearances with some of his magic tricks.

It’s a movie comprising a perfect balance of the cheesiness of Christmas and the best rom-com joy.

Let It Snow (2019)

Image Source: JMUB

Director: Luke Snellin

Genre: Romance/ Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

The story starts with a snowstorm hitting a small Midwestern town on the eve of Christmas.

The storm brought a teenage group together starring Isabela Merced as Julie, Shameik Moore as Stuart Bale, Kiernan Shipka as Angie, Odeya Rush as Addie, Liv Hewson as Dorrie, Mitchell Hope as Tobin, Jacob Batalon as Keon and Joan Cusack as Tin Foil Woman.

The meeting of the group turned out into wacky adventures and new experiences. 

Meanwhile, the group finds their love lives and friendships colliding. Their Christmas morning turned out to be much different due to the snowstorm. 

To know their journey, situations, teenage party times, and all their experiences, you should watch this movie. 

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